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TI-83 Plus Released
Posted by Kirk on 15 April 1999, 00:18 GMT

Texas Instruments has sent out their first shipments of the TI-83 Plus to selected vendors. However, some stores may not get them for a while due to various factors. We will create a new directory for TI-83 Plus programs once people submit some.

Source: Dimension-TI


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Re: TI-83 Plus Released
Shaun McCormick
(Web Page)

Nice, you all actually decided to say where you got the information from. I congradulate thee, ticalc.org. May such occurances be repeated.

     15 April 1999, 00:33 GMT

Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

Yep. I didn't see anything on TI's website about it, so I thought that we ought to give credit to the people who posted it... The only reason they knew is probably because they received a shipment.

The reason that this hasn't been done before is that, quite simply, there was no need. Whenever there is a news item, it is generally either from an email sent to news@ticalc.org . In the past, however, when someone informs us of an important event, we have not cited their name as the source, and we will try to do this in the future.

     15 April 1999, 00:50 GMT

A question

Why don't you guys go into the calculator selling business? Just another good geasture to add to this site. Dim-TI is really shaping up. I've been going there more and more often and here less...

     15 April 1999, 01:03 GMT

(Web Page)

this is basically what's happening here. there's nothing that's really drawing people in. unfortunately, that's the way of the web.

it's hard to introduce an idea that another site (like dim-ti) has come up with without people crying copy cat.

"pulled out his chrome 45 and %#^& wound up dead"

     15 April 1999, 01:33 GMT

Re: A question
(Web Page)

mmmm....i like dim-ti screenshots where are you're screenshots? they also have a nice new layout.

     15 April 1999, 02:10 GMT

Re: A question
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

Remember that aritcle posted a while back.. a few hours at least... about respect? Well that also applies to website-related issues. As a general rule, we try to keep our own ideas and not take others' (please don't start replying to that...). We never took ticalc.org's "comments" ideas or other ideas, so I would hope that they wouldn't take ours. To avoid a site-war, please do not respond to this. Particularly, dont respond to anything relating to which site "steals" ideas. This comments section is about the TI-83+, Dimension-TI was just a source :)

     15 April 1999, 02:27 GMT

Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

They just needed someone to blame in case we were wrong :) Well, I'm not complaining.

     15 April 1999, 02:34 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released
Magnus Hagander
(Web Page)

Nope, that's not it. Really. Over the past few days we have been discussing a change in this policy, and we'll try to be a lot better in specifying the source for our news items from now on.

     15 April 1999, 10:00 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released
Julien Salaun
(Web Page)

Adam, your last comment doesn't show us that you don't want a ti-site war...
Well... about the ti83+, i saw today a flash upgrade for ti82+ on the TI site:
(click URL to see it)
It seems that Dim-TI is right...

     15 April 1999, 17:04 GMT

THERE IS NO 82+!!!!!!!!!

There is no such thing as the 82+!!!!

     16 April 1999, 05:00 GMT

Re: THERE IS NO 82+!!!!!!!!!

it was a typo.

     16 April 1999, 13:18 GMT

Re: Re: THERE IS NO 82+!!!!!!!!!

yes, it was a typo. Sorry.

     19 April 1999, 03:01 GMT

Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released

Um, For your information, Dimension TI posted this information at least a day ago. So if you're wondering about ticalc.org "keeping up with the industry", um well, it's more like "we can copycat the better ones." They're giving credit to Dimension TI so they can build up brownie points. Dimension TI is keeping up with the industry, because they had the information first.


     16 April 1999, 00:27 GMT

Who cares

Quit trying to start a site war, give some positive comments for christ's sake. If you think so little of ticalc's site and feel the need to bash them, do it on dim-ti's message board and don't ever use this site again because you waste people's time and space on this server.

     16 April 1999, 02:06 GMT

Re: Who cares

Oops. I don't want to start a site war. I think it would be good if ticalc.org admitted to blatently firing Bryan, and just suck up to what they did and take the blame. Instead, they've been trying to hide it under a pile of useless news updates and the like.


     16 April 1999, 03:13 GMT

Re: Re: Who cares

Hmm. We have admitted to firing Bryan (or however you would like to put it). We don't consider it an embarassment, but something we did to help our site in the long run, and that's where it stands. There is nothing to hide, and we are trying to get on with things as best we can -- as should everybody else. We use the same criteria for posting news items as we have all along.

Please let the subject drop -- future comments about this will be trashed, since it is most certainly irrelevant and has been discussed and debated ad nauseum. If you don't approve of how we run our site, then maybe it's not for you.


     16 April 1999, 05:49 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released

My gosh a day before...

     19 April 1999, 01:53 GMT

Re: TI-83 Plus Released

The first shipments went out today??? How can that be if I saw a few of them hanging on a hook at my local Best Buy a couple of weeks ago (and yes, I am POSITIVE that they were TI-83 Plus's)?

     15 April 1999, 01:05 GMT

Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

"Texas Instruments has released"... That implies no time frame at all. It could have been a decade ago. However, coming back to reality, I know that _I_ haven't seen them around anywhere around where I live...

     15 April 1999, 01:22 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released

True, but the news item certainly gives you the impression that TI had just released their new calc, with the key words being "...sent out their FIRST shipments..."
Oh, well...perhaps this is the fault of Dimension TI for not posting the article at an accurate time?...

     15 April 1999, 23:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

Dimension-TI posted the article as soon as we got our first shipment in. We could not be sure that it was true until then. We specifically said that we had gotten a shipment, not that TI had JUST released it. I don't see how you can blame us for this "problem." I know how you like to blame things on us, but this one just isn't legit.

     15 April 1999, 23:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released

I'm sorry. :-)

P.S. I love Dimension TI, but that new archive system has been giving me a lot of problems...and what's with the lack of games (only 10 games under ZShell?!)?

     16 April 1999, 01:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

What problems? Please E-Mail me a response - you didn't leave your E-Mail address.

     16 April 1999, 02:58 GMT

Dimension-TI, TI-85 Archives
Matt Peresie
(Web Page)

Their is a slight problem with the Ti-85 Archives.
Whenever they where updated from the old format to the new format some of the games where updated wrong. Some of the Usgard games asre listed under ZShell games and the same vice versa. So until I change the game to the correct classification they will not show up on the archives pages. I am currently working on this problem right now as fast as possible. But I want to make sure everything is perfect how it should be before I make changes that could make the archives worse.

Matt Pereise
-->Dimension-TI, TI-85 Archiver

     18 April 1999, 17:24 GMT

Re: Re: TI-83 Plus Released
(Web Page)

How much was it selling for?

     15 April 1999, 01:23 GMT


If you check Dim-TI's website, you'll see they are selling it for $92.00. I'd add on between $5 to $20 for a store price :)

     15 April 1999, 01:49 GMT

Re: Cost

I saw a TI-81 for sale for $89! I got my TI-83 for less than that. I would rather spend $90 on a current calculator.

     16 April 1999, 00:21 GMT

Re: Re: Cost

What is your point? A TI-81 is worse than the other calcs. $89 is a terrible price.

     16 April 1999, 19:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Cost

Well, that was my point. I thought it was funny.

     16 April 1999, 19:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Cost

81s are only bad if its the only calculator you have. I own a 92+ that I use for my math and engineering classes, but I also have an 81 that I'm having fun programming an RPG on.

     16 April 1999, 20:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Cost

TI-81 is a great calculator; its just lacks the new features. Office Depot sells them for $30.

     17 April 1999, 19:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cost
The one and only

What a current price for a 85, i got mine a pawn shop for $50 . did i get ripped

     27 April 1999, 04:31 GMT

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