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irc.ticalc.org Unleashed
Posted by Kirk on 30 March 1999, 00:56 GMT

irc.ticalc.org, a site dedicated to the EFNet channel #ti, is now being hosted by ticalc.org. The page includes FAQ about #ti, information about operators, bot-masters, and owners, quotes, and more. Drop in and check it out!


The comments below are written by ticalc.org visitors. Their views are not necessarily those of ticalc.org, and ticalc.org takes no responsibility for their content.

Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed

Is it just me, or are these news items getting sort of dull?

     30 March 1999, 01:27 GMT

I agree
Bryan supporter

Hey, they have to keep our minds of the evilness of which they are associated with. Hmm, just how news post/surveys have there been since the Bryan incident? Coincidence? I don't think so.

     30 March 1999, 01:59 GMT

Conspircies Everywhere :)
Conspiracy Theorist


They've got this great big conspiricy to take our mind of the fact that the site is working better then ever, and they are probably having a lot more fun with it as well... No delays on file uploads... New hosting of all kinds of different sites under ticalc.org. Heck, even the quality of the games comming out continues to improve. Bomberman will be great on the 89 (liked that news story or I'd have missed the release) and with Zelda around the corner...

Good job everyone... Those who can't contribute criticize. That would be those Bryan supports at times :)

     31 March 1999, 07:39 GMT

Re: Conspircies Everywhere :)
August Zajonc

Sorry for posting the previous under a psudonym... I hate em, but with a name like Conspiricy Theorist how could I resist...


     31 March 1999, 07:50 GMT

Re: Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed
Andy Selle

What suggestions might you have to make our news interesting?

     30 March 1999, 05:13 GMT

Re: Re: Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed

Well, first of all, (and most of all), in the past it seems you posted news items only if they were really interesting or important. Now it seems as though there is at least one new news article a day. Don't get me wrong, I like news, but some of the news just isn't that great. It also dulls the better news items because everybody thinks, oh well, just another little trivial thing. If you look at past news articles, you'll see that there are a lot more comments than there are now. (This in itself should tell you something.)

     30 March 1999, 23:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed

Mmhh... Well... In a sense you're right... But don't you think that it is because there are just more news that there are fewer comments. In the past there was an article every 2 week or 3 and people had not much to comment but always the same article...

     31 March 1999, 07:04 GMT

News Topics of interest...
August Zajonc

News I Like (tm):

1. Major program releases. The games that stand above the games. More smaller profiles of other interesting programs might also be nice. A batch of quickies kind of thing. Neat math stuff and so on...

2. Hardware info. Could expand beyond just looking at TI's direction to the direction and capabilites of microprocessors and small screens and whatnot that go into the calculator... Kind of industry news.

3. A gossip column off of the main page where Bryan supports can go to rant, and generally report keep the site exciting...

4. Sample Solutions... Stories from the trenches... Calculators in schools, calc networks in colleges. Infared calcs, calcs brought on russian ships, loaded on deep sea percision navigation equipment... My calcs done lots of neat things, and more are to come. They actually have a real use in the scientific and engineering product market... Love to talk to people about some of those uses...


     31 March 1999, 07:48 GMT

Re: Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed
(Web Page)

I somewhat agree, but then again, ticalc.org can't control the news, really... their job is to report the news, not create it (with some exceptions, of course...). So if it's a "slow time" then they just report what they think is important.

     30 March 1999, 05:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed

It seems to me that ticalc.org has been in a "slow time" ever since the "Bryan Incident". Hmm... Dull news is right, though. A poll about link cables? How dull is that?

     31 March 1999, 06:01 GMT

The Incident...
August Zajonc

Is it just me, or are all the Bryan supporters anonymous folks with Hotmail address, or no address at all... Must be a conspiriacy...


     31 March 1999, 07:41 GMT

NATO F-15 -- George Limpert

Anonymous people using a hotmail address. I have a hotmail address. Does that post apply to me as well? Will all of you conspiracy theorists please shut up. (respond August, I dare ya... =)

     31 March 1999, 18:05 GMT

Re: Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed
(Web Page)

I think any new is good, I enjoy reading news whether it blows or not--that's just me though. But I do agree, more stuff in the news (better and more exciting items) would certainly spice up the news.

     31 March 1999, 00:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed

Well, as Atom said, we don't (usually) make the news, we just report it. So if you want us to report exciting news, you've got to write exciting programs or make an exciting site :)

We try not to post "filler" when things get slow, but we may be more encouraged to put up a new survey or something just to let people know we're still alive. In general we post about things like that anyway.


     31 March 1999, 05:05 GMT

Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed

TICalc.org is getting more and more features, that's really good!... Are you like me getting sick of the site overhaul?...

     30 March 1999, 07:59 GMT

Re: irc.ticalc.org Unleashed
Ben Rodgers
(Web Page)

I think this is a good idea. Programmers can talk to other programmers or to the people who use thier programs instantly and get input instantly. If only someone was in there...

     30 March 1999, 08:40 GMT

A good idea but flawed...
August Zajonc

Unfortunatly, programmers are not going to sit on irc.ticalc.org all the time... What would be nice is to have a system which levereged something we all used like ICQ... I have a quick question, I can fire it off to someone who has put themselves up as available for a certain type of question...


     31 March 1999, 07:53 GMT

Re: A good idea but flawed...
Magnus Hagander
(Web Page)

Definitly, people are not going to sit on irc.ticalc.org. Why? Because irc.ticalc.org is a hosted website, not an IRC server. I beleive there is some confusion, so let me say it again. This is NOT an IRC server we've setup. This is NOT a page we do. This is a hosted site just like all the other hosted sites.
Sorry for the confusion.

     31 March 1999, 09:14 GMT

personal assault vehicle

as are (most) irc channels, little on subject is talked about. take for example last night. subject: personal assault vehicles and police evasion. just a warning to all those purists out there expecting:

<ldspartan> yeah, i guess that putsprite routine is slower than the old one.
<BlueCalx> well, perhaps if you were to rewrite the...

and so on (names used as example, no endorsment implied and i'm not saying that's what they'd say ]:-)


     30 March 1999, 20:51 GMT

Re: personal assault vehicle

thanks for the disclaimer at the end, but next time make up nicks like <person1> and <person2> :)
btw, I don't even know z80 or 68k asm, so me commenting on a particularly slow putsptrite routine would be odd. :)

     1 April 1999, 02:37 GMT

oh those nicks...
(Web Page)

sorry ldspartan. just wanted to give it an air of realism (inacurate as it may be). they were the only to to come to me. i'll try to be less personal next time ]:-)


     1 April 1999, 13:02 GMT

Re: Re: personal assault vehicle
(Web Page)

I concur with lds :) Though I think I made a sprite for a program that wasn't released once, you still shouldn't have used my name. I do like the publicity though :)


     6 April 1999, 00:34 GMT

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