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June 1999 POTM Results
Posted by Andy on 17 July 1999, 05:54 GMT

Votes tabulated at Sat Jul 17 03:45:40 1999

Short DescriptionVotesPercent
* CrASH v1.621 67.74%
Mega Man 82 - ASM9 29.03%
TxtView1 3.23%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Hard Hat Mack Part 25 13.51%
Mega Man 83 - ASM5 13.51%
* SOS v2.027 72.97%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Diamonds v0.98 26.67%
* The Legend of Zelda Demo v.52.711 36.67%
* [Usgard 1.5+] Yoshi v1.011 36.67%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Diamonds v1.2 with Level Editor12 33.33%
FallDown Forever v1.18 22.22%
* Tetris Attack v1.116 44.44%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Pokemon 92+5 11.11%
Prosit - Graphical Multitasking OS8 17.78%
* Super Mario Quest v1.0.132 71.11%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Advising Numbers v2.42 8.33%
* Columns v0.622 91.67%
Computer Utilities
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
* Assembly Studio 86 v3.134 82.93%
EmuPlug for Assembly Studio2 4.88%
Sndlib Program v0.155 12.20%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Arcade0 0.00%
Checkers0 0.00%
Global Thermal-Nuclear Warfare6 18.75%
LifeGame2 6.25%
Nibbles1 3.12%
Scorched Earth v2.426 18.75%
SimCity 1999 v0.24 12.50%
Stratego v1.72 6.25%
* TI-89 Hearts11 34.38%

* Denotes Winner


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Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Dan weiss

I think that for TI BASIC they should nominate 2 for each calc.

     17 July 1999, 06:22 GMT

Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results

I think Prosit should have won the 89 category, but we cannot have it all.........

     17 July 1999, 07:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
(Web Page)

No shit dude! If only those stupid gamers would realise how much more of an accomplishment Prosit is!! I really think _all_ of the major TI sites should have put something about this multitasking OS/Shell, whatever you want to call it.

It deserves more than mine and 7 other comrade's votes.

-Miles Raymond

     17 July 1999, 09:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results

Um, I've briefly used Prosit, but I wanted to know if it ran ASM or Basic programs. It probably says it in the readme but I'm too lazy to open that now.

Peace out.

     17 July 1999, 10:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results

I tried Prosit, but all it did was crash the hell out of my calc. I still don't even know what it can do.

     17 July 1999, 15:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
(Web Page)

It didn't take very well to my emulator either so I just use doors for now on both my calc and emu. *sigh*


     17 July 1999, 15:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results

prosit works very well in its last version
It is a fabulous invention this multitasking os!
It make me think that my ti is more like an computer!
For developpement it is not easy to learn but it works!(visit prosit homepage http://c625.sparta.lu.se/ to learn)
At the first time it was very buggy but now it works well and i havent seen it bug in the last week, on my ti89 as well on my ti92+. Test the torus prog which is wonderful (it works for 89 and 92+).
I think this shell is going to be great!
It may not work well (?) with the emulator.
I cant figure out why!(doors shift+on start doesnt work also most of the time).

     17 July 1999, 19:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results

I checked out prosit. i can't understand why anyone would try to imitate windows 95/98 on a calculator. (i'm no fan of the windows interface anyway. i like the mac interface better.However, this is beside the point)

the windows (or mac for that matter) interface is not appropriate for a device with such limited screen space.

the palm interface or even ti's interface is more appropriate for a calculator environment.

these types of interfaces work faster when you dont have a mouse.

     21 July 1999, 16:14 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results

Prosit is made for entertainement!
It is a good shell and is not too small on a TI92+ screen!

     31 July 1999, 23:17 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
(Web Page)

Thanks! =o)

To everyone who has trouble running v0.64 on VTi: You must use DoorsOS final beta *1* and a *real* ROM dump... if you do, and the bugs remain, please contact me.

     17 July 1999, 21:25 GMT

Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

Please. It is obvious that Prosit did *not* win in the 89 category. Not even a close vote. Obviously you supported it, but nowhere near the majority did. The outcome is here, so please don't complain, you already expressed your opinions by voting.

     18 July 1999, 00:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results

I would like to hope that this post was made by someone using Kirk's name, instead of by Kirk himself. Otherwise, I have now lost the respect I had for him, and indirectly for ticalc.org, who Kirk as a staff member represents in any of his posts. HIs line "You already expressed your opinions by voting" is absurd. Kirk, if this is the case, then why is it that you even have a comments link for this?!
I can tell this post will be deleted, since it is obviously a post that kirk won't like, and with his obvious disapproval to free speech, he'll try to erase it. But at least from the tone of this post reveals that he obviously disapproves of our right to free speech.

     18 July 1999, 16:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Jonah Cohen
(Web Page)

You are grossly misinterpreting what Kirk was saying. He doesn't oppose people posting comments expressing their opinions. What he was saying was that people shouldn't complain about the outcome of a ballot when everybody had an opportunity to vote.
Clearly, SMQ was more popular than Prosit, and that's why it won. You're welcome to say "I think Prosit is better than SMQ, and it's a shame that it lost." However, you're NOT entitled to complain "Prosit should've won. It's much better than SMQ, and this whole voting thing is dumb."
That's the kind of stuff that isn't appropriate.
Ticalc.org has listened to all sorts of complaints and has made the voting system extremely fair. Simply put: what won, should have.

     18 July 1999, 17:25 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

Exactly. If you want to say "it's too bad Prosit didn't win" then you're welcome to that. I tried Prosit last night, and it's pretty cool I must say. The first real multitasking/windowing OS for a TI calculator, as far as I know. But in voting, it has two strikes against it: first, there's basically no progs for it, and second, it's not a game. What I really don't have a need for however is to hear "Prosit is the best and it should have won". Obviously not enough people held that opinion, and the vote is already done, nothing can be done about it.

     18 July 1999, 19:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results

I'm sorry. I overreacted a bit. Please forgive me, I didn't look at it in the way you mentioned. However, I do have one thing to add. You say that it's at a disadvantage because it's not a game. In this case, (and I'm not sayign this as a prosit fan) why not make a section in the voting for misc programs? This'll give non-games a chance

     19 July 1999, 04:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Tip DS

If you don't have enough pride in your comments to put your name on them, why waste your time posting and our time reading? Just leave them off. Of course, you are free to put whatever you want, but...

Tip DS

     18 July 1999, 19:21 GMT

June 1999 POTM Results
Rob Smith

well, i see i got 5 votes for sndlib and 1 of them was mine so i would think that it worked for some people, if so, did you like it or what?

     17 July 1999, 14:46 GMT

Re: June 1999 POTM Results
(Web Page)


     17 July 1999, 19:21 GMT

Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Miquel Burns

I wish they could show what calc the BASIC games were for if it's not part of the name.
The winner is the only one that does that only because that's the name.

     17 July 1999, 19:34 GMT

Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Tip DS

Here here good chap. I couldn't agree with you more. That would be quite the handy feature, I must say. Good going old boy!

Tip DS

     18 July 1999, 19:22 GMT

Abraham Kim
(Web Page)

When you list the games or programs on this page, you should also link it to the files, to make it easier for me and maybe for others. Sometimes its not easy looking here for the best prog then going back to the programs page to look for it. I suggest that you guys should do that for next month. :-)

     17 July 1999, 20:06 GMT

Re: Links...
(Web Page)

This is one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time! (Aside from only voting for the programs of the calc you own... =)

I think that every voter should try to test _all_ of the programs if s/he plans to vote. And to reply to Kirk's reply:
Yes, our complaints _are_ worth mentioning here, because, obviously, a lot of voters didn't know jack about the other programs before voting for them.

-Miles Raymond

     18 July 1999, 02:30 GMT

Re: Re: Links...
Andy Selle

Yes, we'll add that next month. In terms of testing all the programs, that is a good thing to do. One thing we encourage is people not to vote on items that they haven't tried. For example if you don't have an 83, don't vote on the 83 assembly (just leave it blank).

     18 July 1999, 18:11 GMT

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