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scs.ticalc.org Opens
Posted by Nathan on 27 April 1999, 07:37 GMT

The Symbolic Circuit Simulator homepage is now open to the public. This page showcases the TI-89 BASIC program "Symbolic Circuit Simulator," which is exactly what it sounds like. This is a wonderful tool for students needing a circuit simulator for class.


The comments below are written by ticalc.org visitors. Their views are not necessarily those of ticalc.org, and ticalc.org takes no responsibility for their content.

SCS: the kind of prog i want to see
(Web Page)

this is the kind of program i'd like to see more of. not a game but something useful (and yes, i do like games). it's sure complex, but it does what it's supposed to. very nice work.


     27 April 1999, 08:07 GMT

Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens
Daniel Martini

It would be interesting to see more programs like
this one instead of all those assembly games!

     27 April 1999, 11:00 GMT

Re: Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens

...yes I agree!
Finally a basic program who makes its honest job.
...there are too many unuseful assembly games!!

     27 April 1999, 11:13 GMT

Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens

I enjoy seeing a program......though I still enjoy all of the games. Defaults of the lazy, those games.......wait......I'm lazy.......doh!


     27 April 1999, 13:20 GMT


You like calculator games, too?! But then...*startling revelation*...I must be lazy too! :)

BTW: I don't have a TI-89, but I think programs like this one are great. Being lazy, I don't feel like memorizing 20 equations when the easier (or more entertaining) alternative is to just make a program containing them. (Of course, this only works if you enjoy programming...)


     27 April 1999, 17:57 GMT

Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens

I really appreciate this program and I'm sure many students will as well.
I hope that now all other programmers would try to create useful science programs.
I agree that TI-89 is a young calculator, but it needs many, many more science programs.
TI-89 has a lot of power, so use it! (playing games does not count)

Vic Fischer
Universite Jean Monnet; France
Major Physics, Computer and Electrical Engineering

     27 April 1999, 16:55 GMT

Re: Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens
Lars Frederiksen

I agree with you in, that there should be more science programs to the TI-89. But I doubt, that there will be many people, who will spend a lot of time on creating programs, as long as sites like www.ticalc.org only shows disrespect to the authors.

My experience with ticalc.org is that they think they own the programs, as sun as they get them.

These experiences do also, that I have decided not to update programs on ticalc.org or support programs from tical.org and not upload new programs.

     27 April 1999, 21:58 GMT

more science
(Web Page)

there are some good science programs out there. take for example Periodic Table 89 v1.0 Beta. that's the most useful prog i know of for the 89.


     27 April 1999, 23:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens

In what way do we disrespect program authors? Our Program of the Month awards recognize math-related programs as well as games. We will add any quality programs you upload to our archives, and update them as new versions show up.

I'm not sure where you're coming from here. It's in our interest to have as many programs as possible, and we usually have no reason to turn away a submission. Sending us your programs gives them a much broader audience, which is better for everybody.


     28 April 1999, 01:06 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens
Lars Frederiksen

Let me make one thing clear, what I am writing here, is not to ticalc.org, but to the users of my programs and I don't go into any kind of dispute.

Another thing, I don't want to upload anything to ticalc.org. I have actually requested, that all programs belonging to me has to be removed from ticalc.org, but this was refused by ticalc.org. As long as ticalc.org does not respect the copyright laws, they will be banned from having any of my programs.

I still support the users of my programs, but not programs on ticalc.org or downloaded from ticalc.org.

PS: I don't like impudent letters from tical.org.

     28 April 1999, 21:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens

I apologize if you got the impression that we're uncooperative.

We have honored requests to remove programs in the past, and we are happy to respect authors' wishes. Email me privately and we'll work it out.


     29 April 1999, 04:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens
Daniel Martini

Dear author of Laplace92, Laplace89, etc.
I have never posted a program at ticalc.org
so I can't say if what you are sayig about them
is right... The most relevant aspect, according to my view, is that ticalc.org just gives too much
emphasis to games. But this seems to be a trend common to many ti-sites...

     28 April 1999, 10:23 GMT

games versus ''real'' programs
(Web Page)

the reason there's such an emphasis on games is that these things already do math (to an extent) and there are going to be 100x as many kids that will download a game as will a science or a math program. look at your computer. most likely it's stuff with games (the exception of photoshop and the like). people like to play, that's the simple truth.


     28 April 1999, 14:16 GMT

Re: Too Much Emphasis on Games
David Strauss
(Web Page)

My site only hosts programs that are NOT games, including math, science (working on it), and utilities. In fact, I put the emphasis on math programs. This is reflected in my archives.

     2 May 1999, 02:27 GMT

Re: Re: Too Much Emphasis on Games
Daniel Martini

I visited your site and wish to express
my positive opinion on your effort to mantain
a site devoted to "serious stuff".

     2 May 1999, 15:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens

I'm curious. How has ticalc wronged you? What gave you the impression that they think they own the programs (besides the fact they were refusing to remove yours; the problem had to exist before that)? And are you posting your programs somewhere else, say, on Dimension TI? Don't deny the calculator users your programs because you don't like the middle-man.

     30 April 1999, 00:12 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens
Lars Frederiksen

I don't think it will benefit anybody to add more to this story.

I do not have the intention to deny the calculator users my programs, they will always be available in the archives on www.ti.com. Because TI is a little slow in the update of the archives, I will probably also post to another site. I do not know yet, which site it will be. This means of course, that I will continue to support the programs downloaded from those sites.

Best regards,

Lars Frederiksen

     30 April 1999, 21:10 GMT

Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens

And right before the AP test too :P

     27 April 1999, 21:51 GMT

Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens

Cool Program. I think what could be done with this is make an actual physical circuit simulator. Like you arrange the schamatics on the calc and press go, and you can simulate logic circuits and monitor the outputs. Of course this would be in Assembly. I have never seen a program, even for a PC that does this.


     27 April 1999, 23:08 GMT

Re: Re: scs.ticalc.org Opens
(Web Page)

Umm, have you heard of Pspice, B^2 Spice, or Electronics Workbench? Of the 3, B^2 is by far my favorite..

     29 April 1999, 03:08 GMT

Roberto Perez-Franco
(Web Page)


I am the author of SCS program.

I thank you for your interest in my program.

I'd like to thank here some wonderful people that helped me make this program: Joe Riel, Lars Frederiksen and Arne Harstad.

Please, notice that I cannot guarantee SCS to run in TI92+ or TI92.

Feel free to post your comments on SCS here. (I'll copy/past some fragments of those which I find useful to the "Comments" page in SCS site).


Enjoy SCS!

     28 April 1999, 05:33 GMT

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