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More New Features: Featured Programs
Posted by Nick on 30 October 1999, 00:35 GMT

We have yet another exciting feature at ticalc.org! Every time our archiving staff comes across a program of merit, it's added to ticalc.org's Featured Programs. Every month, the featured program list will become the nomination list for the Program of the Month (POTM) and that month's POTM winners will be voted on by our users from the list. Featured programs also have a new color for the fileinfo icon (). As you can probably see in the recent updates list, six programs have been selected by us to be the first featured programs. This month, POTM will be selected the old way, but starting at the end of next month, the POTM will be determined by the method mentioned above. This ensures that no program will be accidentally selected twice for POTM, and it also ensures that TI-BASIC programs will be better represented. If you feel that we missed a program, or you have any questions or comments regarding the featured programs, please email featprog@ticalc.org.


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Re: More New Features: Featured Programs
deuist Account Info

Wow, only two of those featured programms on the start page don't suck

     31 October 1999, 01:45 GMT
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