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Program Ideas & Upcoming Programs
Posted on 5 October 1998, 06:06 GMT

Two new sections have been added to ticalc.org. You can find both of these in the newly created Services section.

  • The Program Ideas section is a place where users can submit ideas they have for programs and authors can browse the ideas if they can't come up any on their own.
  • The Upcoming Programs section features information on programs that are currently being developed.

Currently these sections are fairly empty, but they will be populated soon as users submit information.

As part of a slightly new site organization, the Buy & Sell and Other Sites sections have moved into the Services section.


The comments below are written by ticalc.org visitors. Their views are not necessarily those of ticalc.org, and ticalc.org takes no responsibility for their content.

Re: Program Ideas & Upcoming Programs
Daniel Plaisted

I think the field for a description of the upcoming program should be bigger, so you can say more about what you're going to do...

     5 October 1998, 13:04 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas & Upcoming Programs
Andy Selle

You can type beyond the length of the field. It will still record anything you type.

     5 October 1998, 18:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas & Upcoming Programs
Matthew Bledsoe

I think what he meant is make it larger so you can see more of what you've typed (kinda like the Comment box I'm typing in now and the ones in guestbooks, forums, and what have you).

     5 October 1998, 22:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas & Upcoming Programs

i think the box stretches out vertically when there's more text in it

     5 October 1998, 22:55 GMT

wheres bomberbloke???

What ever happened to the bomberbloke 86 game that Mathew Shepcar was developing??
it was supposed to be released in mid sept. ehat happened to that bomberman clone.... it looked very good.

(please note that this is reference to the upcomong programs...bomberbloke should be on it.)

     5 October 1998, 13:05 GMT

Re: wheres bomberbloke???
Matthew Bledsoe

Just because a game is known to be in development doesn't mean it weill automatically appear in the Upcoming Programs area. The author has to submit it in for it to be posted. And please let the author do it don't go galavanting off and post something the minute you hear it's gonna be made. People do change their minds and they might also have wanted to keep it a bit of a secret.

     5 October 1998, 22:27 GMT

Re: wheres bomberbloke???

I thought BB was realesed. I got it on #ti-files on IRC. It is the best game ever!!!!!

     6 October 1998, 00:16 GMT



     6 October 1998, 00:35 GMT

Re: GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!

You don't NEED it. You want it. And I have it.


     6 October 1998, 03:29 GMT

Re: Re: GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!

You mean little f***!!! You shouldn't tease people!!!!

     6 October 1998, 03:35 GMT

Re: Re: GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!

SameGuy, nice reply there:) hehehehehe ....anyway....Do you really have a copy of it? if you do could you e-mail it to me or tell me where I could get a copy of it else where? thank you.

     6 October 1998, 03:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!

Quit sucking up to that guy.

     6 October 1998, 04:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!
(Web Page)

Hee hee... I know where to get it, but the author is still trying to optimize the game. There are still a few bugs left.

     10 October 1998, 19:37 GMT

Re: Re: wheres bomberbloke???

Could you send it to me to?

     6 October 1998, 03:06 GMT

Re: Re: wheres bomberbloke???
Matthew Christenberry
(Web Page)

He isn't going to send you the Beta, if he did Matthew Shepcar would never give him a beta again, bad news for those of us which are his beta testers. So...don't expect an e-mail.

     6 October 1998, 04:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: wheres bomberbloke???

Why is the release taking so long?

     6 October 1998, 17:37 GMT

Re: Program Ideas & Upcoming Programs

Now that there are features like these, why go anywhere else?

     5 October 1998, 13:08 GMT

Re: Program Ideas & Upcoming Programs

didnt you know that ti-files has been doing this for a long time? they r called puds... i still prefer ticalc but people are saying its a good idea, but its already been done, and they say ti-files dont keep up on the puds, all the puds ive submitted are usually in the next day... i know ill probably be bombed with things saying that they suck. so i dont give a crap. but im happy ticalc is doing this now. its pretty cool. ticalc is alot faster then ti-files. less graphical... I NEED SOME 89 ASM TUTORIALS!!! ahhh!

     5 October 1998, 20:47 GMT

Program Ideas (Challenges)
Jimmy Conner
(Web Page)

I actually have a thing pretty close to this up on my site. I have the PUDS but I also have a section called Challenges, which are some ideas (most of them suck) for other people to work at when they are stumped.
BTW :I like both TI-Calc and the Files, they both have there good points and there bad points so I go to which ever one is best for what I am looking for.

     5 October 1998, 21:41 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas & Upcoming Programs

Yes!! we need 89 asm turotials so GIMMIE GIMMIE NOW NOW NOW ! ! !

     5 October 1998, 22:59 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas & Upcoming Programs
(Web Page)

a little greedy aren't we?

     6 October 1998, 00:35 GMT

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