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Tinux by Olivier Borowski
Posted by Nick on 23 October 1999, 20:37 GMT

Aaron Chernosky provided me with a link to a page carrying a shell that I (and it seems like everyone else) never knew existed before (though it was apparently updated in August): Tinux. As you can see from the screenshot, it looks pretty neat; this assembly shell for the 86 has a lot of great features. This program was created by Olivier Borowski, and sadly, the entire program (source, text and everything else) is in French. English port, anyone? :)

Completely Unrelated Update (Nick): Today, we once again broke the weekly request record with 1,638,602 page requests for the week of October 17. The previous record was set last week, October 10, with 1,623,549 requests - about 15,000 less. Yay.


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Off Topic: ticalc.org records
Harper Maddox  Account Info
(Web Page)

I completely agree with Bryan on this one. I can access the site statistics by clicking on two links. Its fine and dandy if you want to record a milestone (ie. when ticalc.org gets 10,000 files), but I dont want to see that the record was broken every week just because there are more Ti-groupies on the net.


     24 October 1999, 20:24 GMT

Re: Tinux by Olivier Borowski
Kakarott  Account Info

What is this program for again?

     24 October 1999, 23:37 GMT

Re: Re: Tinux by Olivier Borowski
Erich Oelschlegel  Account Info
(Web Page)

Back to the subject... LOL :)


     24 October 1999, 23:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Tinux by Olivier Borowski
Sir_Toby  Account Info
(Web Page)

...and with the posting of the unrelated statistics update, we broke two more records: "Most Non-Moderated Posts Unrelated to the Main Topic of the News Item" and "Most GB Transferred of Brian Rabeler's Posts."


     25 October 1999, 03:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Tinux by Olivier Borowski
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

Gee, it would be nice if you could at least spell my name right. :)

     25 October 1999, 04:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tinux by Olivier Borowski
(Web Page)

Shut up!!!! :) j/k

     27 October 1999, 04:57 GMT

Re: Tinux by Olivier Borowski
Ciaran McCreesh  Account Info
(Web Page)

I speak some French ----- I'll have a go at translating it. It looks quite cool, even if it is huge.

--~~@@ Keesh @@~~--

     25 October 1999, 19:17 GMT

Re: Re: Tinux by Olivier Borowski
Clem  Account Info
(Web Page)

Email me if you need help... I'm french, and I speak english :)

     26 October 1999, 18:55 GMT

Need Help
TheTick Account Info

I could use a little help. I take french, but we don't have anything over Technological Terms (People wear Polyester in our books). My major problem is that when I execute the program, the mouse cursor goes straight to the bottom (like an uncalibrated joystick). When I open a window, the program goes into seizures.

What the hell's going on?!?

     27 October 1999, 21:52 GMT

BaSe-2-oP  Account Info
(Web Page)

It seems that the MENU/Raccourcis doesn't work correctly on my calc. For those who speak french what does "Raccourcis" mean? Am I the only one I am having problems with this. By the by, this shell is great!!

     27 October 1999, 18:31 GMT

Re: Tinux
SugrAddct  Account Info

I don't know French either, how bout someone out there (who isn't trying to translate the code) translate the menu items and such so that the rest of us who don't speak it can have some idea what the menus mean?

     28 October 1999, 00:12 GMT

Re: Tinux
BaSe-2-oP  Account Info
(Web Page)

Accourding to the "babelfish" (Anyone read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?") "Raccourcis" means "Short Cut." However, I'm still having trouble getting it to work, it continues to crash, why? Is there anyway to use the "File Manager" to create shortcuts to the "Raccourcis" menu? If so how? I translated the documentation to english, but it didn't quite answer my question. Is everyone else having the same problems as I?

(Side Note: The Raycasting engine rules; Get Maze 3D - TI-86 developement seems to be "booming" lately.)

     28 October 1999, 01:12 GMT

Re: Tinux Sucks??
da86guy Account Info
(Web Page)

1. Start config screen, mouse moves slowly, then goes to bottom. If you try to move up, it takes forever.
2. Shortcuts crash

I quit using it because it crashed my 86.

btw, i'm new to the news posting thingy; what does "LOL" mean (w/o the quotes)?

     5 November 1999, 03:09 GMT

Re: Re: Tinux Sucks??
Liensun RAGUS  Account Info

Hi, I'm French, I discovered Tinux one month ago...
If there is a really need for the source translation, I can do it, please e-mail me if you want.
The program is pretty big, the author worked on it during one year. The result is a very interesting shell, at the beginning he planned to implement a little command line, it was too hard to do. He also wants to port it to every TI calc.
When a bug occurs, the program normally returns to the TI-OS and returns an error code. Great, no ?

In my opinion it is the best shell, it offers a complete graphic interface and the author is working on the way to reduce the program size (it is possible).

Me: I'm a new assembly programmer (TI-86) and actually I am working on a shell (a fusion of Tinux and Zap-2000).


     12 December 1999, 02:24 GMT
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