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Last updated Thursday, 23 June 2005
Total downloads 141,314
Most popular file  Basketball with 6,009 downloads.

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baseballgame.zip51k05-06-23File is not ratedBaseball: TI-82 Version; Version 1
Great game to waste lots of time. Play for nine innings. Hit home runs and triples. You can even bunt. Play as the Yankees, Phillies, or the Diamondbacks. PLEASE read the baseball.doc file before you play. If you have already uploaded the game, there is an important factor that I forgot to include, so please redownload.
hockey.zip2k03-08-08File is not ratedAir Hockey v1.2
A slow but fun game of Air Hockey. It's kinda like Pong, but with a twist. Use the arrow keys to move the bottom paddle. This file contains programs for the 82, 83 and 83+.
nbajam.zip2k02-07-07File is not ratedNBA Jam 82
This is Nba Jam for the TI-82. You can play as the Bulls vs. the Lakers. Thanks to Fryed Soft for letting me release my port from the TI-83..
darts.zip1k02-05-09File is not ratedDarts
Darts for the TI-82.
baseball2.zip1k01-06-25File is not ratedBASEBALL!!!!
Baseball is a FUN game by Phil Software. You must see it! Even has a highscore keeper!!!!!! For all of you TI-82 gamers, this is a MUST GET!
homerun.zip1k01-05-29File is not ratedHome Run Derby 2
The latest version of Home Run Derby by morphius2007.
archery2.zip1k00-06-27File is not ratedArchery v0.82
Demo of a coming great small basic game
jarchery.zip1k00-05-16File is not ratedjArchery
A Fun Archery Game, worth a try
dgskaggs.zip1k99-03-18File is not ratedSkaggs: Snowboarding
fast boarding with jumps, rocks, and trees
misty180.zip1k98-11-19File is not ratedMisty 180 Lodge
skate.zip1k98-11-15File is not ratedSkateboarding
nba82.zip3k98-11-09File is not ratedNBA Live
zbowl82.zip2k98-09-25File is not ratedZ-Bowl 82 v2.5
This game lets you bowl a game, or bowl in a league with real players and stats.
fishin.zip4k98-08-28File is not ratedFishin v1.02
this is a fishing game of patients, and skill at tapping buttons fast. its almost an rpg, you have to sell fish to buy bait and better reels and stuff. its got good graphics for a basic game. and a real good interface. also a map that you can move on
vrskiing.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedVirtual Skiing
tarchery.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedTurbo Archery
soccer.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedSoccer
sbball3.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedSuper Basketball 3
jrslam.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedAdvanced Slam Session (slam dunk contest)
bowling2.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedRabid Child Bowling
baseball.zip2k98-04-23File is not ratedHomerun Derby v1.0
horsebb.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedHorse
hockeyshootout.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedHockey Shootout
hgoal.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedHockey Goalie
gfishing.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedGone Fishing
golf23.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedGolf v2.3 (two player version)
golf2.zip2k98-04-23File is not ratedTI-Golf Links
golf.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedGolf v2.4
fball96.zip5k98-04-23File is not ratedFootball '96
fence2.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedFencing 2
football.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedFootball v4.0
bowl.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedACME Software Bowling
baskball.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedBasketball
archery.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedArchery v2.01
ski.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedExtreme Skiing v1.11
hunt.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedHunting v3.11 Beta
ski82.zip1k98-04-07File is not ratedSki!
bowling.zip2k98-04-07File is not ratedChampionship Bowling
fg97.zip2k97-10-31File is not ratedField Goal 97

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