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M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Posted on 2 February 1999, 05:08 GMT

[M.C.Mik. Screenshot]

Andreas Ess of Icarus Productions has released M.C.Mik v1.1u (Usgard) for the TI-85. This side-scrolling game features 4-level grayscale graphics, five levels, and many different enemies, bosses, and weapons. Although smaller than the original ZShell version, it still takes up about 19K of your memory.

Andreas Ess has also released the source code for Plain Jump II v0.9 Beta (ZShell) for the TI-85. He is looking for someone to port the game to Usgard.


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Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
(Web Page)

*I'm not asking it to be ported*

You'd have to split it up because of it's size to be ported to the 86.

What I am wondering is if anyone knows a release date for the one or two shells coming out that allow 85 emulation on the 86 of programs greater than like 12k.

The game looks great

(No offense intended, but doesn't the 86 have a higher contrast screen than the 85 which would make for better discernable grayscale and better graphics overal?)

     2 February 1999, 23:21 GMT

Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

The shells already out. Daedalus and Mc Mik never looked this good. It's called YAS (Yet Another Shell), is available in the 86 shell archives and allows running progs up to -+ 32k, which includes everything made for the 86. Note: Some usgard games may not work, and bugs still have to be worked out.

     2 February 1999, 23:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
(Web Page)

I was just wondering, since Daedalus is so slow if it would be faster on an accelerated calc.

     3 February 1999, 02:41 GMT

Greyscale and Accelerated TI''s
The Notorious Computerman
(Web Page)

Unfortunately, this will not work. You see, what you are doing when you "turbo" a TI-8x is you are overclocking the CPU... running it faster than it was designed to go. Due to this, it tends to make little errors, especially in intensive operations such as ASM greyscale programs. Hence, Daedalus WOULD run faster, but it would also crash your calc. Sorry.

     4 February 1999, 03:49 GMT

Re: Greyscale and Accelerated TI''s
Johannes Rajala
(Web Page)

It didn't crash my accelerated ti85 calculator. I have a switch to turn acceleration on/off, and when I turn it on when running Daedalus it scrolls like a dream! Well, maybe grayscale comes a little lighter, but works anyway.

     4 February 1999, 19:26 GMT

The Notorious Computerman
(Web Page)

This is very interesting... all the reports I've read say that accelerated TI's crash in grayscale applications. Maybe you don't have yours sped up very much...?

     5 February 1999, 01:48 GMT

Re: Hmmm...
Johannes Rajala
(Web Page)

Actually the trick is that I switch the grayscale on after the game is already playing. I'm not sure why it works but it does. Is there a way to accelerate your calc to different speeds? I thought there is only one way to do it(by doing a jumper over one component)...

     8 February 1999, 09:39 GMT

Re: Hmmm...
Johannes Rajala
(Web Page)

Ooops! I meant that I switch the ACCELERATION on, after first launching the game on normal speed, sorry!

     9 February 1999, 08:13 GMT

Porting M.C. Mik to 86

On the subject of porting to the TI-86: You wouldn't need to split up the file too much to port it to the 86. Just look at what Bill Nagel did with Super Mario 86 - he had the main program and then a _HUGE_ string with all the game data in it. It wouldn't be too hard (especially with the talented people in the TI-Community) to do this with M.C. Mik.

P.S. I heard Kirk Meyer's next version of Anaconda (formerly Bryonic Shell) will support emulation of larger programs like M.C. Mik and Daedalus. Until then, there's always the wonderful YAS.
P.P.S. TI-89 port? Anyone? =o)

     3 February 1999, 22:26 GMT

Sort of off the subject, but still

Just out of curiosity, how do you get a screen shot of a grayscale prog in grayscale? scan the lcd?

     2 February 1999, 23:31 GMT

Re: Sort of off the subject, but still
(Web Page)

The way I do it is just run the program in an emulator that supports grayscale (can't remember the name, it's the dos one that like v.1?).

That's the only way that I know of unless there's some on-calc program to do it.

     3 February 1999, 01:17 GMT

Re: Sort of off the subject, but still
Jonathan Kaus

For usgard there is a program called graycap or something like that. it copies the image to a 85s on calc, then wehn you send it to your computer, run it through gcp g2, it will convert it to a pcx file
works great. ive done it several times.

     3 February 1999, 02:03 GMT

Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released

Is this game a Mario clone?

By the way, I know no one wants to hear this, but will it be ported to any other calcs? If so, how soon.


     3 February 1999, 00:31 GMT

Porting to other calcs.
Shane Abernathy

First and for most. stop saying

"PoRt it 2 the 86 dOOd"

I mean for one thing, if the programmer themselves wanted to port it themselves they wouldn't release the source code. I mean what would be the purpose other wise, and don't tell me the bs about learning how to program in asm by the source. Ha yeah right. For all those ASM programmers out there. I once again in this newsletter will make a challenge. Okay here it goes.

Design and create a in depth role playing game that has teh following features:

The ability to have up to ten saved games.
The ability to import and export saved games.
The ability to add your own expansion sets.
And complete (as close as it gets with one calc.) player interactivity.

Design this all in asm. hahahahah then I'll agree that asm is better.

     3 February 1999, 05:14 GMT


STOP STOP STOP. i know i'm yelling and i mean it. stop the war over BASIC vs asm. if this thread gets deleted i won't be upset in the least.

discussion is what this is all about; arguements aren't.


     3 February 1999, 07:55 GMT

All I am saying
Shane Abernathy

is that for one time, all of the ASM programmers I have seen can program Nintendo Games in ASM. but when it comes to something like a "text based rpg" nobody says they can or can not do so. IMHO, I believe that anyone out there can make a button mashing program. But it takes some thought, and LOGIC, oh, dare I say a word as evil as that, to create a good game for a calc. And if TiCalc would ever put my prog up, then I would appreciate it. I have sent it in several times, once in November in Beta, but, hmmm.

McMic is cool game though, just like SQRXZ and Mario, and Hard Hat Mack and Donkey Kong and all the other Clones out there. This is not meant to be mean towards Andreas, he's an excellent programmer in his field and Genre, as well as teh rest of the Icarus staff. But I think a few games out there could be different, I mean, in the TI community one thing that I wouldn't mind being in ASM is seeing a fighting game with at least teh CPU fighting back, if no AI. One basic prog that comes ot mind is Mortal Kombat for the TI-83. It's in basic, it allows special moves for both players, and even fatalities, babalities, and friendalities. This is an excellent program on TI and I am a little dissapointed that all those saying ASM does so much more than basic are wrong, If they were right then there would be some things out there on ASM that were on Basic as well.

Don't get me wrong, I play as many ASM games out there as the next guy, and some games kick absolute ass. Evil Sam is one of the best when it comes down to some really high ASM stuff, zelda happens to be on several top 10 lists, and also has the capabillity of doing what I was saying in my previous message.

Now, if anyone out there can still completely do what i said or more in an asm prog, prove me wrong, and I will eat my words. (Miracle Whip only though, I hate Mustard, doesn't taste good on Truth)

     21 February 1999, 16:45 GMT

Re: Porting to other calcs.
(Web Page)

do it in BASIC. I'm not saying ASM or BASIC is beter. I don't even know ASM.

     4 February 1999, 02:27 GMT

Re: Re: Porting to other calcs.

No wonder.

     4 February 1999, 07:10 GMT

identity chk

which Eugene is this? maybe one of you (the non original one) could use something like Eugene*.

i mean, one Eugene's enough but two. . . (just kidding, one of my best friend's named eugene, with a little e).


     4 February 1999, 07:25 GMT

Re: identity chk
Eugene (the original)

Glad you noticed.

     5 February 1999, 06:44 GMT

Re: M.C.Mik v1.1u released
Daren Ho
(Web Page)

Cool grayscale, although I really suck at this game.

     3 February 1999, 05:29 GMT

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