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Anaconda shell released
Posted on 13 January 1999, 10:28 GMT

Kirk Meyer has released Anaconda, a shell for the TI-86. This is really a newer and better version of Byronic Shell, a shell that Kirk abandoned a while back. The source code will not be released for this shell, due to someone stealing and recompiling Byronic Shell and calling it their own. This distribution contains three versions (0.1, 0.2, and 0.3), each with different features.


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Re: Anaconda shell released
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Hey, this shell emulates ti-85 strings right?

     13 January 1999, 17:12 GMT

Re: Re: Anaconda shell released

no ;)

     13 January 1999, 22:18 GMT

85 strings
(Web Page)

They say Anaconda is basically an updated version of of Byronic shell, and Byronic could handle ZShell strings, so I'd say it's safe to assume that it can handle at least ZShell strings.

     13 January 1999, 22:24 GMT

Re: 85 strings

Ummmm....No ;)

     14 January 1999, 03:11 GMT

Re: Re: Anaconda shell released
Kirk Meyer

Version 0.4 will have near-perfect TI-85 emulation. The emulation is already complete and will allow programs of up to 32KB in size, including grayscale, etc.

     14 January 1999, 04:01 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Anaconda shell released

Sounds AWSOME Kirk!

     14 January 1999, 09:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Anaconda shell released

will it work with mario86?

     17 January 1999, 23:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Anaconda shell released

Kirk huh? Is that like Captain Kirk?
This is Scotty here. We need more power captain. She can't take it any more!!!

     21 January 1999, 18:47 GMT

I need a new calc

Any idea when the TI-86 Plus will be out? I'm not sure if I want TI-86 Plus (if released soon) or TI-89. I have the TI-85 now, but people seem to have discontinued support for the TI-82/85. Seems no new games or shells for them anymore. Anybody else agree on this?

     13 January 1999, 20:23 GMT

Re: I need a new calc
Jonah Cohen
(Web Page)

i would recommend getting a TI-89. it has a much more powerful processor, much more speed, and, at least right now, it is getting many more updates (new programs) than any other calc.

if you can wait a while before buying, than who knows what'll come out next year, though...

     13 January 1999, 20:35 GMT

Re: Re: I need a new calc
(Web Page)

The reasons that it is getting so many new games is that it is one of the newest calcs. It probaby just a phase.

     19 January 1999, 03:27 GMT

Re: Re: Re: I need a new calc
Mighty Mouse

A phase, huh?
Unfortunatly, your stupidity is not a phase. It's obviously permanent.

     21 January 1999, 18:49 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: I need a new calc

Hey Mighty Mouse, there aren't supposed to be any flames in here. This guy was just posting his opinion there is no need for that.

     27 January 1999, 04:30 GMT

Re: I need a new calc
(Web Page)

Seeing how the 83 plus was just announced, and it won't even be out until Spring, I'm guessing that *if* they are indeed making an 86 plus it won't be out for a while. As for which calculator should you buy, I would buy the 89. It has a lot more functionality than the 86. Unless you know z80 ASM and don't want to learn 68K ASM, in which case you should get the 86 plus. Basically the 85 has most of the stuff the 86 has, so you wouldn't be missing out on whole lot. And if you only plan on using it for games, go for the 89; there's a lot better stuff out there for it.

     13 January 1999, 21:45 GMT

Re: Re: I need a new calc

Well, if you have the money, I suggest you get get both an 89 and an 86...or if you have the time, wait for an 86+ ( ??? )

The 89 is a great calculator, but if you are a high school student, be sure it is allowed on tests. I have the 89 and it is great for Precalc, but the 86 is too, our school banned the 89 from tests, so did the ACT.

(Gotta admit, the 89 is a great gaming calculator) :-)

     14 January 1999, 04:05 GMT

Re: Anaconda shell released

What does anaconda have over the other shells for the ti-86?

     13 January 1999, 21:50 GMT

(Web Page)

When I loose in a game of Mario 86, the calculator returns to Anaconda and then freezes.. Will this be fixed in the .4 version?


     14 January 1999, 05:45 GMT

Re: Crashes
(Web Page)

At first I was thinking that it probably got corrupted and that you should reinstall it, but I tried it and got the same exact results. This is a serious flaw and should be fixed as Mario is one of the most popular games.

     14 January 1999, 20:27 GMT

Re: Crashes
Kirk Meyer

I would guess that the problem is with Mario. Anaconda runs all games using the "Asm(" command for the greatest possible compatibility. There is a bug in bloat, which shouldn't affect the main game, but who knows :P

     15 January 1999, 00:56 GMT

Re: Anaconda shell released

What I'd like to know is what features each version has. I think it'd be more convenient if we knew ahead of time what we were downloading. Wait! I just remembered, I don't have an 86. Oh well. My bad =)

     15 January 1999, 07:01 GMT

Re: Re: Anaconda shell released

youre gay

     19 January 1999, 22:55 GMT

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