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CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell
Posted on 20 September 1998, 01:07 GMT

[Mosaic Shell Screenshot]
After reading Philip Gossling's article Creating the Ultimate GUI, CLEM has teamed up with Philip to create Mosaic Shell for the TI-86. CLEM will be doing the programming and Philip the artwork and design. The shell will have the follow features:

  • 6 customizable program groups
  • Icons
  • Rename, hide, compress, delete, and move programs
  • TI-BASIC program descriptions and icons
  • Memory locking
  • TI-82, TI-83, and TI-85 emulation
  • RAM Explorer
  • On-calc icon editor
  • Component support (like plug-ins)


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Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

Is anyone ever going to make a TI calculator emulator for Windows CE devices such as P/PC's??? Someone e-mail me with the answer. I wanna buy a P/PC but it would be really cool if my TI calc were on it too, being that no other caluculator software is as good as TI's. So far, all of the calculator programs written for Windows CE are terrible, cheep programs. What needs to happen is for Window CE to get a dose of my TI-89. Will it happen???????? I am sorta new to TI programming so please forgive me if this question sounds stupid but: Do the TI calcs have open source code??? If so, do you think it could easily be adapted to C++ language??

     24 April 1999, 10:55 GMT

Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell
Allen Johnson

the shell looks great!
butt will it work on my 83??
mail me any info please!

     29 June 1999, 06:00 GMT

Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell
Rob Hornick

I wish someone would make shells like these for the TI-82 and TI-92... any takers?

Rob Hornick

     20 September 1998, 01:35 GMT

Re: Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell
Josh Hansen
(Web Page)

It would also be great to see a new high-quality shell for the 85. The TI-85 is still alive and many of us are disappointed that programing has shifted so strongly to the 83, 86, 89, 92/+ areas. So if there are any interested in creating a successor to the ever-popular but not-quite-good-enough Usgard shell go for it!

     20 September 1998, 01:50 GMT

Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell
Eric Matthews

Would it be possible to allow transferring of programs between both calculators and the GraphLink while within the shell? Also, can the link be used between an 82-86, or 83-86, etc; so that programs could be transferred? Thanks... and good luck!

     20 September 1998, 02:07 GMT

Re: Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell
Andrew Marks

A link from the 85/85 to 82/83 would not work very well for anything other than transfering REAL variables as the 85/86 TI-Basic is different from that of the 82/83 and the assembly programs aren't exactly the same either.

     24 September 1998, 03:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

cheat sheets should be able to be transferred

     27 September 1998, 21:18 GMT

Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

I really hope someone would make a version of this for the TI-83. I bought one last year and I am looking for a great shell. Keep up the good work!

     20 September 1998, 02:24 GMT


As good as the 86 is why not just make the ultimate os for the 89. The 89 has so many more possiblities and power than the 86.

     20 September 1998, 02:25 GMT

Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

Hey! Wait a minute! What about Dynamic Shell! CLEM! Please finish it first!

     20 September 1998, 02:29 GMT

Re: Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

Mosaic Shell is going to be an interface for Dynamic Shell.

     21 September 1998, 00:52 GMT

Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell
Brian Bock

The ultimate shell. The holy grail of calculating. No shell eally has gotten to that point, although some have gotten close. Then there is the issue of people not always liking the same things as another. I think most people are concerned about memory. Icons take memory. For these people, icons=less space for other games, etc. Now, who wants icons and why? Well, they look nice. Couldn't the memory be better spent?

Who wants icons? Not me. But I'd be happy to see your posts about why icons.

     20 September 1998, 03:08 GMT

the 89 has memory

The 89 has way more memory than the 86. the 86 has 96k of memory, but the 89 has 572k so i am sure that the 89 would be way more capable for icons, if you like them that is. I know this might be complicated but couldn't you make 2 versions? one with out icons for people like brian bock here. I am all for icons. Also while i'm here does anyone know of a ti calc. IRC channel? does anyone know of a page that says how to install a backlight, or create a IR link? thnxs kudzu.

     20 September 1998, 03:51 GMT

Re: the 89 has memory

Icons can be turned on/off and may be a component.
Compression, mem lock, explorer, emulation, and icon editor are all components. The raw shell uses little memory to work with components. Basically, you can make the shell as big or as small as you want by adding or taking away components.

     20 September 1998, 04:19 GMT

Re: the 89 has memory
Andrew Marks

The 89 uses a different processor than the rest of the TI-8x's thus a port to 89 would be a pain.

     24 September 1998, 03:18 GMT

Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

If you are reading this, CLEM, who gave you the idea for BASIC program descriptions???

     20 September 1998, 03:25 GMT

Re: Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

I came up with the idea of TI-Basic program descriptions.

     20 September 1998, 04:22 GMT

Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

every time i come here, i hear something new that clem is making, is clem ever going to stick to one thing and finish it, and still what ever happened to maze3d and dynamic shell, and its not like im pustting this new shell down or anything actually i think it looks great, but still

and when is this going to be realesed?

     20 September 1998, 03:50 GMT

Re: Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

CLEM told me he will be releasing Maze3d very soon.

     20 September 1998, 04:24 GMT

Re: Re: Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell

well thats good, ill be looking for it, but i also have a suggestion for mosaic, i think another way to make a shell "the ultimate shell" you need to be able to incorporate the regular calculator functions into it also, just like graphing adding subtracting and all the other good stuff the 86 can do, i think if it could do everything the calc could do, woul[d definately make it the ultimate shell, but thats my opinion, but if it could do that, i would have it running all the time without actually using the 86 os at all, so if you can do that, i think it would totally revolutionize it

     20 September 1998, 20:13 GMT

I Agree

I have always wanted to be able to do normal calculator functions in a shell, it would be wonderfull, but it would problably take a whole lot of programing...

     23 September 1998, 17:18 GMT

Re: Re: Re: CLEM Teams Up to Create Mosaic Shell
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Maze-3D v0.4 Beta is on ticalc.org right now.

     21 September 1998, 00:09 GMT

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