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New icon for files with screenshots
Posted on 29 September 1998, 01:50 GMT

A new icon has been created to designate which File Information pages have screenshots. This should make finding files with screenshots easier.

We now have about 1,000 screenshots in the archive, and hope to start putting the rest up soon.


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I can make ti-86 screenshots
(Web Page)

Hey, I can make screenshots for the ti-86.

     30 September 1998, 01:39 GMT

Re: New icon for files with screenshots
(Web Page)

Hmm...the archives for the Ti 89/92 BASIC/ASM has the red icons..what about the Ti 86's and below?! Hey don't forget us poor people who are too cheap/poor/finacially deprived to buy a Ti89+!!!!
Please add some 86 pics thanks.
The Finacially Challenged..

     1 October 1998, 02:33 GMT

Re: Re: New icon for files with screenshots
Miles Raymond
(Web Page)

Too cheap? Save about $40, sell your 86 and buy an 89. $40 isn't too much... Besides, the money is worth it.

-Miles Raymond

     1 October 1998, 06:06 GMT

Re: New icon for files with screenshots
(Web Page)

i could do 82/83/89 screenshots....
maybe they should have a separate section on the left and get rid of the buy/sell section...

     5 October 1998, 03:11 GMT
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