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Newsletter Officially Back
Posted by Joey on 1 May 2003, 02:44 GMT

The ticalc.org newsletter is officially back from its two-year hiatus. The May 2003 issue was mailed out today in plain text format. We encountered some problems with the HTML, so if you are subscribed to the HTML list, your newsletter will arrive shortly. If you just can't wait, the newsletter will be available every month in eBook format for the 89 and the 92+. In the newsletter, there is a mention of David Coz's new game, "Prince of Persia". A demo of it has been released here. Judging by David's past work, it is going to be an excellent game.

Update (Joey): Thanks to Chris and Magnus, the HTML version of the newsletter has been sent out! If you received it twice, my apologies.


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Re: Newsletter Officially Back
nyall Account Info
(Web Page)

This screen shot of this prince of persia reminds me of the Alladin game for the SNES.

But nothing closed source goes on my calc.

As far as the newsletter goes the "go forth and inovate" speech is condescending (and useless) to those who do innovate. Or it falls on the death ears of those who don't.

Either way talking about what people should be doing is droll.

I am the one and only Cheerio.

     5 May 2003, 00:02 GMT

Re: Re: Newsletter Officially Back
W Hibdon  Account Info

*deaf ears.

Anyway, yeah, that was pretty rich. I can me creative, but when you tell someone to do something, and don't do it yourself, that is hypocritical.

-God, I love hyprocsy, I am W-

     5 May 2003, 00:18 GMT

Re: Re: Newsletter Officially Back
lord_nightrose Account Info
(Web Page)

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm appreciative of your criticism. Second, I wasn't trying to sound condescending, and if I came off that way then I apologize. I was simply analyzing the situation I see in the TI community. I myself have been part of what I saw as stagnation in programming, since I haven't released anything in a while and when I did it was nothing special. I've been trying to think of something new to do, but God only knows how hard that can be. Yeah, the article was a bit hypocritical. But I figured I'm allowed, if my goal is to try (no matter how miniscule the attempt may be) to get people programming new and exciting things again.

Again, thanks for the criticism. It doesn't fall on deaf ears ;-)

     5 May 2003, 03:31 GMT
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