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Question I need help with a specific program. Who should I contact for help?
Answer Nearly every file in the ticalc.org archives has an author listed on its fileinfo page. This is the one and only person you should contact with questions about the file. The ticalc.org staff is in general very busy; if you contact them, you may not receive an answer, and they likely will not be able to help you unless they are the authors of the file in question. As there are literally thousands of files in the archives, it is impossible for any of the staff members to be knowledgeable with every single file, so please contact only the author of the program with questions. Also, be sure to read the “readme” or other documents that come with many programs. These will often answer your questions.
Created 2004-10-04 10:21:00 GMT
Updated 2011-02-16 10:03:00 GMT

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