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Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
Posted by Eric on 25 November 2000, 04:39 GMT

Advanced Text Editor v0.9Jonah Cohen has released a "huge upgrade" (in his words, at least) to his popular text editor for the TI-86, Advanced Text Editor v0.9. A long-awaited word wrap feature is included in this version, as well as many other enhancements and some bugfixes. Check it out.

On a completely unrelated note, Alex Tran sent me a link to a site with some calculator benchmarking information. The site is geared towards Casio calculators (which we all know to be inferior ;) and thus might be a tad biased, but the results are nevertheless interesting. The calculators benchmarked include the TI-82 and TI-83+ as well as various Casio, Sharp, and HP calculators.


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Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
WhySanity  Account Info
(Web Page)

I've owned 3 Casio Calcs (9700, 9850G, 9850 GB+) and for a couple of days I had a FX2.0... I think the casios are superrior to the equivalent TI Calcs (83), although they are much slower when executing progrms (probable because the TI's "compile" before running). Anyways.. to defend the TI community, I Owned a TI-92, but now own an 89... I love it.. nothign beats the symbolic manipulation.... Great in Calculus. I tried an emulated hp48, but never got to know it real well... that's my two cents.... I really don't care,,,

     25 November 2000, 16:17 GMT

Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
Matty500  Account Info

Agreed, I have a casio 9850g, and a TI-89, and I have a lot of experience with the 83. Functionally, the 9850g and the 83 are VERY similar...Casio does not support assembly programs, so game comparisons, aren't as bad...compare the basic games to the casio games & the casio is slightly slower, but not much...The one advantage that the 9850 DOES have is in statistics, at least compaired to the 83...on the casio, you can plot a graph, and then actively choose the regression while viewing the plot, unlike the ti-83, which requires you to find the regression, then plot it to another graph, while plotting the points separately, a VERY useful function of the casio, integrated into the 89, the casio also supports many statistical functions, not in the 83 (although they ARE in the 89's stat flash app), I think the 9850g if FUNCTIONALLY superior to the 83, even though the 83 may be faster..the 89 however, blows them all away

     27 November 2000, 04:33 GMT

Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
Justin B  Account Info
(Web Page)

The graphing test took 7 seconds on my 89. Compared to over a minute on one of the casios.

     25 November 2000, 18:41 GMT

Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9

Are you sure you typed in all of them? Are you sure the screen was on Xmax=10 Xmin=-10 Ymax=10 Ymin=-10?
Are you sure your calc is HW1? Are you sure you didn't accdently overclock it in your sleep?

     25 November 2000, 19:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
CircaX  Account Info
(Web Page)

You know what I'll bet it is? The power left in your batteries makes a HUGE difference in the calc's speed. Like this: fresh batts you can use a contrast setting of 2, leaving ample power to the CPU. OLDER batteries, however, require a contrast setting of 9, usually. At this level, there isn't as much power left to the CPU, and it runs slower.

This is my guess, of course, and I'm basing it on the fact that a program I wrote went A LOT faster when I replaced my dying batteries, leading me to conclude that voltage affects speed directly.

     26 November 2000, 03:00 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
EV9D93  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yep, this is true. Your calc can also crash when you run some games when batts are very low, kuz the game runs the cpu faster than it does at home.

Fresh batts aways help.

     26 November 2000, 19:32 GMT

Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
PolarSmurf Account Info
(Web Page)

well, i guess i'll be the first to comment on the program... although i dont have a ti-86, i think it is great that someone has made a great text editing program. I for one, take all my physics, eng and german notes on my calculator (89), and find it a pain not having word wrap feature. anyways, great work

     25 November 2000, 20:45 GMT

Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
Paulo Marques  Account Info

Buy a cell phone... ;)
i don't know how anyone can write on a calc! it's boring, all those keys in different places. but it is weird no one has made a program for that yet..

     25 November 2000, 23:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
Sean Kinney  Account Info
(Web Page)

There is a keyboard type program for the palms that uses a simple 3x3 matrix setup and references a database of common words to type quicker. I would love to see someone write an assembly prog that used that method of input. If it didn't recognize a word, you could type it in using the standard method. Make the database easy to update, and it might go well. Any takers?

     26 November 2000, 02:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
Michael Vincent  Account Info
(Web Page)

I don't know, I might create a 83+ program which does that, maybe slightly different. Do you have any more information about how the program works? I never heard of it until now.

     28 November 2000, 13:37 GMT

TI-83+ Text editor/viewer
Dan Klein  Account Info
(Web Page)

Sounds like an AWESOME idea. If you could make the GUI similar to Jonah's, that would be really sweet. Thanks!

     29 November 2000, 06:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
PsySpy  Account Info

after typing many, many, many, cheet sheets into my calc....and many progs......you learn to type almost as fast on the calc as i can on the comp....

nick, no the other nick.....

     26 November 2000, 03:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
EV9D93  Account Info
(Web Page)

Ya, i can type amazingly fast on a calc, no where near as fast as on a comp but still amazingly fast for that things keyboard.

Typing, on anykind of device, is easy once you use it a lot.

     26 November 2000, 19:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
Michael Vincent  Account Info
(Web Page)

I average 28 wpm (no errors) typing the first paragraph of the Declaration Of Independence on my 83+ (the calc I'm fastest on). Of course, the Declaration Of Independence has long words (examples: unalienable, necessary, etc.) so this would slow down my wpm. In real life, then, I'm faster. Probably ~40 wpm. While I'm on the subject, on my computer, I have exceeded 120 wpm in medium-sized bursts of speed; my general average is 90-110 wpm. I normally type about 70 wpm as so not to tire my fingers, though.

     28 November 2000, 22:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
(Web Page)

i liked the keyboard interface in "textedit 0.4"
too bad it was never finished...

     26 November 2000, 05:08 GMT

aoejedi  Account Info
(Web Page)

There are all these text viewing/editing programs out there, and there isn't any prepackaged material that they can be used for. Sure... you can use them for cheat sheets, etc., but for books on calc... they don't exist. Maybe I could start a TI-Project Gutenberg (see URL for link to Google searching for the real Project Gutenberg) so that the classics are available on calculator, like those "handheld reader" devices. Just an idea... any feedback?

     28 November 2000, 04:38 GMT

Re: TI-PG?
edx65  Account Info

That sounds like a good idea. I've sometimes thought about putting text into my TI-86 ever since I got ATE. But a problem with entire books is that the memory on the calc might not be enough for a book. And the textviewer that can be used with ATE can only handle 15KB files. There are ways to work around this (such as dividing it up in chapters), and if you actually start TI-PG, I'd be happy to help.
Except... won't we violate some copyright laws? Or if it's just the classics, then nevermind. For those really lazy ones.. someone could start TI- Cliffs.=P

     3 December 2000, 18:24 GMT

82/83+ integration?
Knight/Rocket  Account Info

How did they get an 82 and an 83+ to run integrals and differentiate equations? I thought that only the 86, 89, 92/92+ had calculus functions on them.

Knight/Rocket's 2 questioning cents.

     26 November 2000, 23:04 GMT

Re: 82/83+ integration?
Mahiman Sathianathan  Account Info

You thought wrong, I am pretty sure that the 83 can do derivatives and integrals, not too sure about the 82 though. Apart from those calculus features, the 83 doesn't have much more.

     27 November 2000, 02:21 GMT

Re: 82/83+ integration?
J22 Account Info

The 82 and 83 can do integrals and derivitives numerically; that is, they calculate a number approximation for the answer. The 89 can do them symbolically, and get stuff like sin(x)^2/ln(x) for the answer. It comes in very handy.

     27 November 2000, 06:41 GMT

Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
SnyperP  Account Info

Well lets see now. After reading this article i decided to email Charlie Watson, the one who runs the website, and asked him why he did not use the 89 or 92. This his response
"Could hardly do a comparison with the 92 - far more expensive and banned by
all school exam authorities in Australia. Do you have times for the 89
though? I don't mind either TI or Casio calculators - my opinion is that
Casio is just a bit more user friendly for an 'average' school kid - not
more powerful, etc etc. Casio have heaps of other calculators (eg
AlgebraFx2 with 1Mb of memory, flash upgradeable, etc, etc) but they too
fall into the banned category.
Nice to hear from you,
Charlie Watson, Perth, Western Australia."

Come on 89 owners, we have to band together and run these test. I don't know jack squat about stats, so i can't run the tests... He said he didn't use other calculators because they were banned on the standardize test..well the 89 isn't, so it should also be tested!! I know the 89 will blow them all away

     28 November 2000, 01:31 GMT

Re: Re: Jonah Cohen Releases Advanced Text Editor v0.9
Mahiman Sathianathan  Account Info

Hey, you can e-mail him and ask for the details of the tests and how he ran them. I did, and I was able to do tests on the TI-86. The function graphing test is self explanatory, for the program test, you can just get the code for the TI-83+ and modify it to run on the TI-89. The bivariate stats tests are also self explanatory,I managed to do them and got much faster results than what was posted on that web site.

     28 November 2000, 23:22 GMT

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