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Question What's the deal with these .tig, .TIProgram, and .8xo files?
Answer Usually, calculator files come with extensions starting with the two digits of the model number of the calculator the file is intended for (or “8x” for the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus, “9x” for the TI-92 Plus, or “v2” for the Voyage 200). Occasionally you may come across files with certain other extensions.

.tig files are a relatively new group format that replaces the older calculator-specific group formats (.7?g, .8?g, .9?g, .v?g, etc.). .tig files are actually just normal ZIP files containing standard calculator files. If your linking software doesn't handle .tig, you can try unzipping a .tig file using a standard unzipping utility and then transferring the resulting files individually.

.TIProgram files are generated by the program editor in the Mac version of TI Connect. They contain TI-BASIC program source code in some kind of XML format. As we do not currently know of a program for non-Mac platforms that can understand this format, we are not accepting .TIProgram-format files into the file archive at this time. (If you would like to write software that can make these files accessible to those on non-Mac systems, please do!)

.8xo seems to be a fairly rare format produced by the Mac OS X version of the TI Connect software that internally resembles an .8xg file containing an on-calc group variable. Cemetech's SourceCoder web app has experimental support for this file type. TILP refers to this format as ‘8Xgrp’. TI Connect for Windows appears not to support the format at all.
Created 2011-04-26 03:43:00 GMT
Updated 2011-09-01 04:44:00 GMT

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