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Uploading Files
Question What are links?
Answer Links allow a single file in the file archive to appear in more than one directory. Many files in the archive are designed to work on several platforms or calculator models. Instead of having to upload their files multiple times, once for each directory, authors can upload the file once to one primary directory (which is listed on the file's fileinfo page) and request links to the other applicable directories. When they later update a file, they only have to upload it once to the primary directory, and the file will automatically be updated in all the directories it is linked to as well. All download stats will also count toward that single file regardless of which directory the file was downloaded from, whereas if multiple copies of the file were uploaded separately to each directory, the download stats for each copy would be counted separately.
Created 2004-09-27 22:45:00 GMT
Updated 2009-10-08 12:12:00 GMT

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