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Japwrite Released
Posted on 15 March 1999, 04:54 GMT

[Japwrite Screenshot] Benjamin Rodgers has released Japwrite for the TI-89. The program allows you to write in Japanese on your TI-89. This beta version lets you write Hiragana and Katakana. This is one of the first true foreign language programs for the calculators.


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Re: Japwrite Released

now there's a great program.

Too bad that I don't have an 89.

     15 March 1999, 04:58 GMT

Re: Re: Japwrite Released

The TI-89 already has all the special characters that you would need for French, under the CHAR menu.

     15 March 1999, 06:24 GMT

Re: Japwrite Released

French would make a cool program too

     15 March 1999, 05:50 GMT

Re: Japwrite Released

Great program! too bad I have no use for it.

     15 March 1999, 06:02 GMT

Re: Japwrite Released
J Potter

I know the guy and I think this kicks major butt.
Congradulations Ben!

     15 March 1999, 06:13 GMT


i showed this to a friend who's studying japanese and he thought it was the best thing since sliced tomatoes!

(and i've been complaining that there aren't any "useful" programs out there ]:-)


     15 March 1999, 08:17 GMT

Re: Japwrite Released
Mark G Driggs
(Web Page)

SUGOI!!! Now I can finally learn all the characters, instead of playing tetris during nihango class. Let's get an anime drawing program soon!

     15 March 1999, 12:41 GMT

Re: Japwrite Released

HOW DO YOU FIGURE THIS PROGRAM USEFUL? It could only be useful if your taking a foreign class and this may help you *learn* a *little*?

     15 March 1999, 14:36 GMT

Re: Japwrite Released

Great work, definetlly one of the better programs out there.

     15 March 1999, 15:09 GMT

Re: Japwrite Released

Just WHAT is the purpose of this? I mean, if you're japanese then maybe it would be useful (for what I don't know), but I don't understand what is so great about this. Can somebody fill me in?

     15 March 1999, 15:15 GMT

Re: Re: Japwrite Released

Using the library, you can make progs that convert English to Japanese.

     16 March 1999, 02:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Japwrite Released

wow i guess that it pretty cool then.

     16 March 1999, 04:09 GMT

A translator?

I highly doubt you could fit a translator on the less than a megabyte of memory available to the calculator. I doubt you could even fit a reasonable dictionary without completely filling up the calc. Add to that grammar and other stuff... not a chance.

Think about it: At a minimum, each word would need 25 bytes. A useful dictionary would need about 10,000 words. That is 250K right there. And that is just storing pairs of English and Japanese words. To be useful, you would want several synonyms for each word and probably a short definition.

     18 March 1999, 19:51 GMT

translations available
(Web Page)

it's more like:

using your japanese book you can translate english sentances onto the caclulator to be displayed in japanese so you can confuse and confound friends, neighbors, or just cheat in jap class!


     21 March 1999, 07:03 GMT

Huh, Japwrite...
(Web Page)

Wonderful. Probably much more entertaining than the other buggy games.

     15 March 1999, 16:18 GMT

Re: Japwrite Released
Kris Wolff

Nice job! I think that you can certainly start integrating Kanji into this. Using the "standard" 1850 kanji, in a 16x16, with 32 bytes per Kanji, that's only 59KB, which anyone who wanted to write in Japanese would certainly spare off their 89/92+. PS -- Please port this to TI92 plus... also, if you need 16x16 kanji fonts, just ask.

     15 March 1999, 16:53 GMT

Agt Alpha

It is true that the kanji font may not take up that much memory, however there are other issues to address. For instance, a way to better incorporate all the hiragana and katakana would be to implement an Input Method Editor (IME). Using this, it would be much easier to type kana and kanji. Also, if kanji were to be added later, this would make it much easier. The only issue with this is the size required. The kanji font may not take up very much memory, but the translation from roomaji or kana to kanji would take up a great deal. Therefore, adding kanji (except maybe just a few) would be very difficult. Yet, I would still like to see kanji (and an IME) implemented in the future.

Agt Alpha

     16 March 1999, 03:30 GMT

Kris Wolff

Yes. Usually, you'll type in romaji, and there would be some conversion from romaji to kanji, but there are also some programs where you can type kanji based on their bushu (radicals). For example, you'd have keys for "left half", "upper-right", etc, for the locations on the kanji, and then perhaps type in the bushu number, or have a simple bushu selection program (there's only, what, 250 of those...) For example, you'd press the "left side" button, then type in "9" to get a HITO on the left side of a kanji.... Just a thought... If the programmer would like any help, I'd be glad to assist!

     16 March 1999, 16:27 GMT

some guy

Isn't Jap a derogatory term? Last time I used it I almost got beat up.

     15 March 1999, 19:44 GMT

Re: Jap?
Some other guy

Only if you're using to talk about Jewish people. Jap = Jewish American Prisoner

     15 March 1999, 21:26 GMT

Re: Re: Jap?

jap = a japanesse decent person duh where have u bin

     15 March 1999, 23:15 GMT

Re: Jap?

I was just waiting for something like this to come up...

     15 March 1999, 23:27 GMT

Re: Jap?
Benjamin Rodgers
(Web Page)

I did not mean for the title to be read that way. I needed to make the title so that it was only eight letters long. I douldn't use "japanese" becouse I already used it on my basic version (which can save pages of japanese text and be printed using a graphlink).

     16 March 1999, 00:03 GMT

Re: Re: Jap?

How about JPwrite? ^_^

     16 March 1999, 03:29 GMT

Re: Jap?

bring on the lawyers.

     16 March 1999, 03:51 GMT

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