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June 1999 POTM Results
Posted by Andy on 17 July 1999, 05:54 GMT

Votes tabulated at Sat Jul 17 03:45:40 1999

Short DescriptionVotesPercent
* CrASH v1.621 67.74%
Mega Man 82 - ASM9 29.03%
TxtView1 3.23%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Hard Hat Mack Part 25 13.51%
Mega Man 83 - ASM5 13.51%
* SOS v2.027 72.97%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Diamonds v0.98 26.67%
* The Legend of Zelda Demo v.52.711 36.67%
* [Usgard 1.5+] Yoshi v1.011 36.67%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Diamonds v1.2 with Level Editor12 33.33%
FallDown Forever v1.18 22.22%
* Tetris Attack v1.116 44.44%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Pokemon 92+5 11.11%
Prosit - Graphical Multitasking OS8 17.78%
* Super Mario Quest v1.0.132 71.11%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Advising Numbers v2.42 8.33%
* Columns v0.622 91.67%
Computer Utilities
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
* Assembly Studio 86 v3.134 82.93%
EmuPlug for Assembly Studio2 4.88%
Sndlib Program v0.155 12.20%
Short DescriptionVotesPercent
Arcade0 0.00%
Checkers0 0.00%
Global Thermal-Nuclear Warfare6 18.75%
LifeGame2 6.25%
Nibbles1 3.12%
Scorched Earth v2.426 18.75%
SimCity 1999 v0.24 12.50%
Stratego v1.72 6.25%
* TI-89 Hearts11 34.38%

* Denotes Winner


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Re: June 1999 POTM Results

hello, i am from thes korea and i new to ti ssene. Can please tell me name of linkn apperatuses and whence to akwire? thnking you fr help. goodybye.

     19 July 1999, 01:48 GMT

Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Jonah Cohen
(Web Page)

Assuming what you're asking for is linking software for your calc, all you need to do is click the (Web Page) link under my name to be sent to TI's Graph Link page.

     19 July 1999, 03:09 GMT

Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
(Web Page)

If you are looking for the actual cable, there are various ways to aquire one. You could order one from TI (rather expensive), or you could make your own (instructions and software at the page I linked to)

If you are confused, feel free to email me.

     22 July 1999, 21:48 GMT

Z80 basic and 68K basic
Dan Weiss

I think that all the TI-Basic games for Z80 calculators (<89) should be in a different section than the 68000 calculators (>86), since the 68000 calculators have a faster processor and are more like computers, and also because more TI89 basic progs have been biasedly nominated in.

     20 July 1999, 02:31 GMT

Re: Z80 basic and 68K basic

How can they be biasedly nominated. People vote for what they like, if they like Ti89 basic progs more than others than they should vote for them. Theres nothing biased about that.

     1 August 1999, 22:31 GMT

Re: June 1999 POTM Results

I love "FG Morpion 1.0" !

     21 July 1999, 17:57 GMT

Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Mr. Poopy pants

I am cool!

     23 July 1999, 06:44 GMT

Re: Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Mr. poopy pants jr.

Thats great

     26 July 1999, 20:26 GMT

Re: June 1999 POTM Results
Personal Person

Jane, Will you Mary ME!
Personal Person

     5 August 1999, 15:30 GMT
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