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Harper Maddox Releases Punchout! Demo
Posted by Nick on 25 April 2000, 23:29 GMT

Punchout! DemoHarper Maddox of The Void Productions has created a demo of his upcoming game, Punchout!, for the 83 on SOS. This is one of the better games I've seen for the 83/83+ calculators in a while. If you're unfamiliar with the greatness of Nintendo The Elder's games, Punchout! was a boxing game where you tried to (surprise surprise) knock out your opponent. Strict adherance to the old game's controls, graphics, and opponents has made the on-calc version just as addictive. Try it out!

Also, if you are attending Science Olympiad's state tournament in Illinois this Friday and Saturday, email me post-haste.

Update (Steve): Sam Heald ported Punchout! to the TI-82. You can get it here.

Update's Revenge (Nick): Sam has once again ported Punchout! to the 83 and the 83+ for Ion. Grab these if you've got the itching to.


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Re: Harper Maddox Releases Punchout! Demo
Randy Lara  Account Info

as someone said earlier, zelda takes up alot of memory already, so why couldnt punchout be available for the 83+?

     26 April 2000, 21:51 GMT

Re: Re: Harper Maddox Releases Punchout! Demo
Kouri  Account Info
(Web Page)

The Zelda demo may take up more memory than the Punchout demo, but the bulk of it is graphics and level data. As long as the actual amount of code does not exceed 8k, you're ok. In the full versions of Zelda and Punchout, there will most likely be too much code to do an 83+ version.

     26 April 2000, 22:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Harper Maddox Releases Punchout! Demo
Dan Englender Account Info
(Web Page)

Although the above author explained it more or less correctly I just thought I'd clear this up since there seems to be some confusion still. Due to a security device program code can only be run in the first half of RAM. Once you take out the system stuff, that leaves 8811 bytes for code to execute in. This is actually closer to 9k than it is 8k. If you use Ion libs, the number gets closer to 8k (the exact amount depending on which libs you use). If you feel like waiting for Mirage, then lib use will not matter.

As for program that are larger than 8.8k (ie. Zelda and Lode Runner), the key is that they must only have data (not commands) after the first 8.8k and (assuming you're not using Mirage) the program must not use library routines. I do, however, expect that the final version of Punchout should be able to be run, if not on Ion, at least on Mirage.


     26 April 2000, 23:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Harper Maddox Releases Punchout! Demo
Jay Stone  Account Info

maybe I should know this but what is the above stated "mirage"? If I assume correctly it is an os and if so when will it be released.

     27 April 2000, 02:58 GMT

Re: Harper Maddox Releases Punchout! Demo
MasterVegand  Account Info
(Web Page)

If Harper doesn't mind, i'm going to start an 89 version now. I played around with a boxing game i started, but decided to trash it and start one with all the graphics and gameplay from Super Punchout.

     27 April 2000, 02:34 GMT

Re: Harper Maddox Releases Punchout! Demo
Chris Moultrie  Account Info
(Web Page)

Man, can't wait 'till i get my 83+ back from that lady i lent it to so that she could take a math course...:-P Oh well, guess i'll have to be satisfied with my 89 for the time being...STFII RULES!!! but i'm sure this game does too....

     27 April 2000, 04:51 GMT

Re: Re: Harper Maddox Releases Punchout! Demo
janthrax  Account Info

You actually got SFII to run without crashing?? Please, tell me how you managed this courageous feat?

     28 April 2000, 07:02 GMT

Re: Harper Maddox Releases Punchout! Demo
Will H.

Will this game work emulated on the TI86? I tried to emulate the 82CRASH version and it didn't work, but haven't yet tried to emulate the ION version.

     1 May 2000, 05:55 GMT

A suggestion for the 83+
Jay Stone  Account Info

If you need the flash software to make an 83+ version you could always ask tcpa to help you. They shelled out the dough for the flash software so you might be able to share credit with them if they help.

- just a suggestion because I need this game for my 83+

     1 May 2000, 23:26 GMT

great game harper you have my ultimate respect
Jay Stone  Account Info

Do you have the code already written and you are waiting to add a few other characters or are you still programming the main part of the game.

for the 83+ could you just release the final with out glass Joe that way it would fit on the calclator even with the restrictions??

does anyone know anything about the mario for the 83+??

     4 May 2000, 04:31 GMT
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