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Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
Posted by Eric on 8 June 2001, 06:40 GMT

Super Mario v1.0 Esteemed programmer Sam Heald has released Super Mario v1.0 for the TI-82 (CrASH), something that probably should have been made a long, long time ago. As you can see, the graphics are excellent (they've been adapted for use from the TI-86 version by Bill Nagel). A few extra features, such as the use of fireballs, have been added from the TI-86 version. External levels are supported as well, of course. Enjoy!


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Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
lilyakka  Account Info
(Web Page)

Now all that needs to be done is it need to be ported to the 83+. Come on someone this will be the best game out there if it is ported.

     9 June 2001, 21:35 GMT

Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
saggitar710  Account Info
(Web Page)

I do realize what it takes to port a game in terms of effort and time. I can't hardly wait.

Oh yea, and will it be compatible with the 83s with the high-contrast flat-screen or will it be like most other side scroller that flicker and bug out on the newer 83s?

     10 June 2001, 02:14 GMT

Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
no_one_2000_  Account Info

Ok, I wanna know If it's just me, or if this game is HARD! I've been trying OVER AND OVER to beat Super Mario 3: World 1 on there. I can't beat the ship level. It's just too hard. Oh yeah, I just wanted to say that this game is SO similar the in nintendo version (which I have and play A LOT!) So, I've noticed like everything in it, is the same as the nintedno version! A few minor differences: If you get hit when you "fire mario" you suddenly become "little mario." In Mario 3, this doesn't happen, you just become "regular, big mario." Another thing, is it possible in this game to become "flying mario"? You know, with the tail? Some more things, in mario 3 and 1, when there is a tube with a plant in it, and you are standing beside or on the tube, the plant won't come back out until you have jumped over it, or passed it. In the 82 version, it keeps just coming up, down, up down, until you shoot it with a fireball.
Ok, now I have a quesion about the level editor, how do you put an "end" to the level in? I've tried everything! (except for the right thing, obviously) Oh yeah, what's the password to edit the level set that comes with the game (Super Mario 3: World 1)???

     10 June 2001, 17:49 GMT

OK, you are just lying now
(Web Page)

I'll agree it is a good game but it is by no means similar to the nintendo version. Super mario Quest was the most similar an I could find major differences, such as axes could be used to cut any bridge, fireballs insantaneously killed bowser as opposed to 5, no fireworks as there was no time, no vines, no upside down venus fly traps and other stuff. Thisthis was the arguably closest game to the real mario brothers. Lets see what game are you bassing it similarites on, 1 (not likely, no pryramids in 1) 3 (missing raccon suit, frog suit, hammer suit, toonkie suit, ghost, pwing, no flag gate in 3, had cards instead along with map, ships and about 3 time as many diferent kind of enemies) land (possible, but star Mario killed monsters, hearts onstead of 1 up mushrooms, no sub or airplane battles)

     11 June 2001, 22:44 GMT

Re: OK, you are just lying now
no_one_2000_  Account Info

Yeah, there's also no score, and bowser is slightly different: he doesn't shoot fireballs. I think they should have added World 3, where they have that big fish in the water that jumps up and eats mario.

     11 June 2001, 22:58 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
skaterboy013  Account Info

To end a level, make two vertical poles one tile apart from the stripy things at the bottom row of the tile-select screen. Then press Y= to bring up the enemy select. Press the left arrow button 3 times. Thats the thing that goes up and down on the poles. Then press enter. There you have it.

     14 June 2001, 00:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
no_one_2000_  Account Info

Yeah, thanks. Now it works!

     14 June 2001, 00:56 GMT

Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
skaterboy013  Account Info

When is this going to be ported to the 83+!?!?!?

     11 June 2001, 20:59 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
Patrick Davidson  Account Info
(Web Page)

Quand les cochons peuvent voler!

     12 June 2001, 00:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82

"When the pigs can fly" funny lol

     13 June 2001, 02:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
no_one_2000_  Account Info

Well, it's good to know that SOME of us know english.

     14 June 2001, 00:57 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
paul248  Account Info
(Web Page)

Well, of course it should be out any second now, because Sam the robot has devoted his entire life to porting this game. His only thoughts are "must port mario, must port mario..."
this game will be ported whenever Sam decides to port it. Be patient. Programmers are people too, you know.

     12 June 2001, 04:17 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
Lenon  Account Info

Amen, brother. i don't think people realize just how much people like sam have to do. i mean' he's still in high school! he said in an earlier post that he has finals this week, or he had them last week, so you should wait till this week. i've got a hunch they will be out around friday, but that's completely ungrounded. i laugh at all the port requests, as "NO PORT REQUESTS" was written all over the place. imagine the trouble the world would be spared if people would just rean the gosh darn readmes. oh, and good luck, sam, with the porting, when you get around to it. peaceout, foos. (ps..i wonder if the levels will be archivable and still playable on the 83+ port..that would be one of my most desired features. any thoughts?)

     12 June 2001, 20:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
Sam Heald  Account Info
(Web Page)

My last final was today (Tuesday). Tomorrow, I have to spend almost the entire day in the woodshop finishing my senior project (I dropped two classes to build a sea kayak). I have school on Thursday (returning exams, giving awards, etc.) as well as athletic practice (it's optional, but I want to go). On Friday, I have graduation in the morning and parties till the next day. Saturday night is prom and 3-4 after-prom's, so I won't be getting back from that until 10 or 11 Sunday morning.

Porting will have to wait until next Monday or so...

As for archivable levels, an 83+ port wouldn't be much good without that feature in my opinion. I already have a version that works that doesn't run archived levels. The archived version works for reading, but not editing. I think that I'm going to have the level editor require that the level is in the RAM (or at least enough memory is free in the RAM to copy the level to the RAM before editing). The variable resizing in the archive just isn't working (in early attempts). Again, I'll figure this out next week.

     13 June 2001, 03:36 GMT

Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
markus Salletmaier  Account Info

When will there be a version for my ti 82 (19.006 software)

PS: has anybody an idea what can be with my ti because it alwais tells me :error in Xmit when i try to link it to an other ti

mfg markus

     6 December 2002, 20:04 GMT
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