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Last updated Saturday, 27 October 2007
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Most popular file  Simon Says & Memory Simon with 3,692 downloads.

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basic83.zip1k02-07-26File is not ratedMemory (sometimes called Basic)
This is a memory game (like the 82 version that I made) made in BASIC.
chainmemory83.zip1k07-10-27File is not ratedChain Memory
This is a combination guessing/memory game where you build chains of numbers. The game has cool effects, is fast, and is pretty fun. Good if you want to train your memory, or just have some fun.
memgme.zip1k00-11-23File is not ratedVisual Memory Game
This game helps yout o improve your visual memory. Randomly placed memorization and some interactiovity that is all your eyes and brains need. I hope you will enjoy it. I apologize for the previous version of the program which had several bugs now they are gone.
memory2.zip2k01-05-10File is not ratedMemory² v1.0
A memory game where you have to match 10 pairs of cards before the amount of tries remaining run out. The first couple of levels should be fairly easy, but it does begin to get pretty hard. Truly a very fun game to play. My high score is 2353, making it to Level 12.
memory3.zip4k01-09-08File is not ratedMemory
As the title says, this is a nice BASIC memory game. The fewer times you try, the higher your score is. Games can be saved and highscore function is included.
memory83.zip2k02-06-19File is not ratedMemory v1.0
A TRUDGEN SCOPE GAME... This program is like the old game Simon. You press up, down, left, or right based on the pattern that is shown on the screen (read the documentation for a better explanation). There is a high score, and also included is a version where each keypress is timed (you can select from 5 different speed settings). This game is fun to play and very addictive, so download today!
memory.zip2k01-02-22File is not ratedMemory-Game
A very nice-looking Memory-Game, uses 5 pics!
mmatch2.zip2k01-05-30File is not ratedMemoryMatch 2
This is the new brainteaser from RaptorSoft. It is a simple game where you have to pair up the numbers. It has a high score recorder & excellent start screen, as well as completely random boards.
psymonn.zip1k02-08-28File is not ratedPsymonn
Great game of random sequences. Play over and over without the same sequences. High Score list to compare skill with friends.
sim_auro.zip1k97-08-24File is not ratedSequence Simon 1.1 (Aurora Compatible)
Sequence Simon 1.1
simon2in1.zip1k98-02-15File is not ratedSimon Says & Memory Simon
2 Simon games. Simon says and the memory Simon game
simon2k.zip1k00-01-03File is not ratedSimon 2k
The classic game of Simon.
simon3_83p.zip1k99-03-20File is not ratedSimon v1.0
Just like the Simon handheld game, very graphical.
simon3.zip1k99-11-05File is not ratedSimon
This is the classic game of Simon.
simon4.zip5k03-04-22File is not ratedSimon
This is a clone of the popular game Simon. It uses the four arrow keys in the upper right of the calculator.
simonnew.zip1k00-03-16File is not ratedNew Simon
This is an addicting game that really has nothing to do with the Simon you probably know. The object of the game is to hit a button as many times as you can in a given length of time. It's really addicting when you try to beat your record (it records the records for you if you haven't figured that out). You can also choose which button you want to use.
simonpls.zip1k01-03-14File is not ratedSuper Simon v2.0
this is another simon game which I know not too many people are thrilled to download but check it out!Super Simon v2.0 has a cool menu system that really takes full advantage of "getkey( " commands. This is well worth the download.There is a MaxMem for ti-83 hidden inside but certain requirements must be met first.(including secret key presses and beating the game on level 50 in a certain time)
simon.zip1k98-04-02File is not ratedSimon (AShell83 Compatible)
A Simon game with cool features
ultsimon83.zip1k03-04-06File is not ratedUltimate Simon
Like normal Simon, but with 27 different buttons instead of just four!

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