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Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
Posted by Eric on 8 June 2001, 06:40 GMT

Super Mario v1.0 Esteemed programmer Sam Heald has released Super Mario v1.0 for the TI-82 (CrASH), something that probably should have been made a long, long time ago. As you can see, the graphics are excellent (they've been adapted for use from the TI-86 version by Bill Nagel). A few extra features, such as the use of fireballs, have been added from the TI-86 version. External levels are supported as well, of course. Enjoy!


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Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
Pandrogas  Account Info
(Web Page)


     8 June 2001, 14:20 GMT

Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
no_one_2000_  Account Info

Oh my gosh, this is so sweet! I tried it out and everything. MAN, I love it! GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

     8 June 2001, 14:56 GMT

Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
sammo_21 Account Info

Hey everyone, I just put Super Mario v1.0 on my version 17.0 TI-82....

Is there a reason why the screen kind of "skips" at the side? The screen kind of moves up and down, and it distorts the right side of the screen kind of. This happens with plainjump too.

Maybe it's just MY calculator that is messed up, not the program.

Does anyyone else have this problem?

     8 June 2001, 16:19 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
Sam Heald  Account Info
(Web Page)

That's my fault, I'll release an update to both PlainJump and Mario soon. In those games (and maybe others), the display routine that I use is too fast for your calculator. I can only test on ROM v19.0, so that sort of thing can happen. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

     8 June 2001, 20:27 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
Brian Schmidt  Account Info

I also have the same problem on my 82 and it has rom version 19.0 the screen seems like it shakes with mario, plainjump, and ztetris. Besides that I think it is definity one of the best games for the 82 and by the way to all you 83ers out there: KEEP ASKING FOR PORTS IT ONLY SHOWS HOW COMPLETELY PATHETIC YOU ARE AND IN NO WAY AFFECTS THE AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES FOR A PORT TO BE RELEASED, MY GOD YOU HAVE PATIENCE WHAT SO EVER!!! Come on give the 82 a little time in the spotlight.

     8 June 2001, 23:49 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

Sounds like it's writing to the LCD too fast. If you're really good with a hex editor and assembly, you might be able to slow down the screen copy routine.

Or just get a slower TI82.

     8 June 2001, 20:28 GMT

Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
depleateduranium  Account Info

my only wish is that the dude who made the level editor for space monkey quest would get off his ass and update it to work w/ams 2.05

     8 June 2001, 17:46 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
JaggedFlame Account Info

Why don't you get off your ass and stop complaining? That guy probably put an intense amount of work into the game itself, more than you ever did on "Evil Dead 89."

     9 June 2001, 01:34 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
joelt  Account Info
(Web Page)

I'll send you AMS 2.04/2.03/1.05/1.00 so you can make it, either on Emulator or with Flashing your calculator -- if you will shut up about Evil Dead 89.

     12 June 2001, 01:15 GMT

Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

Off topic but intresting:

Some spammer thought I owned ticalc.org! :)

     8 June 2001, 18:01 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
Ciaran McCreesh  Account Info
(Web Page)

I've had that as well. Apparently I also own slashdot (I wish...), Sun Microsystems (I really wish...) and some dodgy German pr0n site. Now the first two I can understand, since I've had my email address on both, but the third gets me worried...

     8 June 2001, 19:54 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
GundamMan69  Account Info
(Web Page)

I think that Sam does too much, you need a break buddy.
Just take 5 steps away from the computer and go on vacation.. j/k

     8 June 2001, 20:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
GavinO  Account Info
(Web Page)

Vacation is good . . . after the 83(+) port.

     8 June 2001, 21:00 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
jdhensh  Account Info

I second that!!!

     11 June 2001, 03:12 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
YodaSean Account Info
(Web Page)

I third that! (And fourth it and fifth it...)

     12 June 2001, 20:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario v1.0 for TI-82
no_one_2000_  Account Info


     9 June 2001, 18:16 GMT

eye_onus  Account Info

I don't understand what you people are saying. What does "away from the computer" mean? I don't believe I understand this concept.

     11 June 2001, 18:35 GMT

Re: Confusion
no_one_2000_  Account Info


     11 June 2001, 22:56 GMT

Porting to TI-85
Aaron Povolish  Account Info

This is kind of off the subject, but great games are being released for all TI calcs it seems, except for the TI-85, although Phoenix III is sweet! Since, i'm tired of asking for people to port games for me, could someone tell me how hard it would be to port from like the 86 to the 85. I don't know how to program in assembly, but i'm willing to learn how to port games right now!!! Thanks!!!

     9 June 2001, 21:05 GMT

Re: Porting to TI-85
Olivier Lecocq  Account Info
(Web Page)

Well I tried to port a my game to the TI85 but it's requires more work then I thought. For a Usgard game for example, you are required to put an '&' before every variable and every absolute label address. This alone takes hours if you have tons of variables and labels.
Then there is the memory issue: the memory model is different in every calc so you have to find another way to store and/or display your data. Since assembler is about moving data around 99% of the time it's not that fun.
Then there are the ROM routines: these are calls to the calc ROM that enables you do to stuff easily with one single command (eg display a character on the screen). The ROM calls are different on every calc and the Ti85 has less calls than a Ti86 for example. So every non-supported routine you have to find a way to code yourself (or find a combination of ROM routines that have the same result). Especially that last thing is really pulling me off.

     10 June 2001, 11:57 GMT

Re: Re: Porting to TI-85
David Phillips  Account Info
(Web Page)

Porting stuff to the 85 is usually easy (Joltima took less than 20 minutes) if you use a shell that doesn't suck: Rigel

     10 June 2001, 13:04 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Porting to TI-85
Olivier Lecocq  Account Info
(Web Page)

Can you point me to an address with info about Rigel?

     10 June 2001, 23:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Porting to TI-85
Olivier Lecocq  Account Info
(Web Page)

Never mind. I found all the info I need here in Ticalc.org

     11 June 2001, 12:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Porting to TI-85
bbybl6 Account Info

I got my Ti 85 from my brother and I have no clue how to put this game on there, but I really want to. Class is so boring without anything to do! Think you could possibly help me out??

     5 December 2003, 02:13 GMT

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