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TCPA and Block Dude, Laser Mayhem, Solytare
Posted by Nick on 18 October 1999, 23:34 GMT

TCPA, purveyor of fine calculator software for the past, uh, some amount of time, has released yet more exciting programs this week.

Laser Mayhem v1.1 has been released for the 83 and 83 Plus under - surprise surprise - Ion. This game, as shown in the screenshot, is an elaborate puzzle game involving a myriad(!) of tricks and surprises.

Solytare v2.11, ported to the 83 by TCPA, is an assembly-coded solitaire game. It is not available for the 83 Plus due to Ahmed's decision that it only be made for the 83, according to the readme.

Block Dude v1.0 is the exciting puzzle game recently made for the 83 and 83 Plus. It is ported to the 82 and 86. In this game, you have to assemble blocks in a way such that you reach an exit door.

Thanks to TCPA for all their great contributions to the TI community so far, and let's hope they keep coming out with such high-quality in the programs in the future.


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Re: TCPA and Block Dude, Laser Mayhem, Solytare
ticalc_chris Account Info
(Web Page)

I just toasted a rather uncouth comment that had drawn a bunch of replies, many of which were not without merit. If you were one of the victims, I apologize, and don't take it personally -- the parent comment should have been removed earlier.


     19 October 1999, 05:11 GMT

Re: Re: TCPA and Block Dude, Laser Mayhem, Solytare
Bryan Rabeler  Account Info
(Web Page)

Gee.. uh.. thanks.

Moderation strikes again.

     19 October 1999, 05:28 GMT

Re: TCPA and Block Dude, Laser Mayhem, Solytare
AgntM13 Account Info

Programming for assembly is hard, and we should show respect. Programmers are doing this for fun, so we should not push them to make qotas. However, reporting a bug or giving suggestions should not make them flip out. They rely on that to help them program, so they shouldn't complian. It is there fault if they are repeatedly told about a bug, and don't let people kow they already know about. If you have ever flamed a programmer, try an apologize. Hopefully then they will program again. Don't let a few morons ruin it for the rest of us.

     19 October 1999, 05:28 GMT

Re: TCPA and Block Dude, Laser Mayhem, Solytare
Jorge Tellez  Account Info

If you look through all the discussions about the +, you will see "beasty" posting a large majority of the port requests. Go to the tcpa boards, and sure enough, he's there too. Even though he gets flammed by tons of people, he still persists.

Maybe the programmers' resignitions from + programming will be a wake up call to people out there like "beasty" who don't seem to care. Just writing a hello world code took me 10 mins. I can't imagine the amount of time it takes for tetris, etc.

Jorge Tellez

     19 October 1999, 10:03 GMT
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