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TI releases updated 89 & 92+ Graph Link software
Posted on 11 November 1998, 22:01 GMT

Texas Instruments has released version v1.13 Beta of the TI-Graph Link software for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus. These versions are for Windows 3.1/95/NT 4.0 and support English.

According to Texas Instruments' website, the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus Graph Link software for the Macintosh is due out in the fall of 1998. It appears to be behind schedule and should be out soon.


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Re: TI releases updated 89 & 92+ Graph Link software


     11 November 1998, 22:21 GMT

Re: TI releases updated 89 & 92+ Graph Link software

So what't new in the 1.13 version (as opposed to the previous 1.10 version for the 92+? BTW take a look at the Recent Files list in the File Menu when you install it... Wonder what TI was up to?

     11 November 1998, 23:01 GMT

Re: Re: TI releases updated 89 & 92+ Graph Link software

what kinda crap are you on........how does all that shit make any sense??

     12 November 1998, 04:29 GMT

Re: Re: TI releases updated 89 & 92+ Graph Link software
Teppo Lehtonen

The only change I have found so far is that they have corrected one thing I suggested to them: accented characters are now entered correctly to the program you are editing. I can only tell you about the 89 version as I only have it but I guess the 92+ version is essentially the same program (as is the calculator software).

     12 November 1998, 08:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI releases updated 89 & 92+ Graph Link software

Jumaliste! Suomalainen!
Yea, he's a Finn! Great.
How much did U pay 4 ur 89?

     12 November 1998, 21:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: TI releases updated 89 & 92+ Graph Link software
Teppo Lehtonen

I paid 1100 Fmk for it.

     13 November 1998, 06:35 GMT

Re: Re: TI releases updated 89 & 92+ Graph Link software

duhh... the recent files are the ones that YOU opened before, not TI. if you uninstall the old one and install the new one, there will be no recent files in the menu

     12 November 1998, 21:28 GMT

Hmm... Wonder what YOU were up to...
Lord Unigamer

There should be no recent files in that menu unless you opened them.

Hmm... Wonder what YOU were up to... :)

     25 November 1998, 20:42 GMT

Re: TI releases updated 89 & 92+ Graph Link software
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Hey, dont people usually make software to do this?? like that support all of the TI-8x calculators?? maybe they already have one, or maybe the TI version supports the other calculators, i dont know.

     12 November 1998, 00:19 GMT

TI makes sloppy software
David Phillips
(Web Page)

Why does TI makes a separate version of software for every calculator? The link protocol is almost identical for every calculator. The file formats are exactly the same except for the "**TI86**" string which only changes by one or two characters.

It does not seem like it would be very difficult to combine all of the software into one version. The current versions are around 600k for the 89/92/92+ and around 400k for the other calcs. A combined version shouldn't be over 1 meg, which would be much smaller and take less time to download than having download all of the others, especially because each program has it's own page to download from.

Another problem with TI's software is that it does not support the standard Windows 95 interfaces for things like open/save, forcing you to use the old Windows 3.1 interface--meaning it doesn't support long filenames!

The software is also too much of a hassle to use if you only want to send one file to the calculator. This may not seem like much of a problem to normal users, but it is when you are programming and change something, recompile and send every couple of minutes.

Jeremy Goetsch wrote an awsome Calc Explorer 86 that lets you view all of the variables on your 86 in a normal explorer window just like it was a directory on your computer! It also adds associations to all of your 86 files, so that double-clicking on them sends them to your calculator. So if you have a directory full of programs, just click on the ones you want to have it send them to your calc without ever having to open the Graph Link software (this is integrated with his awsome Assembly Studio 86 giving it a Compile and Send feature).

Why can't TI do this???

     12 November 1998, 22:50 GMT

first of all.. lalala
2nd... i think they haven`t made a program like dat cuz some calculators have to be prepared to receive files (the stinky ones (85, 82, (others?.. (i dunno (i have only been able to use a few different calculators (the ones i own (good ones (83, 89)) and the ones people let me borrow (crappy ones (82, 85))))))))

     13 November 1998, 02:39 GMT

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... i think they havent made program combining all the linking softwares for tha different calculators because:
1) different fonts
2) different basic languages
3) different catalogs
4) different methods of transferring files
5) uhhh
6) because ...
7) yeah
8) oh.. and i think they use the old windows 3.1 interface because the calculators use filenames limited to eight characters

     13 November 1998, 02:48 GMT

Re: TI makes sloppy software
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

Well, first of all, the file formats are NOT the same. The Z80 calculators have very similar file structures.

Now, the TI-92 (and I presume the TI-89 as well) have radically different file structures from Z80 calculators.

Now, it's not hard at all to make a program that will handle all of these different files: XCEdit, which I wrote, uses both TI-85 and TI-86 file structures.

But keep in mind that most people who have these calculators are not computer literate, and are not very smart;no, not even smart enough to select their calculator type from a menu. A lot also don't want to download "all that extra stuff."

     13 November 1998, 03:21 GMT

Re: Re: TI makes sloppy software
Travis Larson

Hey man, who you callin' not smart :)

     13 November 1998, 06:30 GMT

RIP 82/85
Terence Lindsey

I think most people who use TI calculators are programmers, at least those who I know who have it, including me are programmers. Does anybody else here think that the TI-82 and 85 seems dead? Nobody seems to make programs for these 2 calcs anymore.

     17 November 1998, 14:45 GMT

Re: RIP 82/85

The 85 ain't dead so long as I'm alive and keep mine workin'. Had it for 5 years now (!!!) and use it as a backup/testbed/idle "doodling" system. (Yes, I'm one of those self-titled comp geeks who programs to relieve boredom. *g*) It's stable, effective, and there's no aerodynamic styling (as opposed to say the 86...is TI ANTICIPATING people throwing these things, and designing them to glide? Of course, the same thing goes for the --no. the YOU-mac. I will not use it. *lol*)
Um. Yeah. $.02, deposited. *clink, clang-clatter-clatter-clink*

     17 November 1998, 15:42 GMT

Re: Re: RIP 82/85

the aerodynamic styling in the new calculators is much better than the pointy sides of the case and the buttons of the old ones, it lowers the # of blisters u get from programming/playin all those games!
but i have to agree, the new mac looks stoopid :oP

     17 November 1998, 20:49 GMT

Aerodynamics/Adios 82 &85!
Lord Unigamer

The new design on the 83/86/89 is great. It looks like a human being made them, instead of some "blockhead" for the 82/85. As far as the rounded buttons, I really don't care. I will be getting an 89 very soon, but I don't plan to exactly dump my old 83 like I did my b*tchy old girlfriend. My teacher may not allow the 89 on the tests he gives, do to the fact that it does practically all the work we are doing in there for you... With no special progs or interpretations.

As far as the 82/85 go, Adios! They have been superseded by their descendants. Most of the good 82 games have been ported to the 83; and when you use Rascall on the 86, it EMULATES the 85 (Usguard and ZShell). Plus they look like a blockhead designed them. The 86 has WAY more RAM than the 85, and the 89 has way more RAM than anything else (except the 92+, but we are talking handheld here). The 89 is the best calc i've seen yet. Just face it, soon the 82/85 will be going bye-bye. If they aren't just put out of production, they will just be ostracized by our community.

     25 November 1998, 20:56 GMT

TI-86/89 look is cool
Terence Lindsey

The TI-86 and 89 sleak designs is pretty cool. But there seems to be no more games being produced for the TI-85... I may just have to buy a TI-89 next month if I can find it in any stores. As for the 82, that calc should be dead, it's old and rather poor graphics.

     17 November 1998, 23:15 GMT

Re: TI-86/89 look is cool
Lord Unigamer

The reason that there are no more games coming out for the 85 is because it's SOOOOO old... There aren't many games left to make! There's zillions in the archives!

Plus everyone is scrambling to take up programming using the new features of the 89. There may not be tons of stuff out yet, but I promise you there will be tons in the future. And they will be good games, not crappy games (mostly).

     29 November 1998, 14:10 GMT

Re: TI makes sloppy software
Teppo Lehtonen

I agree with you in that the link software should use the win95 features and there should be only one linking program for all calculators. But I do not want that to make the program any bigger. We've seen too many programs that have blown too big for the purpose, e.g. Micro$oft Office, Netscape Communicator...

Now what I would like to see is:
1) You could add the calculator modules you need into the linking program so it keeps it as small as possible.
2) Win95 interface support.
3) Remove the awfully slow splash picture that is shown when the program starts.
4) Better handling of file groups.
5) Bigger (configurable) font.
6) Modifiable function list so you could quickly use those functions you most often need.
7) Editing/showing all types of data (e.g. pictures).

If we all give our opinions to TI we can make them do something the users (we) wish!

     13 November 1998, 06:55 GMT

Re: Re: TI makes sloppy software
Tom Soderholm

I would like to defend TI here, I just bought an 86 yesterday to replace my aging 85 and downloaded the Mac version of the software and IMHO it is one of the coolest programs I have ever seen. It displays the files on your calc in a Finder-style window sorted with folders for each file type. It allows you to send programs to the calc by just dragging them onto the calc window from the Finder, the calc doesn't even have to be in receive mode. It also lets you open group files and drag individual objects from them onto the calc. In conclusion I think that the people complaining may be using an older version of the software, or the Mac version may actually be better.

     15 November 1998, 16:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI makes sloppy software
Michael Van Der Kolk

I thought I might add that the graphlink software for the 92+ on the Mac is just about ready to be released (week or two (tops unless there is a problem)) However I can't say it seems similiar to the 86 software :)

     16 November 1998, 18:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI makes sloppy software

From what you said, the mac version is definatly better. Shame on TI. :)

But here is a new idea:
how about an extention to the send to menu when you right click on a file that alwows you to send to your 83/86/89/92/92+

     16 November 1998, 20:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI makes sloppy software
Teppo Lehtonen

As I do not own a Mac I can not say anything about the Mac version of the link program. And there is no 89/92+ link software version for Mac yet anyway. But the Win version does have many things that could be improved.
I do think I have the right to demand TI for better customer support (e.g. to make better link program).
I must also say that TI has released international version of the 89/92+ link program for Win. I can't say more about it as I have not yet downloaded it.

     17 November 1998, 12:13 GMT

Changes in TI-linking software

Hey, it's annoying as hell, I'll admit, I own the 92 (+ module as of about a week ago...demmit, i wanted hidden-surface rotation in realtime! Where's the 3dfx chip that was supposed to be in there? *lol* Just kidding, but it would be nice. ANYWAY.) and the 85, and would be willing to say that there's almost no math-related thing I can't program on the '92+ or 85, but remember when you used to have to pay about 60 bucks for the cable and software. TI at least made the software free, and you can make your own link cables now...also, TI seems not to have cleaned up their TI-85 software (that I can notice) from the win3.1 port. They've added some stuff and tweaked some more stuff, but it's still just a 16-bit app...just some thoughts.
And, dammit, I want the DOS graph-link for the 92+! *whine, complain, lol*

     14 November 1998, 19:50 GMT

Re: TI makes sloppy software
Doug Burkett

David Phillips wrote:


'The software is also too much of a hassle to use if you only want to send one file to the
calculator. This may not seem like much of a problem to normal users, but it is when you are
programming and change something, recompile and send every couple of minutes. '

[end snip]

If I understand you right, you can send just one (program source) file: just open the file and click on SEND. But this probably isn't what you're talking about, right?

Doug Burkett
Eaton, OH USA

     15 November 1998, 04:22 GMT

Re: TI makes sloppy software
Kit Hygh

If you are having problems with sending the same program back and forth, there are many emulators out there. Go to ACZ.com to find a lot of stuff that might help you.

     27 February 1999, 03:08 GMT

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