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Online Graphing Calculator
Posted by Michael on 7 January 2007, 17:22 GMT

Our very own editor-in-chief Magnus has found an interesting website called FooPlot. FooPlot is an online graphing calculator that provides basic graphing functionality. It provides a user interface style similar to that of Google Maps, allowing for the graph to be dragged and zoomed in upon.

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Re: Online Graphing Calculator
Alex Madden Account Info

This is cool but... a good old 89 will always be my preferance

Reply to this comment    13 February 2007, 00:12 GMT

Re: Online Graphing Calculator
Andrew Schweikert  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have a nice graphing calculator on my website at http://www.mathassignment.com/calc.php. If you need one please view my site.

Reply to this comment    2 March 2007, 23:14 GMT

Re: Online Graphing Calculator
Roy W. Account Info

I once built a fairly good conic section grapher in flash. It wouldn't graph the general form, just the parabola, ellipse and hyperbola standard forms separately. Saves the bother of solving for Y before graphing, though obviously it's not too hard to sketch a graph given the standard form.

It was functionally rather simple but did look good and got me good marks as a "creative project" assignment. My goal was to figure out a function to graph conic sections given only the plane's angle with respect to the cone; never did though.

Reply to this comment    5 April 2007, 06:20 GMT
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