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Phoenix v1.0 Released
Posted by Eric on 14 February 2001, 23:40 GMT

Hmm...we haven't posted on Phoenix in a while, have we? Well then, Patrick Davidson has come up with a pretty substantial update to the Z80 series of his popular shoot-em-up game. Finally the versions for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, TI-85, and the TI-86 rival the original versions for the 68K calculators (well, except for the screen size, of course). An external level set has also been released; see the file updates section for more.


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Re: Phoenix v1.0 Released
gorion Account Info

I hope a port to MirageOS is made from the Ion version.

     15 February 2001, 07:11 GMT

Re: Re: Phoenix v1.0 Released
Kai  Account Info
(Web Page)

That would be nice, but at least this works well with Mirage.

     15 February 2001, 10:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Phoenix v1.0 Released
CrackHed  Account Info

I ported Phoenix .90 from the 83/83+ ion to mirageos...it isnt that hard. If i get bored later ill turn it into a mirage prog and up it

     16 February 2001, 01:52 GMT

Re: Re: Phoenix v1.0 Released
Jason Kovacs  Account Info
(Web Page)

If the ION version works well on MirageOS, there is no need to port it to MirageOS. Doing so only causes for another version of the program to float around, which would probably need to be updated whenever PD makes his thousands of updates. It's possible that making the program specifically for MirageOS could save a few bytes due to the shell's libraries, but that slight gain is not worth the time and effort by PD or some other porter. Programs specifically for MirageOS should make use of its built in features more heavily, such as I have done with Calendar v1.0.

     16 February 2001, 07:18 GMT

Re: Phoenix v1.0 Released
torrenttrue  Account Info
(Web Page)

What's the difference between this one and the old one? Can you make new levels for this one now?
That'd be cool. It'd also bringit's personal popularity up a bit.


     16 February 2001, 22:06 GMT

Re: Re: Phoenix v1.0 Released
Patrick Davidson  Account Info
(Web Page)

External level support is the largest change for this version, but there are others which are listed in the documentation. However, there is no easy-to-use level editor included, so it takes a little more work than usual to make external levels for this game (I do intend to release instructions for making the levels soon). The external levels don't seem to affect the popularity much now, as the only level file released on the TI-83+ seems to have only about 1/3 as many downloads as the main program.

     17 February 2001, 03:03 GMT

Jupiter levels for Phoenix released
Patrick Davidson  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have now released another set of levels, the "Jupiter" levels, for Phoenix. I have just sent them to ticalc.org, and you can download them now from the URL linked to this message.

This level file provides 8 levels, which are slightly more "original" than the Galaxian levels, and are also intended to be more difficult than the built-in levels, as you face tough enemies before being able to obtain high-powered weapons.

The archives also have bried documentation on how levels are created. Since I'll probably change the format fairly soon anyway, I didn't write detailed information on the format or create a level editor.

     18 February 2001, 00:34 GMT
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