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Matt Teiken Releases The Next Dimension v1.5
Posted by Nick on 12 December 1999, 20:22 GMT

The Next Dimension v1.5Matt Teiken has released The Next Dimension v1.5. This TI-89 game is an interesting side-scroller featuring grayscale, a great plot, and oxygen tanks you have to pick up to stay alive. It's very challenging!

Also note that TND v1.5 almost certainly won't work on AMS v2.03. The game itself is about 32KB and it also features grayscale.


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Re: Matt Teiken Releases The Next Dimension v1.5
Mike Mansell  Account Info
(Web Page)

Great Game, now if it would only work on AMS 2.03. Oh well I guess, I will just have to wait.

     13 December 1999, 01:29 GMT

Re: Matt Teiken Releases The Next Dimension v1.5
Wells Sample  Account Info
(Web Page)

Does this whole ASM 2.0x thing kinda remind anybody of the Y2K bug situation? just a thought

     13 December 1999, 04:47 GMT

Re: Re: Matt Teiken Releases The Next Dimension v1.5
h4X0r  Account Info
(Web Page)

Nope. Y2k is all hype... Nevermind it does.

     13 December 1999, 07:06 GMT

Re: Re: Matt Teiken Releases The Next Dimension v1.5
Brian Sipos  Account Info

Not a bug, a design flaw :)

     13 December 1999, 22:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Matt Teiken Releases The Next Dimension v1.5
Sir_Toby  Account Info
(Web Page)

hehehe, yeah... I thought of that too... as the year 2000 rolls around, most people are all worried about the Y2K bug, which has the potential to destroy civilization as we know it!!! (not really) On the other hand, the TI89 calculator gamers are all worried about the v2.03 bug, which has the potential to *gasp* destroy calculator gaming as we know it! Aaaaaah!


     13 December 1999, 22:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Matt Teiken Releases The Next Dimension v1.5
programmer066  Account Info
(Web Page)

The year 2000 isn't even really the new millenium/century/decade yet. Think about it. Is 0 in the units? A.D. means amno domini or something like that. It means "in the year of our lord" (That's why time is measured from Christ's birth). So the 1st year of his life was the first year of the decade/century/millenium. Did someone detect a '1' in there?


P.S. That was all pointless because Y2K is (Y)2000 (k means thousand for any computer idiot. Just think of kilometers, kilograms, etc. All 1000 of the root word [meter, gram])

P.P.S. This all just babbling. So good night to all. Elvis has left the Building.

P.P.P.S. Does anyone know if HTML tags work in these <B>posts</B>? That was a test (<-).

P.P.P.P.S. (Same as P.P.S.)

     15 December 1999, 06:47 GMT

KAKE  Account Info
(Web Page)

[off topic gripe]

this morning i was surfing around after doing a bit of homework on my mac classic in my bedroom where it was warm because of my foresight to place a heater in the room 3 hours before i started working. anyway. i was surfing around and everything was okay other than that images will not display (macweb v.something dot something dot something or something or other) and if you try to change the preferences the program crashes. other than that, all was peachy.

and then i decide to check out what's new at ticalc.org. yeah, this site. and i run into a slight <snag>. it's all screwed up. yup, my good ol` classic can't handle tables. and it DEFINITELY can't handle no fancy javascript onMouseOver()'s. okay. so i can live with it. i guess (it looks crappy, but hey). it also loads hella slow. hello ticalc staff, but not everyone has dual oc-192's, okay? so i decide to comment on an article. i log in (hey! forms work. i'm amazed), but then this page, the actual comment page comes out looking like a...a...i dunno. no text box. no nothing. oooo. bad. very bad.

as this is so off topic already i'll comment on finals.

finals suck. hard. harder than most...er...scratch that.

and you know that part in the posting rules? the part that says, "Don't use language you wouldn't hear on U.S. network television."? well, have i got a revelation for you! there is now only *1* word that is not heard on network television. you still can't say the 'f' word. howEVER...

you *can* hear the following english words on the boob tube:

damn | hell | ass | and now shit.

that's right. the 'taboo'ed' 's' word is now legal tender on networks. please note that other words, such as various terms for male and female sex organs are vulgar and offensive, so kindly don't use them.

now ask yourself why the hell you read this. good night and a merry gray background to us all!

IP "aha! it *is* incurable!"

     13 December 1999, 08:41 GMT

Re: otg
James abba shalaka Rubingh  Account Info
(Web Page)

ha finals are a snap. I go to a college for slow and poor people. I'm getting 112% in my gov class and i can get a 34% and still get a straight A on the exam.

since we're off topic, i might as well add...

hell | Ass | damn | shite!

     13 December 1999, 09:05 GMT

more otg
KAKE  Account Info
(Web Page)

acutally, we *can* say the 'f' word as sonny bono said it on tv.

admittedly it was live during the grammy's, but still...

IP "what, was that supposed to mean something to me?"

     13 December 1999, 09:07 GMT

Re: more otg
Aaron Riekenberg  Account Info

This is incredibly far off topic, but I feel the need to inform you that Sonny Bono is not the one who said the "f word" during the grammys. That was Bono, the lead singer for U2. Sonny Bono was half of Sonny and Cher during the 60's and 70's and was killed in a skiing accident fairly recently.

     13 December 1999, 16:48 GMT

stupid me
KAKE  Account Info
(Web Page)

*doh* sorry. yup.

i'll make the excuse that i was most likely fairly drunk at the time as i don't remember actually writing that. so, thanks for the correction.

IP "wtf does this 'ip' thing mean anyway?"

     14 December 1999, 01:28 GMT
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