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Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Posted on 8 January 1999, 06:41 GMT

[Super Mario Quest Screenshot]

Don Barnes has released Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta for the TI-89 (shown right) and TI-92 Plus. As you would expect, this is a clone of the famous Super Mario Bros. game. You will need either Doors OS v0.96 Beta (TI-89, TI-92 Plus) or PlusShell v1.0 Alpha (TI-89, TI-92 Plus) to run this game, however you will need the libraries included in Doors OS.

An on-calc level editor is also included. This will allow you to create your own levels for Super Mario Quest. As soon as some external levels are submitted by users, a levels directory will be created for Super Mario Quest here on ticalc.org.


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Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Andy Herrman

SMQ is one of the best games I have played yet for the calc! I have only one problem, though. After installing SMQ v0.9.0 Beta, and playing it a couple of times, when I tried to run some BASIC programs (Tanks and FF7 to be exact), I got domain and internal errors, but all of my settings were exactly the same as when they ran correctly. I had to reset my calc to get it to work again. It may not be due to SMQ, but I think it is, because I never got that problem before using SMQ. Could someone please tell me if it is due to SMQ, or something else. I really want to keep SMQ on my calc, but untill I find out exactly what caused that error, I'm not going to risk using SMQ. If this is due to SMQ, please fix it quick! I want to continue playing!

     10 January 1999, 21:47 GMT


well, if the only change was SMQ, i guess it'd have to be it. what kind of errors were you getting? try putting on your calc and not using it. if it happens again, it's something else.

just out of curiosity, how many people play games on their calcs more than they do math?

believe me,
asm isn't
a piece


     11 January 1999, 07:23 GMT

Re: errors
Andy Herrman

More than actually use it for math. Most of my math class plays on their calc, even during tests. Maybe I should start charging them every time I bring their calc home to give it programs. (I'm the only one in my grade that has a graphlink and the intelligence to use it) :-)

     12 January 1999, 03:18 GMT

Re: Re: errors

Yep, I am the only one at my High School that has a ti-graph link. That is how i became soooo popular. Thanx to the many games out to the calc's for my popularity :)

     16 January 1999, 18:02 GMT

Re: errors
Andy Herrman

Nope, it hasn't happened again since I deletel SMQ.

     12 January 1999, 21:02 GMT

Re: errors
(Web Page)

I too have had problems with SMQ on my 89. Although I do use the calc. a lot for games I do use it for math, when I need to (I also own an 85).
The probles I have had is that the calc will work fine with all the games on it that I have, and it will work even after SMQ is loaded, however it will not work after I have played SMQ. What I mean by not working is that it will still do "simple" math, i.e. 2+2, but it will not do more complex things like Sigma notation, etc. I will get errors like "The problem may not be simplified" and the calc will sit there with the busy indicator on (it froze). I know that the problem is simplified because I have typed in the same thing before and after playing SMQ, and it worked before. After reseting the calc, it works fine, but I loose everything (which is not a big prob., because I have it all on my computer).
Other than that, I love the game! Keep up the good work! I love to show all my friends with 82s the power (games) of the 89!


     18 January 1999, 18:35 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

Does anybody have trouble running SMQ under doors
v .96b. When I push enter nothing happens.

     11 January 1999, 20:38 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Andy Herrman

I haven't had any problem running it. Check the bottom of the screen when you hit enter, and see if an error appears there. You might have the wrong version of some libs, and it will tell you at least on if that is the case.

     12 January 1999, 03:16 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

Hey I like the 86 version of Mario, but anyway you could port this game to the 86? It'd be pretty good on the 86 I think.

     15 January 1999, 16:00 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

You'd have to shrink those graphics.

     18 January 1999, 03:52 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

Hi my name is Greg is was wondering how to install the two downloads doors and plus shell to run the game super mario quest. I also want to know if I have to download the othe things that were listed there in the readme file.

     28 January 1999, 22:39 GMT



     1 March 1999, 00:22 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

Wheres the Super Mario 83 game?
If there is one someone e-mail me.
Oh ya this game is great!!!!

     2 March 1999, 03:27 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Asad Ullah Baig

This game is pretty good.

     30 March 1999, 23:38 GMT
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