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Zelda Souls by Linkwebmaster
Posted by Travis on 19 January 2016, 19:02 GMT

Last month, “Linkwebmaster”, author of Nspire Lua games SimCitx and Call of CX, let us know about Zelda Souls. While it looks superficially similar to Nintendo's classic The Legend of Zelda, it has a twist: You start with half a heart, no sword, and a bow and arrow. Yes, just one arrow. Oh yeah, and did I mention that there's a time limit? You might think of it a being a bit like a Legend of Zelda equivalent of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. If you consider yourself a master of Legend of Zelda and the second quest is no longer enough of a challenge for you, then Zelda Souls might be your next destined quest.

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Re: Zelda Souls by Linkwebmaster
DJ_Omnimaga Account Info
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THat seems fun and challenging, although a little slow on-calc. But I'm glad that the author made it OS 3.6-compatible. Most of his other games required OS 3.9 or higher, which take a lot of space.

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