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Newsletter Officially Back
Posted by Joey on 1 May 2003, 02:44 GMT

The ticalc.org newsletter is officially back from its two-year hiatus. The May 2003 issue was mailed out today in plain text format. We encountered some problems with the HTML, so if you are subscribed to the HTML list, your newsletter will arrive shortly. If you just can't wait, the newsletter will be available every month in eBook format for the 89 and the 92+. In the newsletter, there is a mention of David Coz's new game, "Prince of Persia". A demo of it has been released here. Judging by David's past work, it is going to be an excellent game.

Update (Joey): Thanks to Chris and Magnus, the HTML version of the newsletter has been sent out! If you received it twice, my apologies.


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Re: Newsletter Officially Back
lord_nightrose Account Info
(Web Page)

Ha... someone sent me an e-mail saying they thought I was wrong and they disagreed with my article... then proceeded to agree with every point I made, while still saying I was wrong, by telling me I said something other than what I really did. Oy.

     1 May 2003, 08:23 GMT

Re: Re: Newsletter Officially Back
Nathan Crank  Account Info
(Web Page)

wow, some folks are kinda ignorant...

     1 May 2003, 20:50 GMT

AMS 2.08
ExtendeD  Account Info

Joey Gannon has written in the newsletter, about the TI-Keyboard : "installing 2.08 may meen sacrificing some games, but the trade is worth it".
Which games are you talking about ? All the games that works on AMS 2.05 should work on AMS 2.08.

- Olivier Armand

     1 May 2003, 22:30 GMT

Re: AMS 2.08
Joey Gannon  Account Info
(Web Page)

I'm inept and unable to figure out how to make everything work on 2.08. One of my two TSRs doesn't work (I forget if it's fastkbd or autoclbr) and I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix all of the launchers.

     1 May 2003, 22:37 GMT

Re: Re: AMS 2.08
no_one_2000_  Account Info
(Web Page)

Fastkbd? I think the fast-moving cursor gets annoying after a while. It's neat that it's possible to edit the way the cursor moves, though.

     1 May 2003, 23:52 GMT

Re: Re: AMS 2.08
ExtendeD  Account Info
(Web Page)

>I forget if it's fastkbd or autoclbr
It cannot be autoclbr, Kevin Kofler would have fixed the problem immediately.

>and I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix all of the launchers
Just download the standard launcher 'ttstart' of the TIGCC Tools Suite (link above), and all your problems will disappear.

     2 May 2003, 00:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: AMS 2.08
Kevin Kofler
(Web Page)

AutoClBr does work, but the old version which is still on ticalc.org includes an old version of h220xTSR which is still on ticalc.org as well and which does not run correctly on AMS 2.08. I really need to upload the current versions to ticalc.org now that they actually upload the things people submit. :-)

     3 May 2003, 17:04 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: AMS 2.08
rmohr02 Account Info
(Web Page)

...speaking of the devil.

     4 May 2003, 07:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: AMS 2.08
W Hibdon  Account Info

I have "ttstart" but it says "Invalid relocationdata in ASM program". What does that mean, and how can i fix it. ( I have 2.08, and am using id, and Pre-OS.)


     4 May 2003, 22:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: AMS 2.08
Kevin Kofler
(Web Page)

Make sure that:
1. you are using the current version (1.17) of ttstart.
2. you are running the PPG file, not the launcher. Launching the launcher won't help, because that's where the bug is in.

     5 May 2003, 00:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: AMS 2.08
W Hibdon  Account Info

Wait, I can use the launcher, no problem. I should not be able to do that. Why can I?


     5 May 2003, 00:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: AMS 2.08
Tacvek  Account Info

Well most likely, the program in question is using the updated launcher.

     7 May 2003, 23:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: AMS 2.08
BlackThunder  Account Info
(Web Page)

This is getting confusing. So I think I will try to clear this up.

There are 3 programs in question:
The PPG file, usually "[name]data" or "[name]bin"
The custom launcher, "[name]"
The launcher, usually "ttstart"

Run ttstart("PPGfile"), replacing PPGfile with the PPG file, not the custom launcher.

Btw, when you run the custom launcher and get the "invalid relocation data" error, there might be a memory leak, too. (20K on at least one.)

btw, in case you didn't know, the only way to fix a memory leak is to reset: 2ND+LOCK+ON or 2ND+LEFT+RIGHT+ON.

Now that we're talking about this, why does the Voyage 200 Executables patcher, when used on a PPG file where the custom launcher gives "Error: Invalid relocation data in ASM program"., gives a patched program that gives the same error.

     15 May 2003, 03:25 GMT

Re: Newsletter Officially Back
Camilo Rodríguez  Account Info

This is a very good news. I was expecting it long ago.
And the Princess of Persia Demo is also a very nice thing; I think David Coz' games are some of the best games available for the TI-89 and similars. Long life to David and the ticalc.org Nesletter!

     2 May 2003, 05:54 GMT

Ti-89_Coder Account Info

Excuse me, but isn't the game _Prince_ of Persia? Either way, it does look cool.

     3 May 2003, 18:52 GMT

Nah, he just picked up a chick
no_one_2000_  Account Info
(Web Page)

How similar is this game going to be to the original version? (ac provided a link to it at dosgamesarchive.com) The graphics look great.

     4 May 2003, 19:13 GMT

Re: Nah, he just picked up a chick
benryves  Account Info
(Web Page)

Jaffar was too easy to beat in the original :)
You need all the cutscenes too - that adds a bit of life to the game.
Not forgetting the funky music too!

     7 May 2003, 14:18 GMT

Re: Newsletter Officially Back
Eric Shotwell  Account Info

Hmm, when it was first announced the newsletter was coming back, I sent a subscription thing off, and it came back telling me I was already subscribed (from when the newsletter was around before I assume). However, I didn't seem to get the newsletter (the TXT version, not the HTML one, so, any problems with the HTML version wouldn't be the issue). I sent off another subscribe thing, and it still came back telling me I was already subscribed.
(no, the issue wouldn't be that I am or have ever blocked mail from ticalc.org or had any setting that would cause them to be blocked, as I haven't ever had them blocked or anything causing them to be blocked, and I double-checked and they certainly aren't. So, that isn't it)
Not sure what else could've caused it.
Oh well, I'll try unsubscribing and resubscribing and see if the next one comes fine, and just read this month's one on ebook.

     2 May 2003, 20:11 GMT

W Hibdon  Account Info

Say that I just subscribed to the newsletter. How long will it take for me to recieve it? Will I even recieve the newsletter sent out on my birthday?


     2 May 2003, 20:20 GMT

Re: Newsletter Officially Back
RCTParRoThEaD_ Account Info
(Web Page)

To all that are still complaining about not recieving the newsletter, check any junk mail filters/folders you may have. The TXT version got sent straight to my hotmail junk mail folder. This is all the help I can offer.

     3 May 2003, 04:03 GMT

Re: Newsletter Officially Back
newrad Account Info
(Web Page)

How come the newletter isnt in the arhive? Hotmail is down and I want to read the newsletter

     4 May 2003, 21:09 GMT

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