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Question What do the different icon colors and symbols next to the file indicate?
Answer You may have noticed that there are several different icons next to different files. Icons with a yellow star indicate that this file has been reviewed by a member of ticalc.org (other than the author). These come in all four colors. Each color has a separate meaning: Files with a white icon indicate that the file is not featured and has no screenshots of the program available. Red indicates files with motionless screenshots. Blue indicates the program has animated screenshots. Finally, green means that a member of the ticalc.org staff has featured this file and is considered a very good file. There is also an orange icon you will find here and there on the site. This will direct you to the account information of that specific author.
Created 2004-09-27 06:56:00 GMT
Updated 2004-09-27 06:56:00 GMT

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