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TI-89 Nears Release
Posted on 8 August 1998, 05:17 GMT

[TI-89 Picture] It had been reported earlier that the TI-89 would be released sometime in October 1998. Texas Instruments has just announced in their FAQ that the release period is now September 1998. The TI-89 is expected to cost about $150 in the U.S. As the period of release is only one month away, many TI enthusiasts are expressing excitement as TI is about to release their most powerful calculator yet in a handheld form.

Texas Instruments has released a new picture of the TI-89. The pictures of all the calculators in the Calculators section have been updated.

Stay tuned to ticalc.org for the latest updates on the release of the TI-89. A TI-89 assembly mailing list will be created soon after the official release.


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TI-89 68k processor...
Moron Person

The Apple computers are based on a 68k CPU
architechture...Would that be the same as the one
that will be implemented in the TI-89, and the
existing TI-92s? Does that mean C, C++, and
Pascal programming is/will be avaliable, using already avaliable compilers? like Codewarrior or something? or am I totally wrong? I hope that
would be possible, as (I'm just guessing)more
people would find it possible to program for the

Or maybe I'm just daydreaming again...

     12 August 1998, 00:45 GMT

Re: TI-89 68k processor...
David Yenoki

Flash! January 24, 1984. The Original Macintosh is released. Running on an MC68K, at 9 mhz.

You want to know a secret? Not only is the chip in the 89 a full mhz faster, but it comes with more memory! So yes, you should be able to use existing compilers, but remember that they use include files for the Macintosh Toolbox, which is not contained in the 89.

     15 August 1998, 00:41 GMT

Re: TI-89 Nears Release
Connor Schonekas

I wonder how long it will take to make parrallel and serial link cable software for it. Or could we just use a ti-92 software since their so similar?

     13 August 1998, 06:09 GMT
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