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ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Posted by Nick & Phil on 1 January 2000, 01:02 GMT

Even though ticalc.org is just three and a half years old itself, we decided - during some of our more boring moments - that we should create a timeline that would predict all the crazy stuff to happen in the future. Without further ado, the staff of ticalc.org presents the next 100 years, and what might happen. :)

2001: ticalc.org releases v4.0 of its layout. Features include an elaborate JavaScript emulator.
2005: ticalc.org releases v5.0 of its layout. Features include calculator purchasing out of Nick Disabato's basement. Missy, Nick's dog, tinkles on the stash of TI-89's. Thousands of dollars lost.
2006: ticalc.org falls back on annoying banner advertisements to generate revenue. approximately $0.82 per month generated.
2010: Magnus Hagander snaps after having run ticalc.org for fourteen years, joins staff of ti-files.org.
2011: Chris becomes CEO of Industrial Light and Magic. CMU overjoyed.
2020: ticalc.org hires its 40th staff member, seven-year-old Andy Selle, Jr.
2021: TI open-sources its calculators. Assembly programmers have the chance of a lifetime. Programs churned out like never before.
2032: ticalc.org releases v6.0 of its layout. Banner ads eliminated after an angry mob storms Park Ridge, IL and burns Nick's house to the ground, taking his formerly for-sale calculators.
2039: Phil Genera grows three heads and approximately eighteen arms after he re-enacts the fake news item "7th Grade Student Overclocks His TI-89 A Bit Too Much." File adding speed increased tenfold. Backlogs are a thing of the past.
2045: Andy Selle retires ticalc.org after fifty years of service, cites not having purchased a calculator for forty-six years as one of the reasons.
2053: Nick finally, after amassing enough money, purchases every available linkable calculator. Nobody seems to care.
2060: Nick refers to the number of news items he has posted in scientific notation.
2062: ticalc.org releases v7.0 of its layout. Nothing's changed except for the minor technicality that http://www.ti.com/calc/ happens to be an exact mirror of ticalc.org and the copyright information is changed.
2065: TI releases the TI-2^34, completely open-sourced. Really, really good programs made. Again.
2071: Sweden swallowed into earth following gout of flame. ticalc.org automated mirror system springs into action, cracking whitehouse.gov and mirroring itself there.
2072: President is irked. Phil Genera, coder of the mirror system, flees to a cave in the Adironacks.
2080: ticalc.org releases v8.0 of its layout in honor of its archives surpassing 100,000 files, 93% of which contain the letters "quad" somewhere in the filename.
2082: TI decides to document the ROM calls on the TI-89. Within twenty-eight seconds, thousands of 8-grayscale assembly programs are submitted to ticalc.org. File archives double in size within the year. All quadform and otherwise redundant programs purged. Nick Disabato celebrates his 100th birthday.
2087: Nick celebrates his 105th birthday by attending his 5,000th rock/techno concert featuring the reunited frozen body of Michael Paradinas of u-Ziq. Total hearing loss achieved.
2091: ticalc.org releases v9.0 of its layout after Microsoft buys out TI (which has owned ticalc.org since 2062). ticalc.org converts to Windows 2090. Daily crashes.
2092: Nick Disabato retires ticalc.org and dotcomma.org. Receives no pension because working at ticalc.org doesn't count as a job you get paid for.
2100: ticalc.org releases v10.0 of its layout. Strapped for material, invents new dating system in which 2100 is really the year 10,000; announces The TI Eon Awards.


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Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Andrew Magness  Account Info
(Web Page)

Haha!!! Thats funny!!

     1 January 2000, 01:20 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
amicek  Account Info
(Web Page)

I don't get the "quad" joke - someone fill me in here plz


     2 January 2000, 01:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Gary Moorhead  Account Info

stands for programs dealing with quadratic formula

     2 January 2000, 02:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
ikecam  Account Info

There are TONS of them, which is especially stupid on later calculators, since they have a built-in polynomial solver.

     2 January 2000, 04:06 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
usaar33  Account Info
(Web Page)

not really quadratic toolbox for 86 is very good, even if the calc has the solver built in, since it tells more, but your right most suck for later calcs...:)

     2 January 2000, 06:29 GMT

Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Matthew Hernandez  Account Info
(Web Page)

I always enjoy a good laugh!
Matt H.

     1 January 2000, 01:37 GMT

Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Bobman  Account Info

/sarcasm/this is not at all realistic!!!/end sarcasm/

     1 January 2000, 01:56 GMT

The Next 100000000000 Years
Rgb9000  Account Info

TI 2000, TI 99+, (NO TI 99)(TI 99 DOES EXIST! IT JUST ISNT A PALM SIZED CALC...) TI 2020, etc. TI 209(ti in numeric)(Which has a petium 7 2050 gigahertz processor and a trilobyte ram and 10 trilobyte flash mem) Asm games now take up approx 100000 bytes apiece, average game life (time of start to time of finish) now 3 years, TI decides AAAs arent the best answer. Cordless power outlets invented, to the delight of everyone. TI merges with intel,merges with Mitro$oft which amasses an army to take over the world, King Gates now sits on throne, he dies and has a shrine the size of Texas in his name. 2 years later technology invented to bring back the dead. Bill is the first to try it out, but it was BETA and disfigured him horribly. Massive worldwide suicide at this news. People jump into the sea and drink toxic cool aid. Programmers electricute themselves. Soon we go back to the stone age. Then 6500000000000 years later, a man named bill gates is born again... But soon the sun dies and earth is a cold world, good thing we relocated to 65% of all inhabitable planets back in 5087.

Then again, maybe not.
Ronnie B

     1 January 2000, 02:17 GMT

Re: The Next 100000000000 Years
Nathan Haines  Account Info
(Web Page)

Not 'trilobyte." That's an ancient, primeval anthropod. You mean "terabyte." ;)

     1 January 2000, 02:40 GMT

Re: The Next 100000000000 Years
zorkon00  Account Info

ok its seem someone has a we little to much time on there hands and a little stash of "herbs"

     1 January 2000, 05:28 GMT

Re: Re: The Next 100000000000 Years
Andrew Coleman  Account Info

what? herb? where? why wasn't i invited to the party?

     3 January 2000, 02:31 GMT

zet pertee eneemel
KAKE  Account Info
(Web Page)

you were...you were just too stoned to pick up the phone. it's you're own fault, buddy.

IP "...the hell with the brain...we're looking at total sexual rejection here!"

     4 January 2000, 20:06 GMT

Re: zet pertee eneemel
Andrew Coleman  Account Info

heh heh heh, i wasn't stoned, i was studying a black hole, thinking of how many super strings could _possibly_ construct such a monstrous phenomenon, when all of the sudden, i find myself staring at ticalc.org, wondering where the hell the party was. then there was a fuzzy thought of something to do with a 92+ and food, i'm still not sure on that one... no drugs... (:^)

     6 January 2000, 01:23 GMT

Re: The Next 100000000000 Years
AuroraBoriales  Account Info

I got a TI-99, it's REALLY old, and i'm just about to scrap it for it's components. But really, why would you think TI's gonna bring back a "computer" in the form of a calculator? It just won't make the cut.. Besides, the TI series is kinda weird... Anything below "70" is a scientific calculator, and everything above "100" is either a pritinting or standard 5 function calculator. That leaves only 30 spaces for graphing calcs. They could make another TI-7X that's better than the 73, or bring out a TI-84, easing the jump between the 83 and the 85 a little more... Hmmm..

     3 January 2000, 04:28 GMT

Re: Re: The Next 100000000000 Years
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

I'm personally waiting for the TI-88: All the functions of the 89, 68K based system, with no flash apps. :)


     3 January 2000, 14:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: The Next 100000000000 Years
Samir Ribic  Account Info
(Web Page)

TI-88 existed! It was built in year 1982 as successor of popular TI59. As I remember it was first TI calculator with alphanumeric display and when you turned it on it asked "May I help you", you answered with Yes and started to use it.
First experiences with it were horrible as many calculators failed work only a few days after purchase.
Combined with bad software production (no Internet in that time, calculator magazines were only sources of programs), this caused that TI-88 was redrawn from production only 4 months after introduce!

     4 January 2000, 10:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: RThe Next 100000000000 Years
chrispriest  Account Info

I have a TI-99, it is really called the TI-99/A. I bieleve the TI-95 and TI-74 need to be rereleased.

     3 January 2000, 23:51 GMT

Re: Re: The Next 100000000000 Years
PolarSmurf Account Info
(Web Page)

if memory serves me right, there was a ti84, released only in germany and was discontinued right away.

     4 January 2000, 04:17 GMT

Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Sean Barnes  Account Info

This is really funny.
Too bad TI won't go open source sooner ;)

Only five and a half hours until 2000 in Mountain time. (Colorado)

     1 January 2000, 02:35 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Josh Storz  Account Info

7 hours on the west coast... pacific time! wohoo! this is pretty great... i wonder if ticalc will be around for even ten years more. by then, ti will be making supercomputers smaller than calculators, and the name will have to be changed. oh well, happy new year!!!

     1 January 2000, 02:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Ig0r  Account Info

Compared to computers a few decades ago, TI *is* making portable supercomputers :)

     1 January 2000, 07:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Niten  Account Info
(Web Page)

And a heck of a lot smaller than those old calculators...

     2 January 2000, 04:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
AuroraBoriales  Account Info

This brings up an intresting thought... In the Guiness book of world records, there was an record of 'biggest test for a yes or no answer' i think the topic was the cray 2 supercomputer took about 6 days to figure out weather something like 5^18713890125+1 was a prime number, and it wasn't.
My TI-89 figured it out in less than 1 second.. How pathetic.

     3 January 2000, 04:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

Overflow, my friend.


     3 January 2000, 23:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
AuroraBoriales  Account Info

Hey, i wasn't kidding.. Are you sure you have HW 1 and AMS ver 2.03?

     4 January 2000, 03:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Nick Disabato  Account Info
(Web Page)

HW1, AMS v1.00.
I can run everything on my calculator and still do math within the bounds of sanity. ;)


     4 January 2000, 04:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Mannyyy  Account Info
(Web Page)

I get infinity... the highest power of 5 I could get on my 92+ was 879 without scientific notation: (5^879+1) the answer is 496 208 051 664 804 783 733 185 591 647 624 875 3...wow nevermind lol. the last 4 numbers are 626 though.


     7 January 2000, 05:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ticalc.org: The Next 100 Years
Mannyyy  Account Info
(Web Page)

whoops I made a mistake... I mean 5^878+1

     7 January 2000, 05:07 GMT

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