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Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Posted on 8 January 1999, 06:41 GMT

[Super Mario Quest Screenshot]

Don Barnes has released Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta for the TI-89 (shown right) and TI-92 Plus. As you would expect, this is a clone of the famous Super Mario Bros. game. You will need either Doors OS v0.96 Beta (TI-89, TI-92 Plus) or PlusShell v1.0 Alpha (TI-89, TI-92 Plus) to run this game, however you will need the libraries included in Doors OS.

An on-calc level editor is also included. This will allow you to create your own levels for Super Mario Quest. As soon as some external levels are submitted by users, a levels directory will be created for Super Mario Quest here on ticalc.org.


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Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

Will a 92 (first generation) version come?


     8 January 1999, 19:24 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
(Web Page)

If you read the .txt file, it says that he plans to port it to TI-92 and TI-92 II, but it is for Turbo'ed TI-92s since it will run much too slowly otherwise.

     8 January 1999, 22:25 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released


No, i havent read the docs, and i havent downloaded the program (until its for ti92-i).

     9 January 1999, 14:24 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

Do you mean that the TI92 + run faster than TI92 and TI92 II ?

could you give me the answer by email

     15 January 1999, 12:29 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Joe Montgomery

This game is awsome but......BUT, why can't enybody come up with their own ideas. There doesn't need to be 10 different mario games. It not that you are stealing anybodies ideas, but its like you are showing them up. If you can program that good you don't need to waste you time showing up other programers.


     9 January 1999, 16:50 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

Ya know, there was an article about this a few weeks ago. Usually, people who say what you just said are sorry programmers who are pissed because a good programmer came out with a better program than they made. Also, if you show someone up, that means that you've done something better than what they have, right? Who does't want games that are constantly evolving and improving? Mario's cool, fun, and popular. So then why not make another better version?

     9 January 1999, 20:03 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Mark Leverentz

Exactly. If we get mad at people who make a better version of a game than one that already exists, we're just being whiney babies. Welcome to capitalism.

And by the way, if you don't like there being multiple versions of games, then only download one version and ignore the rest.

     9 January 1999, 21:31 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

Hey, Joe is right. If these people can program Mario and Zelda and everything else so well, why can't they come up with some original ideas, something new. This is one thing that is sorely lacking in many of the newer games, in my opinion.

     9 January 1999, 21:49 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

Why don't you try thinking of an original idea? Who says that just because one can program well that they have to be original? Isn't programming in an original method original enough.
quit whining and enjoy the game!

     9 January 1999, 22:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Big Bob

Coming up with a REALLY good idea is not something where any idiot can sit there and whip up a kickin' game. Just look at Nintendo whose classic games have been making a big comeback TI style. They have these titles because they pay big money to people for great ideas. Do you want to wave around a couple hundred thou' and reject millions of ideas just for one free TI game? I'd like to see some of your ideas. They may be good or they may be one of those rejects. And think about it, how many people come up with these great ideas? Then think about how many of them can program in 68k even passably or have a direct link to one who can. I, and I'm sure many others, would gladly welcome new ideas in the TI community, but I can't expect to see them because of the odds against that happening. It doesn't have much to do with smarts, just a pot of luck with a dash of creativity. (sorry, I know I'm rambling)

     9 January 1999, 23:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

I will have to admit that I am not the next Jimmy Mardell but I will let you know that I have contibuted 4 (soon to be 5) programs (In ASM). I am now working on a game featuring link-play. I love playing link-play games like ztetris with my friend.
Ideas you say?
How about Sonic the Hedgehog
or maybe just bring back some of the classics.
(Not yet done), like Gunsmoke or Rad Racer in grayscale.
By the way, I think I am doing pretty well for only being 13 and just started programing 3 months ago. (Even though age shouldn't matter!)

     10 January 1999, 01:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Big Bob

I am sorry if you took that the wrong way. I didn't mean to imply that you weren't a good programmer. Merely that almost everybody, including you apparently you judging from the list of games you've been coding, is making a game based on another tried and true base. that's not a bad thing, just you can't complain about not enough imaginative ones.

     10 January 1999, 03:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Ville Järvi

My advice: DON'T start with Sonic. Calculators are so slow compared to game systems it would be very hard if not impossible to make such game on calculator. Try it next year. My suggestion for the first game would be some text-game or puzzle game. Of course you can do what you like, but i really think you should start with something easy-that's how all these great programmers did.
You said you're 13-good. We will probably have one more superb programmer when you learn more.
Just keep programming, but be patient.

     11 January 1999, 04:26 GMT

sonic the hedgehog

i think sonic would be a great idea, but like Ville said, the calcs might be a bit to slow for it. but then again look at the game gear sonic. that could be possible. i would love to see sonic on a calc too

     11 January 1999, 05:45 GMT

Original Ideas

Comming up with original ideas is not hard at all. The hard part is comming up with something MOST PEOPLE would like to play. It's a hit-or-miss deal. Then there are games like Sorbo's Quest, which did well in the TI community, and the up comming Zenith Saga, also something new. And I do believe that these great 68kers could come up with something new if they wanted to. But then there's always the success of releasing a Mario clone... But hey, its-a Mario!

     11 January 1999, 02:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Ville Järvi

I had very similar thoughts here.
I mean, everyone, there's something we all have to remember. These machines are calculators. They're created for counting, not for playing grayscale, sound-enhanced super games. These things were never made for that, and they have some limits in them. This TI-community is great but I think we should be satisfied with what we have. When we get better games we appreciate it. But people shouldn't be whining and whining and whining all the time for new things and game ports. It's not probably even fun for programmers anymore. Maybe that's just why so many great talents leave TI-scene...
New great ideas are very hard to invent and if someone invented one it's likely that he would get his ass to some big company's bosses office. There will probably be no revolutionary game ideas seen on calculators these days...
Be satisfied with what you get.

     11 January 1999, 04:21 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released
Ville Järvi

Better versions?!
I strongly doubt it.
Honestly, do you think this little calculator game really is better than original?
Or did you mean TI-86 version? That doesn't help much since it's a whole different calc.
In my opinion, there should be both original games and conversions of classic favorite games.
Many programmers convert famous games because it's a great way to show their talent, and it will surely pay attention. Also, they want to know what they are capable of doing... it's kind of prove to themselves=)
I really don't care whether the game is conversion or original. Only thing I care about is that the game must be good. Gamemakers should finish the games well-i've seen way too many games that show real promise but still lack few things(and are never updated)...

     11 January 1999, 04:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.0 Beta released

duh.. better versions means that the newer mario game _on the calculator_ is better than the old mario game _on the calculator_

an example would be super mario quest is a better version of mario than mario92

     14 January 1999, 14:28 GMT

PProgram Idea
(Web Page)

I just want to remember something : there is a section in ticalc.org called 'programs idea'. So, if you think that games should be more original, just go there and put your ideas. Being a good programmer doesn't mean that you also have a lot of ideas. If you know what is 'THE' ultimate game the programmers sould do, then just tell them, instead of waiting for them to think of it.

     11 January 1999, 11:24 GMT

No Subject Cuz Stone Cold Said So
Stone Cold

If you like Mario, then Gimme a Hell Yeah!

     9 January 1999, 22:16 GMT

Re: No Subject Cuz Stone Cold Said So

Hell Yeah!!! This is the BEST version of Mario!

     10 January 1999, 05:09 GMT

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