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Space Shooters Updated - Phoenix, SolarStriker
Posted by Nick on 23 October 1999, 02:44 GMT

Two programs, both space shooters, have been recently updated.

Phoenix v3.5 has been updated (see screenshot). This version includes compatibility with AMS v1.05 and it fixes some display problems on the 89. Get it for the 89, 92 and 92 Plus.

SolarStriker v0.12 Alpha has been updated to fix a major bug. A "light" version was also released for the 92 and 92 Plus. You can grab it for the 89, 92 and 92 Plus.

One final note - thanks a ton to Vejita for helping me out a bit in getting this up. ;)

Update (Nick): We recently updated the version of Phoenix to v3.6 in our archives. This fixes another minor bug.

Update (Nick): Not an hour after the release of v3.6, Patrick figured out how to fix a major bug and released a new version. v3.7 is now out. Sorry for the confusion. :)

Sources: Dimension-TI and Vejita


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Killer Kernals
mysteryegg  Account Info
(Web Page)

Why is it that even after using the uninstall programs for 89 kernals, my calc still is unable to compute certain approximate functions, like sin(x) or i?

     24 October 1999, 19:50 GMT

Re: Space Shooters Updated - Phoenix, SolarStriker
Brandon Hoffman  Account Info
(Web Page)

Phoenix 3.9 is out at pad.calc.org

     25 October 1999, 20:36 GMT

Re: Re: Space Shooters Updated - Phoenix, SolarStriker
don tom  Account Info

Does anyone know where to get the EE*Pro software for the ti89 for free?

     25 October 1999, 21:42 GMT

Re: Re: Space Shooters Updated - Phoenix, SolarStriker
JuPIDeR  Account Info
(Web Page)

OK. I give up. I got Phoenix v3.9 and it states that it is compatibe with AMS 1.05 for 92+ (which is what I have), but it also states that it requires PlusShell or DoorsOS, which doesn't work with AMS 1.05. How am I supposed to run the game!? I've been to the PlusShell webpage and it clearly states it doesn't work with 1.05 and DoorsOS apparantly hasn't been updated in a year so I don't see how it would be compatible. And running "phoenix()" on the home screen doesn't work. What am I to do? (P.S. Does anyone play around with the TI-81 anymore?)

     28 October 1999, 03:30 GMT
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