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Preview of Yoshi
Posted on 8 December 1998, 12:22 GMT

[Yoshi Screenshot]

Brandon Sterner and Tim Anderson, members of TCPA (TI Calculator Programming Alliance), are currently developing Yoshi for the TI-83 (SOS). This is a clone of the popular Gameboy game and should be released within the next couple of weeks. They are also developing two other games for the TI-83, Astroids and Centipede.


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Re: Preview of Yoshi

you should be able to download it i want it

     3 May 1999, 04:22 GMT

Re: Preview of Yoshi

Interesting...now, how about if somebody does
Yoshi's Island for one of the TI's? (Preferably
the 86) :o)

     8 December 1998, 12:30 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi

No, how about "preferably the TI-89"? That's going to be one heck of a bloated file, so you can forget about Yoshi's Story appearing on the TI-82 or -83, at least until the Expander II is ported to them. And if you said Yoshi's Story, remember that it is a 2d game for the Nintendo 64 (might as well make it for the SNES) that targets kindergarteners. Well I have the game anyway. I think it'd be worth checking out once it comes out, though.

     9 December 1998, 07:42 GMT

Ha Ha!

I laugh at both of you, you both wanted Yoshi for another TI calc but they are actually making it for the 83.

     20 December 1998, 22:31 GMT

Yoshi for 85???
Chris Loranger
(Web Page)

I have seen some excellent games on the TI's but they have been for ti's such as the 83 and 82. Will there be any chance for the popular 85 users to play yoshi on our calculator??

     10 December 1998, 06:12 GMT

Re: Yoshi for 85???
Geoffrey MERCK

The fact is that there are less and less programs written for thus old calcs... There are maybe bound to disappear and with them all the first assembly adventure will disappear...
I totally disagree with thus that say that the good games are on the 82/83, see Mario92 on 89/92 or Megacar on the 89...

     11 December 1998, 07:20 GMT

Re: Preview of Yoshi

I think it is cool to have games coming out like that. I can't wait until they finish Asteroids and Centipede those are the classics baby. Well i wish i knew ASM cause then i could be making games like that too.

     8 December 1998, 13:05 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi
Dennis Lambe Jr.
(Web Page)

Don't forget about Pong!!! There's just never been a really excelent pong for the TIs.

     12 December 1998, 06:26 GMT

Re: Preview of Yoshi

Looks promising.
This could be ported to 85 too don't u think..?=)

     8 December 1998, 13:46 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi
jarmo kaataja

i hope so.I REALLY hope so

     14 December 1998, 18:55 GMT

Re: Preview of Yoshi
Alessandro Del-Piero
(Web Page)

Why are people trying so hard and make bad mind-games like that???
People want arcade games like mario and not boring RPG games or thinking games.
We think enough in the class, we want a moment of free instinct play!

     8 December 1998, 14:05 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi
Bitchin dago

Yeah, I agree with the pizzaman, and YO, who can play soccer without dope?
I think the mindgames are just a dumbass waste of time, since the suckers who play those game are too dumb anyway.

     8 December 1998, 17:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi
cZaR (the former XaVIŽR)
(Web Page)

>Yeah, I agree with the pizzaman, and YO, who
>can play soccer without dope?
Listen. The best games out there are mind games, especially for the TI, because, if you think about it, TI can't do sound, or colour, so no matter what it's going to be fake. Also, of all the TI games I've played, none of them have given me a rush (like games like Quake and Descent have).
Oh- and I play soccer just fine without dope. :p
>I think the mindgames are just a dumbass
>waste of time, since the suckers who play
>those game are too dumb anyway.

OK Mr Smartypants. How do you beat the end level of Quake? Even badass games like Quake have mindboggling things to it.
By the way, aren't mind games for the SMART not the STUPID? Hello...

I'd value a good mind play over a 3d view anyday. Graphics don't add to games unless there's a very good game behind it. I wish this Yoshi rendition the best of success and I hope losers like you aren't put in charge.

cZaR, the former XaVIŽR

     8 December 1998, 19:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi

It really depends on the person. Some ppl like mindgames, other like action games...and some people like sports games (ick!)

Dont think everyone has the same tastes as you!

That's all I have to say.

     9 December 1998, 14:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi
Jeremy Halvorsen

exactly dave. everyone has their one preferences for games. and calculator games. i personally like mind games on the calculator because most of them are smaller, and all that. so they take up less room. i don't even wanna see a doom, or quake on the calculator. it mostl ikly would be huge, and be kinda slow like daedulas. its only a calculator. remember that. games like repton (i still love it, come on scabby bring out the new version), and slippy (another great game), and also squarez (not too too popular but i still think it rocks) are all great mind games. I feel that as you get up into the 92 and 89 it is good to do action games because those calcs can do faster, better stuff. but why make a long slow (realative to video games i mean), action game when you can make an enjoyable replayable mind game and have it not take up your whole calculator. While i like mind games better i am not trying to say taht they should only be made. all types of people like all types of games, so everyone make the games you like, and everyone play the games you want.

     9 December 1998, 19:18 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi
cZaR (the former XaVIŽR)
(Web Page)

Y"know...I agree with ya. But he didn't have to dis the guy...
And I am a mindgame lover. :)

With honour,

     9 December 1998, 19:25 GMT

Ramza Boulve
(Web Page)

Ti's can do sound, no really. Two words 3.5mm to 2.5mm. Nuff said. Two more words, mario 86
BAM, stick that in your pipe's and smoke it.

     15 December 1998, 15:03 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi
Jimmy (CiGaMiT)
(Web Page)

You can tell this reply came from a no brainer. There are plenty of people who enjoy RPG's and mind games, just because of a lack of interest on your part doesn't mean other people are so disinterested. It usually is the brighter people who actually have the brains and patience to beat the games though.

BTW when did the TI community elect you as there spokes person???

     8 December 1998, 23:03 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi

Mind games are gr8. You can never have too much challenge. Besides, I play games in Trig mostly, so I don't want to get out of my reasoning and thinking state of mind.I may actually have to use my brain at any given moment, so it is good to stay awake and alert. I would like to see more (playable) sports games, though.

     9 December 1998, 02:43 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi

Yeah right! There's enough arcade games out there for the TIs and not enough RPGs. I've seen about 3 or 4 clones of each old-school arcade games. We need long RPGs that take a while to beat, not this stuff that you play over and over trying to beat the old score, that's boring. Will someone please make more RPGs, there's only about 4 of them out there. Someone make a Zelda game or something. I praise Alex Highsmith for his Dying Eyes game, although it was short it still took me a few hours to beat. And also, I wouldn't mind an RPG made in parts so that you have to load another after you beat one.

     9 December 1998, 18:35 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi
David Hall
(Web Page)

...I agree partly, but I still think a wide variety of different games is a good idea.
By the way, I wouldn't mind seeing someone release a decent war strategy game in ASM (like C&C, but in ASM)... us at SiCoDe have developed Ground Assault, a BASIC strategy game that you war strategy fans may like... link to SiCoDe's website (link above) and download it!

     9 December 1998, 21:49 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Yoshi

>Why are people trying so hard and make bad mind->games like that???
Could you make a 'bad mind-game' [or a bad 'mario-game' or any game at all]?
>People want arcade games like mario and not >boring RPG games or thinking games.
Wow.....I know a lot of not-people! Glad you told me or I mighta thought like everyone I know who owns a graphing calculator is not a people! From what I've seen, people HATE mario because that is the first game they crack on after they have beaten it 100000 times.......well ya never know....maybe they are just being sarcastic....
>We think enough in the class, we want a moment >of free instinct play!
Okay well I agree but you don't need mario for that.

     10 December 1998, 01:50 GMT

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