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News catchup, part 2
Posted by Travis on 23 October 2015, 21:14 GMT

Continuing with my better-late-than-never news campaign, we have several programs released last spring:

Fractal lovers with an Nspire should check out Jens Kolbinger's Fractal Zoomer. Explore beautiful, full-color fractals, choose from different color palettes, and on later OS versions, even input your own fractal functions.

For arcade die-hards, MateoConLechuga released The World's Hardest Game, a full TI-83+/84+ port. Collect the white pieces, avoid the black ones, and reach the goal. Play through thirty levels, and then create your own. Have an color model 84+ instead? Try Portal Returns for the CE or the CSE. This Portal clone has 78 puzzles and a level editor.

Meanwhile, ‘gameblabla’ has been busy porting loads of SDL programs to the Nspire, including console emulators and games.

It didn't take long after the brand-new TI-84 Plus CE appeared on store shelves for the first games to show up for that calculator. Pac-Man, also by Mateo, looks and plays remarkably like the original. The famous “Zen Simulation” Robot Finds Kitten, originally written by Leonard Richardson, received a port by Ander D'nar (which is also available for the 83+/84+ and 84+CSE). It's a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack, but for some reason it looks a lot more fun. The README and TI community references are a nice touch in this version. The only thing I can say would… HEY WAIT, IS THAT A KITTEN?!
*runs off without finishing the article*

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