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Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
Posted by Eric on 25 November 2000, 04:39 GMT

Advanced Text Editor v0.9Jonah Cohen has released a "huge upgrade" (in his words, at least) to his popular text editor for the TI-86, Advanced Text Editor v0.9. A long-awaited word wrap feature is included in this version, as well as many other enhancements and some bugfixes. Check it out.

On a completely unrelated note, Alex Tran sent me a link to a site with some calculator benchmarking information. The site is geared towards Casio calculators (which we all know to be inferior ;) and thus might be a tad biased, but the results are nevertheless interesting. The calculators benchmarked include the TI-82 and TI-83+ as well as various Casio, Sharp, and HP calculators.


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Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9

ALL YOU FUCKING DORKS. Just kidding. So I havn't posted on this website for, ohh say, around a year now. What's everybody up to? Still the gay rules so if I posted something not the liking, the gay guys would get rid of it or me. Anyways. comment on!

     28 November 2000, 04:05 GMT

Where are the High End TIs in the test??
Priceb Account Info
(Web Page)

Did anyone else notice that they did not compare the cfx to any highend TIs such as the TI-89 or even the TI-86.

     6 December 2000, 16:31 GMT
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