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Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
Posted by Nick on 10 November 1999, 16:45 GMT

Ben Mickle released a wonderful utility for the 86 recently called Zip86. It's used for compressing both assembly and basic programs on the calculator so you can fit more on. After they're compressed, you can run them like you would run any normal program. For those of you who don't understand the value of this, the 86's large amount of memory is effectively made much, much larger with the use of this program :).


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Re: Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
Chris Fazio  Account Info

Now can someone tell me if there is a compressor for the 89? i can't find one, and i would appreciate it if someone would tell me where to find it.

     12 November 1999, 21:29 GMT

Re: Re: Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
DWedit  Account Info
(Web Page)

DoorsOS has one built in, just look on one of the menus.

     12 November 1999, 22:49 GMT

Re: Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
S67  Account Info
(Web Page)

I think the reason this is a newsworthy program, and not something similar for the 89 is because people expect more of a better calculator. I don't rember a news item about the first greyscale program for the 89. or even 8 level pictures, but mario greyscale for the 86 was BIG news.

     13 November 1999, 16:48 GMT

Re: Re: Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
h4X0r  Account Info
(Web Page)

The only reason it was "big news" is that ticalc.org is biased against certain calcs.

     13 November 1999, 17:13 GMT

Re: Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
Chris Fazio  Account Info

Now we need a compressor for the 89!

     13 November 1999, 18:10 GMT

Re: Re: Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
h4X0r  Account Info
(Web Page)

"Please honor the following guidelines when posting comments:

Do not use HTML tags in comment text."

Anyways, the TI-89 has a compressor, its called "Ziper" and it works with DoorsOS with ziplib.

     13 November 1999, 18:36 GMT

what's going on
usaar33  Account Info

this same news item has been up at the top for several days and new files are still for Thursday, when it's already Saturday!!!

Nick, something wrong?

     13 November 1999, 18:52 GMT

Re: what's going on
Reno  Account Info

yeah, its already saturday and there hasn't been an update...

     13 November 1999, 19:49 GMT

Re: Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
mainframe55 Account Info

¿Quién quiere escribir en español para el programa de la calculadora?

(Yes, that IS completely correct spanish. :-P )

     15 November 1999, 03:15 GMT

Re: Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
L_Kishyak  Account Info
(Web Page)

Would someone like to help me port this to the 83+?
email me...
ps: where can I get the needed libraries for sos?

     17 November 1999, 17:14 GMT

Re: Ben Mickle Releases Zip86
justin hibbits  Account Info
(Web Page)

Does anyone know how Lite86 compresses files. What is the compression scheme? I am working on a compression shell for the 86, and right now it only works with programs w/o program writeback. I am going to impliment 85 emulation, and if I can get the compression scheme, I will make 85 compression too!!

     17 November 1999, 17:14 GMT
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