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Preview of CiOT
Posted on 26 December 1998, 20:24 GMT

[CiOT Screenshot]

Stephen Horne has given ticalc.org a demo version of CiOT (Calculator Info Organizer Thingy) for the TI-86 for previewing. When completed, this program will include a phonebook, an agenda, and a calendar (shown right). Stephen recently lost the source code and all attempts to salvage it using a decompiler have failed. However, Stephen will start over on the project if there is enough interest.


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Re: Preview of CiOT
Bonnie Longley

I think that would be really cool considering that I never know the date during the school year and I'm too lazy to get a watch!

     16 April 1999, 04:07 GMT

Re: Preview of CiOT

That sounds cool! about how big would the program be?

     26 December 1998, 20:37 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of CiOT
Stephen Horne
(Web Page)

Unfortunately, it's relatively large. I'm aiming for between 5 and 6 K, but I'm not sure if I can be that compact. If its too large, I may make a CiOT lite, which would be far less graphical (the font takes up 800 bytes alone.) I'm also going to try to use bloat on it, if that will work.

     27 December 1998, 00:22 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of CiOT

The question that still remains everytime a program goes out:

wIlL iT Be PoRted to thE 89? thE 92? ThE 83 ...


     28 December 1998, 20:03 GMT

Re: Preview of CiOT
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Now alls i have to do is stop my calculator from crashing every day and then i might actually be able to use this.

     26 December 1998, 21:36 GMT

Re: Preview of CiOT
Jake B
(Web Page)

wow that would be realy neat! I'm showing interest!!! That's terrible you lost the source... I bet you're guna back it up on a diskette from now on huh? :)

~Jake B

     26 December 1998, 21:56 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of CiOT
Stephen Horne
(Web Page)

Oh yeah! And on other hard drives.. and on the calculator and burned on CD's and online and.. well you get the point ;-)

     27 December 1998, 00:27 GMT

Re: Preview of CiOT
Cody Clark
(Web Page)

Wow! That program looks great. Redo the source code. People are going to love that program. It makes you calculator a handheld organizer with GAMES!

     26 December 1998, 22:35 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of CiOT

If there's any keyboard I prefer for typing alphanumeric characters, it's the computer keyboard. In fact, it's the only one I use! The only reason I do programming, if any, right onto the calculator is because either I don't want to turn on my computer, or I'm somewhere I can't use it.

Don't try talking me into using my calculator as a handheld organizer. I tried using such a prog for the TI-85, and it took me 10 minutes to type what I would have written in my notebook planner in seconds!

     28 December 1998, 07:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Preview of CiOT
Stephen Horne

Well, it's not for everyone, I guess. However, I know what you're talking about and I had planned to use a feature which I'm calling AutoCaps. Hopefully it will reduce some of the stress of typing into the 86's keyboard, which is indeed very difficult to do. So, when you need to type in a name, it will start uppercase and the next character will be lowercase, so that in most situations you won't have to even touch that alpha key. (Of course, if you have to enter a name like DeLucas or something, you will need to capitalize.) After a little while, though, it takes very little time to type into your calc.

     28 December 1998, 15:14 GMT

Re: Preview of CiOT

I'd be very interested... I definitely could use some kind of phonebook utility, at least!

     26 December 1998, 22:38 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of CiOT

Ever heard of Persons? =) Still would be cool tho.

     26 December 1998, 23:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Preview of CiOT
Stephen Horne
(Web Page)

I have and I was very impressed with it. It is part of the reason I chose to make CiOT. However, I hope to eventually have all the parts integrated with each other (i.e. Agenda items will show up on Calendar. I don't know exactly what the phonebook will be related to, though.)

I may also (if people want) seperate the items.

     27 December 1998, 00:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of CiOT

How about you make each part a different program (so you can use what you want) and make a master program (something like MS Office) that lets them communicate and run from one place.

     31 December 1998, 07:46 GMT

Re: Preview of CiOT

Thats a very useful program, how about porting it to the TI 83.

     26 December 1998, 23:07 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of CiOT
Stephen Horne
(Web Page)

I don't have a TI83, unfortunately, but I guess I can see if I could emulate it. I may port it to the 85 since I can borrow my friend's. But that's way down the line.

The source is commented quite a bit so that anyone who would like to port it has less work to do.

     27 December 1998, 01:01 GMT

Re: Preview of CiOT
(Web Page)

This is the kind of program that keeps the TI-86 from looking like nothing more than a svelte black Gameboy. Before now, the nearest we had was a homebrew BASIC program we made ourselves where people would delete the meaningless variables. This is something worth hooking up a Graph Link cable again for.


     26 December 1998, 23:09 GMT

Re: Preview of CiOT
John Creek

This would be perfect for my new TI-86. I usually rely on my mind to remind me of homework assignments. Now I'll have another use for my graphing calculator besides making my Algebra II angry ;)

     26 December 1998, 23:15 GMT

Go for it
Phil Killewald
(Web Page)

There's plenty of interest over here... Go for it. Just make sure that you keep plenty of backups. I just hope that you are using a 2-byte year stamp... don't want this thing to tell me my next class is 1900.

     26 December 1998, 23:57 GMT

Re: Go for it
Stephen Horne
(Web Page)

The clock goes from 1995AD to 2250AD. It starts in 1995 because 1995 was the last year January started on a Sunday. 2250 is 1995+255. I would hope that by 2250, the TI-87 will have come out, possibly even the TI-88.

     27 December 1998, 01:05 GMT

Re: Re: Go for it

the 88 as aleady been done, ti scrapted the idea

     27 December 1998, 05:50 GMT

Re: TI-88
Andy D.
(Web Page)

Where could I find out more about the TI-88? I for one never knew they had any intention of making it.

     27 December 1998, 16:01 GMT

Re: Re: TI-88

I thought i read somewhere that there was a ti88 made once, but it was big and it had little memory. From what i recall, it had a QWERTY keyboard. Dont trust what ive said though, i read it a long time ago (on ticalc).

     30 December 1998, 08:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-88

I've read from other sources that that was the case with the 95. An 88, though--nah, never heard of it.

     31 December 1998, 08:00 GMT

I own a TI-88
Marc Rose

I used to work for TI in the 80's and was involved with the TI-88 project. It was cancelled after they spent 50 million on development. Only 50 production models were ever produced. I own a working one with manual and acessories. It was very innovative for its time. I am looking into finding out what its collectors value is and may consider selling it if I can retire on the proceeds. ;-) I will be glad to answer any questions about it. --Marc

     11 March 1999, 21:04 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Go for it
Mark Slade
(Web Page)

The TI-87/8 could be made by us too! We could take parts of boken calcs and have a really awesome one! I guess it could be possible!!! What about the TI-84?...maybe!

     29 December 1998, 16:43 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Go for it

It could have a color screen (use Game Boy Color's), speakers, and a shiny new paint job. What do you think? Throw in a Pentium II and 128 MB of RAM and we're talkin' COOL. The only thing--should it use the 82, 85, or 92 style OS? And should it be the 84, 87, 88, or 93? Ahh, the questions that arise...

     31 December 1998, 07:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Go for it
Son of Trixie
(Web Page)

Yes, we need a color screen, speakers, a link port pencil sharpener, the possibilities are endless. A cool name for it would be the TI-101! That does have a nice ring to it! So, everyone take your TI-Calcs and get out the spray paint and make something new! This new calculator would have to be compatable to all the TI's there are!! We need you pupils to make the new TI-101!!

P.S. I think jamming a pencil in your calculator's link port might just harm it a little!

     1 January 1999, 18:14 GMT

TI 87/88 ??

Ti 87/89 ??? Never heard of that!!
Where can iget infos about that???

     28 December 1998, 20:09 GMT

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