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HP Calculator Development Ending
Posted by Eric on 4 November 2001, 05:05 GMT

Hewlett-Packard has announced that it will be discontinuing its calculator development. Farewell messages have been posted on the newsgroup comp.sys.hp48. Do note that development of HP calculators has happened before, and that the production of current HP calculators will continue.


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Re: HP Calculator Development Ending
pacito  Account Info

That is a very sad news. The bad part is : a lot of people worked to build thouse calcs we enjoy (ti or hps, i have both). HP have been doomed, maybe they can return to the HP Way some day. I hope that, because when they did that was an age of prosperity and health (my father worked for them almost 11 years...)

I heard something about a new calc : the Extender (or was it expander ?).

We have to rocognize the power of handhelds, they cost not much more than a calc and they are very far more powerful, maybe the next calc is based in this kind of hw (of course with out wince (Lastima CE)).
Because a hw like a calc with its little power can do as much as we want but a new hw wath can we dream ?

     28 November 2001, 00:41 GMT
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