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tinews.net Given Cease-and-Desist Letter by TI
Posted by Nick & Phil on 31 August 2000, 04:14 GMT

TI has requested, in a legal manner, that tinews.net stop using several of TI's copyrighted works on their page. Furthermore, they've requested that tinews.net change their name. tinews.net is not particularly pleased about this, and has, in response, posted this petition.

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Update (Nick): As you may have seen on tinews.net's home page, they are in the process of getting the matter cleared up with TI as we speak. They would like to thank everyone for their continued support during this ordeal.


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Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Desist Letter by TI
surck  Account Info
(Web Page)

I dunno about you guys, but as of right now, HP is looking a lot more appealing to me... :/

     1 September 2000, 04:29 GMT

Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Desist Letter by TI
Vejita  Account Info
(Web Page)

We once got a letter from TI about rusty.acz.org , you just have to know how to handle them...if tinews.com cannot, they deserve to go down. I thought it was pretty cool TI wanted to check our site. Anyway, since i pretty much work for TI now, i might just personally look into where TI is going with this. Maybe.


     1 September 2000, 08:02 GMT

Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Desist Letter by TI
Kevin Ha  Account Info
(Web Page)

Many companies support other 'fan sites' that take up certain domain names but unfortunately, Texas Instruments doesn't support TI-News. Maybe TI became irate after they found TINews with some copyrighted ROMs and stuff. Then they want to further injure TI-News by taking its domain name down.

An example is Blizzard. They didn't boot www.diabloii.net off the 'net. In fact, they support that site and even invited one of the authors of that site to the launch party of Diablo II. Blizzard is friendly.

If TI is eager enough, maybe TICalc.org might even be requested to be shut down. But then again, I believe that'll be unlikely.

It gets worse if you don't get a domain registration refund if your domain gets shut down due to legal matters. That'll suck.

     1 September 2000, 08:18 GMT

Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Desist Letter by TI
deuist Account Info

}Infused{ has been warned many times in the past about posting Roms. I remember Tim saying that he would just move the location of the files in case he were ever caught. Tinews deserves all of the "harsh" treatment it's getting from TI. A quick look into copyright law will show you that what Tinews did is a federal offence, subject to huge fines and jail time. Given the choice of being anally raped or just taking down my site, I think I would choose the latter.

Although I'm a big fan of free software and Napster, once you get caught, you have to pay the consequences.

So, I agree with the C&D letter letter from TI. What I do not agree with the release of the domain name. Again, the only reason TI is demanding the domain is because of Tinews' illegal activity. I think if }Infused{ were to write a huge apology to TI, promise never to do anything without TI's permission, and then step down as the head of Tinews, then Texas Instruments may let the site continue.

     1 September 2000, 16:23 GMT
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