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Number of files 12
Last updated Tuesday, 7 December 2004
Total downloads 69,954
Most popular file  Uncle Worm v1.1.2 with 16,828 downloads.

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zdoom.zip71k07-07-01File rated 8.04zDoom 0.12
zDoom (formerly Doom83) is an adaptation of Doom on TI-83(+)/84+. It features 4 levels, 3 weapons, game save/restore, enemy AI and a decent challenge.
desolate.zip99k04-12-07File rated 8.67Desolate
Desolate for the 83(+(SE)). A Top-Down style Adventure/Puzzle game with some RPG elements. It features Flickerless Grayscale GFX (thanks to Durk Kingma's Grayscale Package), lots of Items to collect, crazy Enemies, a complex story-line(for a calc game anyway ;P) and more! Should also work fine on a TI-84+. Be sure to check it out :D. Head over to www.MaxCoderz.com for more cool TI-83(+(SE)) Games! *Note* - If this game runs too slow, try changing the interrupt setting. Details can be found in the README.TXT file.
acelgoyobis.zip202k04-11-11File rated 8.59Acelgoyobis
The first pinball game on a TI calculator written in assembly, available for all models in the 82/83/83+ line. Level editor and full source included.
drally.zip54k04-08-10File rated 8.38Death Rally - The Duel (last release)
A car racing game in the spirit of Death Rally by Remedy. It isn't completely finished, but the gameplay is mature enough to provide some enjoyment. Start Your Engines!
egypt.zip131k04-07-06File rated 8.19Egypt v1.0
Egypt is a puzzle game where you move a ball around a maze, and step on arrow tiles. Stepping on an arrow tile shifts the entire row or column in the direction of the arrow. You goal is to eliminate all the objects by getting at least 2 objects of the same type next to each other.
picross.zip30k03-11-12File is not ratedPicross 1.6
A puzzle game. You have to reconstitute 8*8 and 16*16 pictures within a limited amount of time. 100 levels.
wak83a.zip20k03-11-12File is not ratedWak-A-Goomba v2.5
A small reflex game : whack as many goombas as you can in 60 seconds !
anarc.zip9k03-11-07File is not ratedAnarchy 1.5
Anarchy v1.5, the memory corruption bug was fixed. Anarchy is a space trading game, loosely modelled along the same lines as the classic "Elite". It's not half as complex though (well, it is only about 6.5k in size) The aim of the game is to trade goods amongst the sectors of the galaxy, raising money to buy better equipment for your ship. ..... no, the aim of the game is to blow up as many bad guys as you can, whilst trading to get $$$ so you can blow up more bad guys. Then blow up the good guys!
minichss.zip21k03-08-24File is not ratedMiniChess
The successor of Chessmaster83. Small but complete chess game, you can play versus the AI or a friend. Enjoy!
ztris.zip10k03-06-02File rated 8.12ZTris v1.3.2
Simply the best 1 and 2 player Tetris game for your calculator. Features link play between different types of calculators (both players get the same pieces!), 21 levels, high scores, teacher key, 16 different background patterns, and pausing. (successor of the famous ZTetris)
unclewrm.zip10k03-05-25File rated 8.29Uncle Worm v1.1.2
A snake-type game with a difference. Unlike Nibbles, where you can travel in four directions only, Uncle Worm can travel in no less than thirty-two directions.
crates3d.zip306k03-05-25File is not ratedCrates 3D v1.1.1
An original puzzle game in which you must guide yourself through a three-dimensional world of moveable crates to the exit. You can view the world from four different angles. The game comes with 16 standard levels, and a level editor is included so that you can create your own.
bubble.zip355k03-05-24File rated 7.96Bubble Bobble v0.995
The classic video game... Now for TI! Guide Bub, the magic bubble dragon, across 100 challenging levels. Shoot magic bubbles at the monsters, then pop the bubbles!
escape.zip93k03-04-14File is not ratedEscape! v0.11
A fast arcade game where you have to avoid bouncing balls.
chuchu.zip231k03-03-20File is not ratedChu Chu Rocket v0.17
Clone of the Sega's GBA game, Chu Chu Rocket. Place arrows to get the mice inside the rockets, but avoid the cats! Includes 2600 levels!
vnibbles.zip2k01-06-04File is not ratedNibbles 83Z for Venus
Bill Nagel's classic Nibbles game converted to run under the Venus Operating System.

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