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tinews.net Given Cease-and-Desist Letter by TI
Posted by Nick & Phil on 31 August 2000, 04:14 GMT

TI has requested, in a legal manner, that tinews.net stop using several of TI's copyrighted works on their page. Furthermore, they've requested that tinews.net change their name. tinews.net is not particularly pleased about this, and has, in response, posted this petition.

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Update (Nick): As you may have seen on tinews.net's home page, they are in the process of getting the matter cleared up with TI as we speak. They would like to thank everyone for their continued support during this ordeal.


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Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
Jefferson_Airplane  Account Info
(Web Page)

No, no, no, no, no!!!
This is wrong!!!
TI will have a great deal of angered would-be customers, and will lose alot of business to their competitors. Why are they wanting them to change their domain name? They should perhaps buy the domain name for their own use, or something, or at least compinsate for losses...

     31 August 2000, 15:59 GMT

Re: Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
Samir Ribic  Account Info
(Web Page)

Finally, has Texas Instruments copyright on word TI? It also means Technical Informations, on Serbocroat language means "You", etc. And the site is callet Ti-news, this name is not copyrighted anyway, only they must put disclaimer that this is not official Texas instruments site.

     31 August 2000, 17:13 GMT

Re: Re: Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
Jefferson_Airplane  Account Info
(Web Page)

maybe someone should make a site at tisux.com or something??

     31 August 2000, 22:10 GMT

Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
rabidcow Account Info
(Web Page)

if ti's complaining about the "ti" in their name, all they have to do is move the hyphen.

they could become "tin-ews.net" like when canned food goes bad!

anyways, if they were distributing roms then they brought it on themselves. you want to make it easy for people to get an older version of a rom? provide a mailto:whatever@ti.com?subject=old%20rom etc.

     31 August 2000, 17:24 GMT

Re: Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
Nicholas Bendler  Account Info
(Web Page)

scraft@ti.com is the correct e-mail address for getting older versions of the AMS.

     31 August 2000, 23:22 GMT

Re: Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
JaggedFlame Account Info

I don't think you can e-mail TI for, for example, a TI-86 version 1.2 ROM.

     3 September 2000, 01:06 GMT

Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
Knight/Rocket  Account Info

Two things-
1.) TI can basically do what it wants regarding the use of its files and trademarks. However, there are ways around this. Just take them off and create files that are similar but not copies.
2.) I need help programming the 89 in BASIC! Can anyone give me any advice?

     31 August 2000, 17:27 GMT

Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
Ed Fry  Account Info
(Web Page)

I can see two reasons for the Cease and desist leter handed to tinews.net

1. ROM Images - this was almost guarenteed to happen. Ti does not want emulators (or roms for that matter) to exist online. and they will throw every legal book they have at you to make you take them down once they find out.

2. tinews.net domain - This one is a little harder to understand, but the most likely reason would be the fact that its domain is too similar to tinews.com, which is Texas Instruments primary news site. The Domain could be changed to Ti-net.org, Which tinews has been calling itself for awile now and would probably have no problem, but you never know with Ti.

It's kinda sad that a truly innovative site had to be shut down due to a domain name and a blatent ROM Violation

     31 August 2000, 18:28 GMT

Re: Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
Tim Buckingham  Account Info
(Web Page)

tinews.com just points to ti.com so theres no real point to typing tinews.com when you can just type ti.com :P I WAS going to get ti-net.org but someone just took it. I'd get ti-net.net but it sounds kinda stupid :) The ROM site was all about my work on a module for the library that powers TI-Net (Sp0rkLib). It was my "pet" site that I was playing with. I'm not sure if TI can legally stop me from using tinews.net if I put a disclaimer up saying I'm not affiliated with TI. If any of you out there have a lawyer handy, ask him to look over it for me :)

     31 August 2000, 19:27 GMT

Re: Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
David Phillips  Account Info
(Web Page)

I fail to see how you can claim that TI does not want emulators to exist online. Especially considering the fact that they wrote and released one for the TI-83+ themselves.

     2 September 2000, 14:10 GMT

Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI

As one percieving person said:

Call me cynical, pessimist, whatever, but frankly, my dear, TI doesn't give a damn. This petition will make no difference. Where does TI get their money? 10,000 max people buying $500 apiece, or thousands of schools buying tens of thousands of dollars apeice? And are schools more likely to buy because of websites giving games? While this site doesn't hurt TI, and I support it, I doubt TI will withdraw their complaint.

     31 August 2000, 19:02 GMT

Re: Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Decist Letter by TI
Jeff Meister  Account Info

Sad but true.

- Jeff

     1 September 2000, 11:33 GMT

Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Desist Letter by TI
Grant Elliott  Account Info
(Web Page)

As I recall, TINews had that domain name before TI got their's (www.tinews.com). And all this from a company that has been known to blatently steal the work and/or ideas of programmers since the early days of asm. How sad...

     31 August 2000, 22:06 GMT

Re: Re: tinews.net Given Cease-and-Desist Letter by TI
Daniel Bishop  Account Info
(Web Page)

Could someone please register ticalc.com and ticalc.net before TI does?

     1 September 2000, 05:27 GMT

Come on people!
Shaun  Account Info

I mean I know I am new to this (check my profile=))
but just because TI takes away one toy from you all you start whining like babies. I know TI did something that was kind of stupid but if you realized how these kind of things go over it is relatively obvious that by doing this TI will eventually get guilty and go easier the next time such an event as this occurs.

Remember to take every moment of all you experience as a war general would - ~strategically~.

     31 August 2000, 22:07 GMT

Re: Come on people!
Hummrluvr  Account Info

Shaun, I am new here also, but I don't think you should reply to articles you don't understand. If TI successfully shuts down Ti-news, that opens the door for them to shut down most of the other calc-related sites. That includes ticalc.org, dimesion-ti, and individual software developer sites. That includes my own company, Fusionsoft. If we don't do anything to prevent this, we will either have to go buy HP calcs, or watch TI go down in flames by removing a majority of their customer base. Please read the details of articles before making replies.

     13 September 2000, 22:38 GMT

That sux
~Epyon~  Account Info

Hey Nick I dont think I saw your name on the petition(or maybe I just missed it)Oh well wuteva but if u didnt sign it sign it now,because Ticalc.org may very well be next!(I hope not,I love ure site)

Chris Perkins

     31 August 2000, 23:42 GMT

Off topic a little
B D  Account Info

Is it possible to upload a ROM image into the calculator? I own a 82 with ROM 16 and have a rom file 19. I want to know if it is possible and who knows how. Screw TI. I repeat, in caps, SCREW TI.

     1 September 2000, 00:28 GMT

Re: Off topic a little
~Epyon~  Account Info

only on calcs with a flash rom.82 does not have a flash rom so in ure case no.

     1 September 2000, 00:43 GMT

Re: Re: Off topic a little
B D  Account Info

I know about the Flash ROM stuf. I own a 83+ too. I figured you could reprogram the ROM chip.

     1 September 2000, 03:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Off topic a little
~Epyon~  Account Info

Well u would have to pretty much replace the roms memory area to change it.Kind of hard to do.

     2 September 2000, 01:17 GMT

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