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Upgrade Successful
Posted by Kirk on 16 May 1999, 20:40 GMT

We have successfully upgraded our server from a 486 DX4-100 to a Pentium 200 MMX. The site should be noticeably speedier. We only encountered a few minor problems during the upgrade - such as having to break off the power switch to make the motherboard fit - but hey, we hardly ever turn the thing off anyway. We're already hard at work thinking up ways to saturate the new CPU!


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Re: Upgrade Successful


     16 May 1999, 20:46 GMT

Re: Re: Upgrade Successful
(Web Page)

Yeah, guys. Good job.

     16 May 1999, 20:54 GMT

Re: Upgrade Successful

Good job. The pages load a little faster at T1 speed.
Did you just upgrade hardeware or change some software too?

     16 May 1999, 20:50 GMT

Re: Re: Upgrade Successful

Well, we moved up to Linux kernel 2.2.9 with Pentium optimizations, but otherwise we're still running off the same install.


     17 May 1999, 00:59 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Upgrade Successful
(Web Page)

Strange - there ISN'T any 2.2.9 kernel. 2.2.8, the latest stable version, came out Friday, and 2.3.2 (experimental) came out yesterday. There isn't any 2.2.9 =)

     17 May 1999, 01:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Upgrade Successful
Byron Clark

You may want to check that one again, 2.2.9 is out. 2.2.8 only lived for a couple of hours.

     17 May 1999, 03:57 GMT

Re: Upgrade Successful

MAN is this faster.....

     16 May 1999, 22:39 GMT

Re: Upgrade Successful

gay excuse for news

     17 May 1999, 00:29 GMT

Re: Re: Upgrade Successful

That makes you what..a gay excuse for a lifeform? I think the site loads incredibly fast, congrats.

     17 May 1999, 00:32 GMT

Re: Upgrade Successful

What Software is ticalc.org currently using?

     17 May 1999, 01:29 GMT

Re: Re: Upgrade Successful


     17 May 1999, 07:09 GMT

Re: Re: Upgrade Successful

Check out ticalc.org | about this site | hardeware and software. There you will find what software is used.

     17 May 1999, 17:12 GMT

Re: Upgrade Successful
(Web Page)

Great job. I sure can feel the difference. Who cares how fast the computer is, the only thing that counts is how the server manipulates the files to reach us the user. Even though a Pent. 200 is kinda slow, if you fix that baby up with lotz of ram and other stuff...you dont even need a fast...top of the line pentium 3.

     17 May 1999, 01:31 GMT

Re: Upgrade Successful
(Web Page)

I never thought that you guys had run off of a 486!!! :-) It seems just as smooth to me, cool though guys!

     17 May 1999, 03:53 GMT

Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!

Great job, guys. I'm pretty sure I mean it, too. ANYway, all this gay computer talk between people who, by their comversation, know jack sh*t about them, just makes me fall out of my chair laughing. It's pointless. Think for a moment...if you're capable...

1.) What is a server going to use a 3dfx graphics card for anyway? They already said they hardly even use the monitor.

2.) Their internet connection does not run as fast as the processor. If it did, internet pages would load as quickly as files would load on your own computers.

3.) What good is Windows going to do if it's not stable? ticalc.org would not be visited as much, due to unplanned system downtimes caused by the server crashing. Of course, it's stable enough to run a home computer, and keep customers coming back for upgrades to even more unstable shell in the future. (Very, very clever, Bill Gates...) Linux has a history of being built from the ground up, without unnecessary backwards compatibility issues to be worked out. Thus, it is more stable. It also helps to be written by one guy, reducing the amount of miscommunication between various parts of the OS.

4.) A processor's clock speed is largely determined by the system bus speed, but also by the chip's architecture. Narrower data channels also make for slower speeds of data transfer. Generally speaking, different types of channel structure also affect the speed, as does the chipset. Thus, a PentiumII will be faster than a PentiumMMX running at the same speed, due to the II's more advanced architecture and chipset. (Kudos to Abe for making that clear above.) P.S.- Megahertz is abbreviated MHz, not mgz.

5.) Who said anything about Macs? (Pity goes to the fool who bought that...unless he's a collector.)

6.) And the quote is, "...if it's not Baroque, don't fix it!" -Beauty and the Beast, 1991

One last thing: I'm sorry if I came over as a little condescending, it just annoys me to see this kind of stuff. Other than that, I applaud ticalc.org for upgrading. The message boards seem to load faster, which is nice, if you're looking at the comments for SF2T.


     17 May 1999, 05:02 GMT

Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!

Wow. You sure have a lot of time on your hands.

     17 May 1999, 05:13 GMT

Re: Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!
(Web Page)

I wrote a post almost twice longer than that once and it took me about fifteen minutes. By no means does that constitute a "lot of time" =).


     17 May 1999, 05:19 GMT

Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!
Shodan Zero

I agree. The bus, and chipset do make up for a lot of the speed. I have a p200mmx, and just upgraded to a K6-2 motherboard (I know, I know. I shouldn't have a Pentium original in a K6-2 motherboard, but I didn't have the money at the time to get a K6-2. :P ), and well, my machine zooms now. I'm even thinking about not getting the new processer (Yeah right! :P ) And no, I didn't add anything else. Just my same exact memory (2x16mb something nanosecond EDO ram), and harddrives (2x848mb IDE), and of course my wonderful crap vid card (Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 revision 1). Augh. I hate the thing, but at least I can use TS3 (a rendering prog) with D3D mode on faster than my bro, he's got a ATI xPert @ Play. I can't at all understand why tho. It was faster even when I had my old motherboard. Course, his looked cleaner since my old motherboard's chipset and my vid card fought (It put weird lines everywhere (including textures), and didn't even update the screen right when using 3d acceleration (it wouldn't update small lines about 10-20 pixels in length on the screen and looked REAL weird... Kinda freaky...). But, now I got my new motherboard, the lines are gone...but it's still faster than my bro's! Heh heh.

     17 May 1999, 06:51 GMT

Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!
Stuart Bergstrom

What about those of us who don't talk about how much we know about our computers and actually don't know a thing about their hardware? Huh? I think we deserve a round of a applause.

     17 May 1999, 22:00 GMT

Re: Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!
Sir Toby

clap clap clap...

     18 May 1999, 01:43 GMT

Re: Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!

I will not aploud you for not knowing things. How do you function without knowing what your computer is? When you are playing quake and it looks like crap, and you say "Gee, I wonder why?" your intelligent friends will come over and say "It's because you bought a piece of shit computer because you didn't know what you were talking about so you bought whatever Dell said was good." If you know what you are doing then you can feel envyous of your firends, and who wants do go through life without being able to say "Daggone it! Steve has a better 3D graphics card than me!! That's it! I am out to buy a VooDoo3 3000 AGP!"?

     6 June 1999, 01:16 GMT

Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!
Yan Shi
(Web Page)

Don't get me wrong i'm not a stupid mac user. My parents bought the stupid thing in 88 i was 5 years old, so i had no say in the matter. I'm just glad i got rid of it, it's been rotting in our garage for 4 years hehe.

--Destructive the PII-448 (overclocked user)

     18 May 1999, 01:19 GMT

Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!

Linux isn't written by one guy, it's written by anyone who wants to. Think of it, _one_ guy typing millions of codelines and having to know absolutely everything there is to know about a modern computer?
I think not!

     21 May 1999, 10:15 GMT

Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!
(Web Page)

The one guy who started Linux works on the core. Linux is generally worked on by thousands of people contributing. Hence, it is open source. Redhat for example is not at all run by the guy who started Linux. It is a different group of people who add on what they want.

     23 May 1999, 18:32 GMT

Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!

Maybe he was quoting the Red Green Show when he said "if it's not broke, dont fix it!". BTW, why the hell are you watching Beauty and the Beast? You really must have a lot of time on you hands.
Go watch Phantom Menace instead.

     26 May 1999, 00:42 GMT

Re: Re: Yeah, Windoze2000....HA!

I just want to clear up a little dispute. "If it's not Baroque, don't fix it," is from a book by Samuel Hynes, The Artists Tale.

     26 May 1999, 02:50 GMT

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