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Number of files 21
Last updated Saturday, 13 January 2007
Total downloads 75,690
Most popular file  Mario with 11,351 downloads.

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blkbustr.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedBlockBuster v2.0
dkong22.zip4k98-04-11File is not ratedDonkey Kong v2.2
donkey.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedDonkey Kong
dumb82.zip1k97-09-22File is not ratedDumb Jumping Man v1.06.82
flyin.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedFlyin
jump.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedJump2
A little game for school lessons
lander3.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedLunar Lander v3.0
lunar.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedLunar Lander
mariotxt.zip1k03-10-27File is not ratedText-based mario
They said it couldn't be done, but here it is. It is played like real mario, but you can't kill the enemies. I made the first screen enemy-free, to show you how fast it can be. However, with enemies it is significantly slower, as you will see. To play, run prgmMARIO. That is a sample level that I sent, but you can make more levels easily.
mario.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedMario
mm82.zip8k97-10-25File is not ratedMega Man 82
moonland.zip1k04-06-29File is not ratedMoon-Lander
A very fun, simple lunar-lander game
moonl.zip1k07-01-13File is not ratedMoon landing
Small Moon landing basic game
moon.zip12k99-05-05File is not ratedMoonWorld v1.0
The best platforms game.
partroop.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedParatroopers
platrun.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedPlatform Run
robots2.zip5k98-04-11File is not ratedThe Reign of the Robots 2: Under Water v1.2
robots3.zip3k98-04-11File is not ratedThe Reign of the Robots 3 v1.0
robots.zip4k98-04-11File is not ratedThe Reign of the Robots v2.0
rover.zip2k98-04-11File is not ratedEscape from Venus
topgunti.zip2k97-10-27File is not ratedTop Gun

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