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Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Posted by Nick on 15 April 2000, 22:47 GMT

Lotus Turbo Challenge v1.0Uh... go Wildcats. Or something.
With that in mind, I have an obligation to give my mad props to what we in the TI calculator biz would call "God's God": Rusty Wagner has ported the notoriously amazing racing game Lotus Turbo Challenge to the 86. Great work. No visible differences from the original. The original author, Badja, has his home page here.

Jonah Cohen pestered me after TI Extended Operating System (Teos) v1.02 came out, so here I am. Bugfixes and added hardware 2.00/1.00 support comes with this version. This looks like it has a great deal of potential, so keep an eye on it.

Paul Boswell (email address? anyone?) and Elliot Olney have released a clone of Bomberman for the 89. I know this is my third Bomberman reference in just over a week, but hey - it's BOMBERMAN! :)


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Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
michael billiards

i have only one thing to say. when i saw go wildcats, it shouldve led me to UK's website, home of the UK WILDCATS. it didnt. thats just wrong.

     16 April 2000, 01:22 GMT

Re: Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89

What's wrong with Northwestern? The Wildcats rule! :-P

     16 April 2000, 01:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

Absolutely nothing. Just sent my deposit into nwu for next year.

So, go Wildcats :P


     16 April 2000, 05:19 GMT

Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
redhick5  Account Info
(Web Page)

Two things:
1. So when is Lotus going to be ported to TI89? I played it for the 83+ and it is a great game, better than some games for the 89! If you can port it to 89 that would be great, if not, oh well
2. Why is the first bomberman clone that I like the only one that won't be updated again? On my HW2 AMS 2.03 calc the speed is great, and the gameplay is awesome, the only problem is the "contrast." If there was a new release with this fixed then i would climb up a tree backwards......er something

     16 April 2000, 11:04 GMT

Re: Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Reno  Account Info

1. Porting between processors is a tough job, because, basically, you have to rewrite the whole thing. If you want a port between processors, your best bet is to start hitting the M68k assembler books and attempt it yourself.

2. Since the program is closed-source, which is very annoying, there's little to no chance of a fix ever being made on the contrast problem; that is why open-source is how most, if not all, programs should be.

     16 April 2000, 19:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

yes , porting is hard . You have to rewrite everything again , but looking at the z80 code , you can look how the program works , and that can help for the porting(tell me if I'm wrong and it's easier to start over the whole thing )

     16 April 2000, 21:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Reno  Account Info

If the author commented good, you could get an idea on what the code did, and that would probably help the most. Dont hold me to this, though; I've only started programming assembler (z80 that is).

     16 April 2000, 22:26 GMT

Re: Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Amalfi Marini  Account Info

The bomberman you played is not the original slow bomberman , it's a new one from another author . Now , there are 3 bombermanlike games : Bigdyna(from dynablaster) , Bomberboy(the slow) , and Bomberman 89(with the contrast problem) .

     16 April 2000, 21:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Chris Moultrie  Account Info
(Web Page)

so, does that make bigdyna the best? or does the fact that the contrast problem makes Bomberman 89 unplayable for me and that Bomberboy is slow? Which is the best???

     17 April 2000, 17:53 GMT

Paul Boswell email
Blue_Z  Account Info
(Web Page)

Paul Boswell used to have the following email address : pidorkle@hotmail.com. Btw, he's the only author, Elliot Olney being only the releaser.

     16 April 2000, 14:23 GMT

Re: Paul Boswell email
Elliot Olney  Account Info

Thanks for the e-mail address I forgot it.


     17 April 2000, 01:16 GMT

Kenneth Arnold Account Info

Linux on the TI-89/92? Please? Anybody? Maybe a Unix API on top of TEOS? SOMETHING!

     16 April 2000, 21:25 GMT

Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Adam Hoss  Account Info

Whenever I play Bomberman89, the contrast always gets very dark. This has prevented me from playing the game. What am I doing wrong?

     18 April 2000, 21:44 GMT

Bomberman 89
Rgb9000  Account Info

You're doing nothing wrong. Everyone seems to be having the 'contrast bug'. I heard using ams 1.05 might help, but i am unwilling to sacrifice ~300 k flash mem and a lot of advanced math features and flash apps just for 1 game to work. It is a pity, too...this game has no future. The programer stoped programming and is unreachable,there is no source code, AND this is only a Beta. This is the best bomber on the 89 i have seen, making the whole thing a tradgedy to me. Big dyna doesnt work on mine, and bomber boy is huge and ram taking(cant archive it) and slow, so bomb89 is the best i have seen EXCEPT for this one tiny problem. I have found the only thing to do is hold the calculater at an angle, so as to improve the vision a little bit, but the batteries drain too fast running it. I make 1 last appeal to the author, if you read this <APPEALS>: PLEASE release source code! The world will be a better place if you do! This is the best bomber 4 89. ONLY YOU can make it better. Come on, it will only take a second, and once people have the source, we can modify the contrast problem, making this bug history, and adding external levels,new enemies,hiscore table, and many other good things, including a little shrine on ticalc for you.
Thank you.

Appeal to doors team: Put in a guarenteed contrast changer in your next release. If some one hits diamond minus, that WILL make contrast lower, no matter what. While youre at it, you can apply the 2nd-off feature everyone wants. Thank you.

     18 April 2000, 22:50 GMT

Re: Bomberman 89
Ryan Castellucci  Account Info

TI-FR has a version of bomberman without the contrast bug.

     24 April 2000, 01:06 GMT

Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89

My name is AJ and I wrote a shell that will make any program work with any combination of AMS and HW I am still is interested email me and I will give u a copy


     19 April 2000, 16:16 GMT

Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Gatorball7  Account Info

has anyone noticed on the Lotus Turbo that it wont keep track of your best scores after you exit the program and worst of all it wont keep track of what board your on. So you cant exit the program. THAT SUCKS

     20 April 2000, 00:49 GMT

Re: Re: Lotus Turbo Challenge, Teos v1.02, Bomberman 89
Wolf  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes, I have noticed that too, any updates, changes, bugs, or is this the way the game is made to work?

     20 April 2000, 16:03 GMT
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