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M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Posted on 2 February 1999, 05:08 GMT

[M.C.Mik. Screenshot]

Andreas Ess of Icarus Productions has released M.C.Mik v1.1u (Usgard) for the TI-85. This side-scrolling game features 4-level grayscale graphics, five levels, and many different enemies, bosses, and weapons. Although smaller than the original ZShell version, it still takes up about 19K of your memory.

Andreas Ess has also released the source code for Plain Jump II v0.9 Beta (ZShell) for the TI-85. He is looking for someone to port the game to Usgard.


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Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

WOW, it looks great.

     2 February 1999, 05:20 GMT

Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

Hey, this is great! I loved this game when it first came out! And to think that Andi never /once/ told me he was working on it! :)

     2 February 1999, 05:25 GMT

Mmmmm Grayscale
Stephen Horne
(Web Page)

I wonder if the $1 charge still applies?? :-)

     2 February 1999, 06:30 GMT

Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

I'm quite sure that there will be at least one person asking: "pOrT it tO ThE TI xx" :-(
I don't own a 85 but i'm happy to see that programmers don't forget this old-timer! Good work Andreas!...

     2 February 1999, 07:18 GMT

Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Will Stokes
(Web Page)

Man. You mean to tell me Andreas is an old-timer?! That makes me one too and I'm only a freshmen in college. Life's too short, don't call us old before our time. Oh one more thing: Andreas didn't tell anybody about the new McMik coming out right? Well, hint hint, I havn't told anybody about my plans either, and I think there will be a few suprises this summer.

     2 February 1999, 15:25 GMT

Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

Sorry that my message was unclear. I'm a little frenchie so my english is not perfect. :-(
I wanted to say that the 85 is an old-timer not Andreas!... :-)

     2 February 1999, 19:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Brandon Sterner

You weren't unclear. It made perfect sense to me.

     2 February 1999, 20:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Philip Ringsmuth
(Web Page)

It made perfect sense to me, too. I think something's up with Will Stokes. He's the odd one.

     2 February 1999, 23:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

Well, I know one thing for sure. His English teacher had better not have seen it.

     8 February 1999, 07:35 GMT

Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

What the hell are you guys talking about? Ti-85 is still a very good calc. At least its better than 83,82,81 and the stupid 80. And dont you be calling my friend Andreas names here you moron.

     2 February 1999, 21:03 GMT

Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

Watch what you're saying. Whether or not an 85 is better than an 83 is a matter of preference... numbers don't mean everything.
I think it's about time something like this came out for the 83.

     2 February 1999, 22:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
The 83 Defender

I believe the 83 is better than the 85 lets see
1.lets see you do stats like i can
2.i can write text to the graph screen
3.i can draw an inverted line
4.i have built in asm
5.my calc is easier to program
6.i have wondeful finance functions
7.i dont have to worry about 5 different shells (3 of which are obselete)
8. i dont have to worry about rom versions everything works great on every rom
9.SOS can run ASHELL prog. lets see u run ZSHELL on USGARD
10. mine is prettier
11. all of the teachers use mine or an 82 (the functions are all the same so it dont matter)
12. mine is easier to play games on
13. wheres your math applet program
14. i know 5 people in all of my classes whom i can get games from if mine crashes (lets see you do that with your outdated piece of $h!#

     5 February 1999, 23:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Super Llama

Reasons why you are wrong (aka Why the 85 is better):

1. USGARD can run ZSHELL games, maybe not all, but most of them
2. More shells = better features because of competition
3. Mine rarely ever crashes, and if it does I know about 15-20 people who I could get games from
4. ASM started here, if it wasnt for the 85 you wouldnt have "Built In ASM" on your 83
5. As for your finance functions: I am almost sure in about 10-20 min I could make or find a quick dumb BASIC program for everyone of them.
6. The 83 is easier to play games on? CUSTOM-F1 isnt rocket science either, is it?
7. You can write text to the graph on the 85, just not with BASIC
8. How is it easier to program, is it the hard to manuever menus, or the lack of lowercase letters?
9. Also as for the stats see number 5
10. Almost all of the functions of an 82/83 on the 85, so unless you are illiterate and an idiot, its pretty easy to "translate" where to find them on your 85
11. I have higher math capabilities on mine, just look at your crappy solver.
12. Really nowadays, the ROM version doesnt really matter, most everything runs on every calc.
13. As for the "cosmetic" issue, who really gives a crap.

I have an 82, 83, 85, 86, and a 92, plus I will soon have an 89. I dont hate 83's, dont get me wrong, but the 85 and the 86 are much better calcs, as is the 92, but i dont feel like "lugging" it around

     6 February 1999, 06:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

Well I already have an 89.

And yes, the 85 and 86 are much better calcs than the 83. (Or at least the 86)

     6 February 1999, 07:34 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

Ok, i will begin this with a few statments:

1. You have no life.
2. Why do you have so many calcs and why do you want more? I have two and I consider that excessive.
3.What is with all these lists?
4.I have and 83 and an 86. I rarely use th 86 for anything but gaming because the 83 is much better for programming. It doesn't have to compile things like the 85 and 86 before running them.
5.Which one you like better is a matter of preference. Please stop these entirely unrelated threads.

     7 February 1999, 21:43 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

Hmm... let's see... how can the 85 be better than the 83?

1. no comment
2. so?
3. so? So can the 85. Just get the inverse equation. :P
4. that's a pile of BS. It's not like anyone programs asm using the built-in program editor. (Anyone want to dispute? go ahead)
5. yeah, but you can't type in the commands; you have to select them from a plethora of menus. And what if you can't find the command? On the 85, you can just type in the commands, case- insensitive.
6. Oh, please, do you actually use them?
7. True.
8. That depends, actually. The thing is, if you get a new TI-85, you will have no problems with compatibility for asm programs. There is only one ROM version that has been on the market for the past year: 10.0. Whereas on the 83, version 1.08000 was released in the middle of last year. So guess what? We have lots of 1.07000's out there. There could be some compatibility problems there.
9. Your point being?
10. Okay, it's prettier, but it still is ugly. Those colors are nauseating.
11. True, but what do you do when graphing sequences? The TI-83 is different from the 82 in this respect.
12. How so?
13. uh, what the--?
14. I won't argue.

Okay, so the 83 is better than the 85. But still??? There are better calculators out there. (Like the coming soon to a store near you TI-83+, which will make all your 83's obsolete; after all, it is possible to create programs for the 83+ that can't be run on the 83. Hint, hint, archive swapping.)

     6 February 1999, 07:13 GMT

Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

Whoa...settle down! Nobody said the 85 wasn't a good calc, only that it was old (which is true). And nobody's calling anybody names here except you. Perhaps you should read the message guidelines: "no flames."

     2 February 1999, 22:28 GMT

Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Daren Ho
(Web Page)

Hm... for some reason, there isn't any screenshots when you click on the symbol right next to the file name, and ironically, it shows a screenshot on the news.

     2 February 1999, 22:16 GMT

Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

If that symbol ain't red, then there ain't no pictures.

(I just felt like using incorrect grammar)

     8 February 1999, 08:26 GMT

Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
(Web Page)

Ya, ya just woundering does this game work with the 86? if so with what shell?
and if not will it be ported to the 86, or other ti-xx calcs?

     2 February 1999, 22:42 GMT

Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

I don't know whether it will be ported, but of course it doesn't work on the 86. It's in ASM.

     2 February 1999, 22:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

won't it work with YAS, like the last version of M.C.Mik?

     2 February 1999, 23:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Filipe pinto

Yes, it does work with YAS.
I've tried it and , so far , it didn't crach my calc

     2 February 1999, 23:25 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

It works, as far as I can tell, faultlessly with YAS on the 86. Don't even try to get it to work with ASE, though. As far as Rascall, I haven't tried it yet.

     7 February 1999, 00:07 GMT

It should work...
(Web Page)

It should also work on the TI-86 with ASE. Other 85 games from ZShell, USGuard, etc. work perfectly fine with ASE.

     4 February 1999, 22:42 GMT

Re: It should work...

You have to use YAS because of it's relocating ability. It can run 85 ASM programs bigger than 12k or so. ASE will just crash your calc. Believe me, I tried.

     5 February 1999, 22:40 GMT

Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

most 86 shells have 85 emulation, meaning they can run just about anything a ti85 can. try it.


     5 February 1999, 00:21 GMT

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