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New search engine
Posted by Magnus on 21 March 2004, 12:28 GMT

Our new search engine, announced back when we migrated to the new server, is now finally up. This means you are no longer sent over to Google for all web searches on our site. It also means that you can once again specify which areas of the site you want to search (using Custom search).

For the technically interested, this search engine is based on the tsearch2 package from postgresql, which provides full text indexing with relevance ranking. Since it's included in the database, it integrates very efficiently with the other database parts of our site.

Now that you're done reading this, go rate some files! (1314 votes on 896 programs so far - get to work!)

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Other Sites Update
nicklaszlo Account Info
(Web Page)

The site I just submited turns up in a search, but it is not listed as a new site... I know it says to wait several hours, but if it's already in the database, I thought the new sites system might be broken by the updates.

Reply to this comment    26 March 2004, 02:47 GMT

Re: Other Sites Update
nicklaszlo Account Info
(Web Page)

Works now. I still don't understand why it was listed in the database before it was listed as a new site.

Reply to this comment    26 March 2004, 22:08 GMT

Re: New search engine
nicklaszlo Account Info
(Web Page)

could the site search allow listing of all sites in a certain category, such as UNIX? I understand that a large section like Games might be subject to abuse if it was entirely listed, but small categories should not have that problem. Also, if implemented properly, a listing would help sites in the database get indexed by google, etc.

Reply to this comment    26 March 2004, 22:02 GMT

Re: New search engine
Lewk  Account Info

[This comment has been removed by the editors due to contents supporting the "Google" search engine]

Reply to this comment    31 March 2004, 01:46 GMT

Re: New search engine
princetonlion Account Info

I really wish the Cemetech one could work on mine. It doesn't know the URL that was provided in a forum post on Cemetech.

Reply to this comment    29 April 2014, 20:27 GMT
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